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Recap of Rock of Love: Charm School Episode 11

December 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

Episode 11: “Thou Shalt Be Fully Rockin'”

First aired December 21, 2008

The final three girls learn all about charity and will have to go on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard to collect items such as pens, tampons, etc. from the people walking by and whoever gets the most profit from the items donated would be safe from expulsion. Because this challenge is tougher for one person, there’s a twist to this challenge: each girl will be teamed up with their former enemy from the past.

Lacey is paired up with Heather, Brandi M. is paired up with Megan, and Destiney is paired up with Brandi C. During the challenge, Megan cheats and puts the donated items and puts them in Lacey’s basket instead of Brandi M.’s and when she gets caught, Brandi M. only puts some of the items in the correct basket, and realizes she’s going to have to do all the work on her own. Lacey and Heather start off strong, but after getting rejected by many of the people, Lacey yells at one lady, accusing her of not caring about homeless people and gains a lot of negative attention. Destiney and Brandi C. have a tough time gaining focus from the people and just let them walk by. When it comes time to see who had the most money, just when it seems as if Lacey wins, Brandi M. wins and will be safe from expulsion, much to the dismay of Megan.

At elimination, Lacey and Destiney are called down and the judges scorn Lacey for resorting back to her evil ways and is taking all her passionate anger on strangers. Destiney is scolded for not being open enough to get donations from the public. Based on who is changing the most, Lacey is expelled for going back to Evil Lacey and for not accepting the fact that everybody is different and have different beliefs, not what Lacey believes in. Riki is shocked and disappointed because he was really believing Lacey had a good side, but then went right back to being bad.

The next day, Brandi M. and Destiney receive a note that they have to write a speech on why they deserve to win. Later, the girls are invited to Sharon’s mansion for lunch for some time with Sharon and tell her what they would do with the prize money. Destiney wants to go to school for fashion designing and open a bar, while Brandi M. listens intensely to Sharon explaining how she and husband Ozzie fell in love and yet they had nothing, but eventually got out of their slump and got rich and successful again. Back at the mansion, Destiney writes her speech quickly while Brandi M. struggles writing her speech. Before elimination, Brandi M. and Destiney find that Sharon has bought them beautiful dresses, shoes, and accessories for them to wear.

At the final elimination, Destiney gives her speech first. In her speech, Destiney admits on her time of Rock Of Love 2, she was trying to be cool and after her father died, it made her rethink of life and realize how sacred life is and feels she now knows her direction her life. Brandi M. begins reciting her speech on paper that she has fought so hard to stay on the show, and then rips up her speech and says she knows who she is as a person now and feels nobody is going to put her down anymore and feel depressed about it. Sharon is incredibly torn with both girls.

Sharon tearfully approaches both girls and finally gives the $100,000 check to Brandi M. saying she had her when she ripped up her speech and spoke from her heart. Brandi M. emotionally breaks down and is shocked she won. Daniella then gives Destiney an opportunity to work with her on her clothing line.

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