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Canada’s Next Top Model 6/23/09 Episode Recap

June 27th, 2009 · No Comments

Battle Of The Blondes

Aired: June 23, 2009

The girls were taken to Toronto’s Masonic Temple, home of MTV, where they met “After Show” hosts Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank, who were about to give them some media training.After hearing some tips on how to promote themselves and how to master the art of redirecting a question from a reporter, each girl was called up individually and asked a scandalous fake question to see if they could talk their way out of it. Maryam was up first and was asked about being in a “sex tape.”A shocked Maryam didn’t realize the questions were fake and asked if it was actually true. The other girls couldn’t contain their laughter and Dan had to explain that the questions weren’t real.

Nikita was next and was asked about her bad girl image. She replied by saying she knows she talks like a sailor.Meaghan was told she was seen doing cocaine backstage but replied that it may have been from a photo taken years ago.Heather was asked about her “baby bump” and she said it was due to eating a large meal.Linsay was asked about mistaking Karl Lagerfeld as a publicist and she said she didn’t get a good look at him.

Rebeccah was asked about how she handled posing with another woman naked from the waist up in her latest campaign. Rebeccah said she wasn’t uncomfortable with it because she was a lesbian. The other girls were surprised, not because she was, but because she actually came out and said it.When the challenge was over, Jeanne Beker came out to tell the girls they would be put to the test at Toronto Fashion Week! The girls had only 10 minutes to get ready and were driven off in a limo.

The girls were taken to opening night of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week to face the media, while Jeanne secretly watched from behind the scenes.Nikita said she had a bit of an anxiety attack when they first arrived and saw all the people.After watching a runway show, the girls were interviewed on the red carpet by MuchMusic’s Trevor Boris and etalk’s Lainey.They were grilled about what they were wearing, about being a role model, about whether it was important for models to be thin, and whether they could name any Canadian designers.Trevor thought Meaghan and Rebeccah did the best, but Jeanne chose Nikita as the challenge winner. She received a $4,000 shopping spree at Holt Renfrew.

The girls walked over to Tryst nightclub where they met Nolé Marin and Yasmin Warsame.Nolé explained they would be working with an LG Secret mobile phone in their next photo shoot and would be paired off to try and steal the spotlight from each other. The pairs would be Nikita and Rebeccah, Maryam and Linsay and Heather and Meaghan.Yasmin posed for some photos first to show the girls how it was done.The finalists were introduced to their photographer Dan Lim as Nikita was whisked off for her Holt Renfrew shopping spree.Maryam and Linsay were up first. Maryam struggled with being natural. Nolé thought Linsay needed to step up her game this week and figured Maryam probably got the shot.Meaghan was nervous before the shoot about posing with Heather.Nolé thought while Meaghan did well, he didn’t know if she did better than Heather.Meanwhile, Nikita met her personal shopper Marlo at Holt Renfrew.When Nikita got back it was time for her shoot with Rebeccah.Nolé thought he got the shot from Rebeccah but it was a little troublesome trying to get there.Back at the loft, Nikita hammed it up while Rebeccah got really quiet and the girls expressed concern about her.

The next day, a ‘Jay Mail’ informed the girls it was time for eliminations.

The girls were called up in pairs, according to their photos.

Nikita and Rebeccah were up first. Dan said he was drawn to Nikita’s face and Jay said she gave the “pretty ugly” look. Jeanne didn’t love her body position. Jay called Rebeccah’s face the “ugly pretty” but Mike thought her body position was more elegant. Jeanne said sometimes she’s feeling more actress than model from Rebeccah. Jay said a model knows how to bring actress into a photo but keep it pretty.

Heather and Meaghan were up next. Jay told Meaghan he had a tough time finding a shot of her because they were all so good. Yasmin thought she made the dress look beautiful and it was all about her. Dan said Meaghan was great to work with. Jay told Heather he thought Meaghan might have stolen her spotlight. Mike said Heather had a beautiful shot but she missed the point of the exercise.

Maryam and Linsay were up next. Jeanne thought Linsay looked phony because people usually don’t have their eyes wide open when they’re laughing with their heads thrown back. When Jay asked Dan what Linsay was like to work with, he said she got lost in the crowd a bit. Mike thought Maryam’s picture was completely believable and Jeanne thought she did a great job. Jay liked this other side of her – smiling in a photo.

During deliberations, Mike thought while Rebeccah gave some thought to her body language and liked the quality of her face, her actress skills were not translating into model skills. Jay couldn’t believe Nikita had $4,000 worth of designer clothes sitting in her closet and walked into eliminations looking like a “schlob.” Jeanne said she wasn’t sure if she saw her as an international runway model. Dan thought Meaghan looked gorgeous and sold the dress and phone, but Jeanne thought as beautiful as she is, has a look she’s seen before. Mike thought Linsay lacked an awareness of her body and should’ve stepped up by now. Jay wondered when she was going to find her legs. Yasmin didn’t think Heather did justice to anything but Mike liked the way she was posing and thought she was elegant. Jay asked when the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ became elegant. Yasmin thought Maryam stole the spotlight and Jay thought she was always in her own world. Jeanne said fashion waits for no one.

The girls were called back in and Meaghan received photo of the week while Linsay and Rebeccah landed in the Bottom 2.Jay told them they both brought an ‘extreme’ to their photo that didn’t serve the creative nor LG, the client.In the end, it was Rebeccah who was eliminated.

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