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Big Brother Recap – The Scales Tip In Libra's Favor

July 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Sarah Walker

Tonight opens with rehash footage of the previous nomination ceremony.  Angie interviews that it comes as no surprise to her, but it isn’t over.  Jessie interviews “I’ve given you (Keesha) nothing but respect.  That’s disrespectful as far as I’m concerned.  Seriously, if I make it through this week there will be some unhappy campers.”

Memphis interviews “Keesha definitely made a mistake, ’cause Jessie and Angie don’t have it out for Keesha at all.  If anything, why are you going to make two extra enemies?  I think it was a dumb move for her.”  To prove his point, Keesha interviews “I hold Jessie responsible for Steven leaving.  He put Steven up for no apparent reason if you ask me.”

Together in the storage room immediately after the nomination ceremony, Keesha asks Libra and April “I gave good reasons, didn’t I?”  They assure her she did.

Meanwhile, Jessie tells Michelle “I’m buggin’ out, man.”  Michelle tells him she told him not to trust Keesha.  Jessie says it’s obvious that Ollie, April, Libra and Keesha are together and that Libra is orchestrating everything.  Jessie vows to win POV and then HOH.  He warns Michelle “If I take myself off, don’t be surprised if you go up.”  Michelle agrees that Keesha did put her key in last.  Jessie rolls his eyes.

Keesha is in her HOH room expounding to Renny, April, Libra, and Ollie about how wonderfully daring her HOH actions have been thus far.  The others assure Keesha that she is, in fact, perfect in every way.  They agree with her that Angie needs to leave.  It goes without saying that Steven’s exit must be avenged at any cost.  If anyone should be so put out that the gay cowboy is gone, it’s us recappers.

Out on the back porch Jerry and Dan are chatting.  Jerry looks at Memphis, who is sitting in the yard talking with two sunbathing girls.  Jerry vows that if he gets HOH, he will take Memphis out because “he’s the biggest competitor in the house.”  Dan agrees: “He’s so well liked by everyone.”  Jerry goes on to say that Memphis “has a big head.  He thinks he’s a little hot dog.”  A little hot dog?  That must be a phrase from before my time.  By several decades.  Jerry continues the denigration: “He’s a bartender.  At his age, he should be well along with his career.”  He calls Memphis a womanizer.  “He’s gonna win this game the way it’s going right now; I don’t see anybody else trying to take it away from him.”  There’s a shot of a smirking Memphis.

 Jessie goes up to the HOH room.  Keesha asks “So are you hating me right now?”  Jessie lies like a rug, saying not at all, no hard feelings, yadda, yadda.  April and Libra are downstairs, talking about how Jessie is going around trying to get votes.  Back in the HOH room Keesha is complaining – again – to Jessie about Steven’s ouster.  Jessie says he didn’t mean to take out Steve, he was told to.  “Libra is working everybody.  She was the one telling me to put up Steve and Dan.”  Keesha looks shocked.  April and Libra meanwhile have made their way up to the HOH room and ring the bell.  Keesha instructs Jessie “Just tell them to come back, whoever it is.”  He does as told; Keesha turns on the spy screen and watches April and Libra plant themselves on the lounge couches outside her door.  

Jessie continues to harsh on Libra.  Keesha says she is now sorry she put Jessie on the block.  He reassures her “If Angie or I win, you can still get Libra out the door.”  Keesha complains that she gave Libra her word.  Jessie says “But her word is worth nothing.  First off, she’s the one targeting you; it’s very apparent.  If you win POV, take one of us off.  It will send a shockwave through the water.  It will benefit you way more than keeping her in the house.”  Keesha appears convinced.  Jessie leaves and Libra and April enter the HOH room.  Keesha smiles enigmatically before answering the door.  She tells the two that she and Jessie were just talking; he’s upset.  Jessie goes straight to Michelle, telling her “If we win, Libra is gone.  If Keesha wins, she’s going to take one of us off.  If Libra doesn’t win, she’s screwed!”

Time to pick players for the POV contest.  Jessie interviews “I could care less who plays.  You can put up three people; there’s no one I feel really physically or mentally threatened with.”  The three names drawn to play POV are Libra, Ollie and Memphis.  Keesha chooses Dan for host.  The six players enter the back yard dressed as flowers – in green unitards and flower caps.  BB does love the unitards.  There are six boxes partially filled with what looks to be mulchy dirt.  Each HG must “plant” themselves in the dirt, placing their head on a headrest at the back of the box.  The other HG’s then cover them up with more of the mulchy dirt.  On “Go” a faucet pours a small but steady stream of freezing cold water on each of their foreheads.  To win the game, a HG must estimate when they have been planted for an hour, then announce that they are out and get up.  A buzzer and lights will go off when they remove their head from their headrest.  The winner will be the HG who leaves their planter box closest to one hour without going over.  

This looks like a really miserable competition.  In interview, Angie compares the effect of the pouring cold water to Slushee induced brain freeze.  Memphis announces that his clever strategy is to count to 36oo.  At 18 minutes, host Dan announces that there are two buckets, one with compost and one with very large live earthworms.  The lucky unplanted HG’s decide which bucket to pour on the unlucky HG’s first.  Jerry immediately says “worms.”  Keesha says “I’ll remember that, Jerry.”  Ollie says “Hey man, these things are alive!  What’s compost?  I’d rather have compost, man!”  Ollie interviews “Something that moves without arms or legs is cursed,” and he wants nothing to do with it.  “I’m not gonna lie – I was terrified.”

Keesha struggles; the earthworms prove too much to bear, and she takes herself out at about 21 minutes.  She interviews that it was one of her biggest nightmares.  Jessie asks Libra “Do you remember when you came up to my room when I was HOH and you told me to put up Steven?”  Libra counters that it was with eight other people.  Angie is laughing and loving their confrontation.  Libra says “I said he was coming after me.”  Jessie: “Just wanted to point that out.  That’s why I’m in the position I’m in, because of that.”

At 44 minutes the other HG’s are instructed to add compost to the planters of their unfortunate brethren.  It looks and apparently smells disgusting.  Ollie says “Now that’s just straight funky.”  As Michelle returns after dumping her bucket, she gags and says “OMG, it stinks!”  As we learned last week, Michelle enjoys eating the internal organs of pretty much anything.  This stuff must really reek.

Libra and Ollie strategize and decide (as in Libra tells him to) that she should get up and he should stay in for five more minutes – just to make sure.  Jessie gets out a few seconds after Libra.  As he sits down on the bench next to here, she immediately resumes the argument about Steven.  Angie takes herself out next, then Ollie, followed by Memphis.  Host Dan announces it’s time to reveal who won.  The winner is – Keesha – with 21 minutes and 18 seconds.  Everyone else went over by at least 15 minutes.  WTH?!  They stayed in that funk for an extra 15 minutes minimum?!  

Back in the house, Angie, Michelle and Jessie regroup in the bathroom.  Angie goes up to Keesha in the HOH room.  She doesn’t think that Keesha will use the POV to take her off, but with Jessie off and Libra up she has a chance.  As Angie sits down, Keesha snarks that “There are constantly people up here.  Constantly.”  She really has it out for Angie.  Keesha complains that the problem is that she has never talked to Angie one on one.  Angie wisely plays the Steven card.  “Since you were friends with Steven, I feel like I have more of a connection with you than the others in the house.”  Keesha’s face softens.  Angie tells Keesha “If you decide to use the POV, I’d rather you use it on Jessie than on me, only because I don’t know if I could go another week living with Libra, ’cause that’s how much she gets on my nerves.”  She adds that with the two of them on the block, the house can decide who they wish to keep.  The two girls start to choke up at their newfound bond.  Steven is a powerful force.

Keesha and April discuss Libra in the HOH room.  April says “I don’t trust her.”  April interviews “Having Libra in our alliance with such a huge target on her back could hurt us.”  Ollie joins them in the HOH room.  Keesha catches him up on the conversation, says Libra gets under her skin.  Ollie says the house is gunning for her.  April points out she is ruining their alliance.  Keesha notes “If Libra ends up on that block she is gone.”  Ollie adds “It’s gonna happen sometime.”  Keesha interviews that she doesn’t want to be hooked up with Libra anymore, but she gave her word.  We see footage from Day 4 showing that Keesha did, if fact, give Libra her “pinkie promise.”  I’m not a lawyer, but it’s my understanding that pinkie promises are not valid unless the giver is under seven years of age.

Later Jessie asks Keesha to talk with him in the HOH room.  He asks her oint blank to use the POV on him.  Keesha reassures him that he does not have to worry about going home this week.  Jessie begins to get agitated.  He tells Keesha in an increasingly loud and aggressive way “You are doing her (Libra’s) dirty work.  You are helping her along and she has done nothing but degrade and demean you behind your back.  And she’s like ‘ha, she still believes me!  She’s still keeping me here.'”  He warns Keesha that she will eventually get blindsided by Libra.  Keesha tells him she worries that “Everyone will think my word is no good.”  Jessie counters with “Why?!  She’s making side bets everywhere else and making you look like the biggest ass ever.”  Jessie gets increasingly worked up and less coherent.  He is convinced that if he stays on the block he is going out the door.  Keesha tells Jessie she is listening to everything he is saying, “But I gave her my word.”  Jessie just stares incredulously at her.

Keesha is now in the HOH room with Dan, Renny and April.  She tells them that Jessie is up here every two seconds.  He arrives on cue.  Bursting in, Jessie declares “I can’t sleep or eat; I’m up because of you.”  Keesha replies “It’s so hard.  I don’t want to be the person who goes back on their word.”  Jessie goes on, looking closer to exploding every second.  Keesha suggests they all go outside.  She interviews “Jessie has gone completely insane.  He has flipped his lid.”  Keesha goes straight to Libra, announcing “Dude, Jessie is flipping out.”  Jerry goes immediately to Keesha and gives her a hug.  There’s nothing like inappropriate touching to make a girl feel better.  Renny and April come in.  Keesha then spills all, relating what Jessie said about Libra making a fool of her.  

Keesha decides to announce to the house that she gave her word to Libra and is not going back on it.  The group marches into the living room to make the big announcement – to Michelle, who is alone, eating lunch at the counter.  Keesha issues her declaration.  Unimpressed, Michelle continues to eat – presumably the pig’s feet the HG’s won in this week’s food competition.  In the backyard, Keesha, accompanied by her entourage, makes her declaration to Memphis and Angie.  She proceeds upstairs to deliver the same speech to Jessie and Dan, who are playing chess in the lounge area.  Jessie sees an opportunity to throw down with Libra, but she wisely walks away, as does everyone else – including Dan, who hastily abandons the chess game and returns downstairs with the group.

Later Memphis, Michelle, Jessie and Angie are in the back yard when a banner plane flies over.  They try to read it but it’s illegible, and BB puts them on immediate lockdown anyway.  The four decide to pretend the banner said “Libra’s a Liar, Love, Steven.”  They go upstairs where pretty much everyone else is hanging out in the HOH room.  When they all ask what the banner said, Michelle, totally straight faced, says “You don’t wanna know.”  When they insist, she tells them the lie.  When she leaves they tell each other that they don’t believe it.  Memphis goes in to confirm Michelle’s story, but stupidly adds that there was another name on the banner they couldn’t make out.  Libra asks Memphis why everyone is out to get her.  He says he doesn’t know.  Attempting to diffuse a volatile situation, some of the others remark that everyone is out to get everyone, everybody’s a threat, yadda, yadda.  Then Memphis says “You all know I’ve nver come up to anyone and said I want them out – except for Jerry.”  And the pin’s out of the grenade….

Jerry tells Memphis “You were disrespectful the other night.”  Memphis: “That doesn’t matter.  You called me a womanizer, dude.”  Jerry (calmly): “Well, that’s what you are.”  Memphis: “Excuse me?!  You really want to say that to my face?  Are you out of your mind, old man?  Are you f’in’ out of your mind?”  Memphis is yelling now and moving menacingly toward Jerry, who continues to sit coolly, not moving a muscle.  Ollie is restraining Memphis, who continues “You’re grabbing some girl’s ****, you’re married, and you’re calling me a f’in’ womanizer?  You wanna see me get f’in’ real?  You’re going to come after me and call me a womanizer when you don’t even know me?”  Some of the girls beat a hasty retreat, while Memphis continues to question the f’in’ soundness of Jerry’s mind.  “If you ever go after me as a person again, watch it!  That’s all I’ve got to say to you.”  Still completely unruffled, Jerry replies “Good for you.”  Throughout the entire episode, Jerry sat leaning back in his chair with his arms behind his head, legs crossed, in his red tank top and blue short shorts with the black leather belt.  Proudly wearing his Marines hat.  Memphis leaves, but not before promising “Call me a f’in’ womanizer again and see what happens.”  The others stare at each other in disbelief, wondering if BB can force Memphis to take medication if he ends up in the sequester house with any of them. 

After a much needed commercial break, it’s time for the POV ceremony.  Keesha interviews that she is glad she has all the power in the house.  She has her mind made up and nobody’s changing it.  She spends the obligatory time in front of the memory wall, pouting all the while.  She calls everyone in for the ceremony and asks Angie and Jessie in turn why she should use the POV on them.  They make their little speeches, which aren’t particularly interesting; although at least Angie’s was coherent, whereas Jessie, as usual, attempted to follow three or four divergent thought patterns at once.  Keesha chooses not to use the POV.  “It was hard enough to put two people up, I don’t think I could put a third up at this time.”  Whatever.  Keesha interviews, basically, that she really, really loves herself for doing what she did.  Libra interviews that she is extremely happy – in her own words, she shucked and jived.  Angie interviews that her strategy at this point is to try to get Jessie to blow up in the next couple of days.  Shouldn’t be a problem, Ange.  Jessie, looking intensely into the camera, promises if the house does “not vote me out of the house that is the biggest mistake.  Ever.”  

Tune in Thursday for the live eviction and the HOH competition.  

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