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Big Brother 11 Spoilers & Updates 7/31/09

July 31st, 2009 · No Comments

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  • 1 Sammer44 // Jul 31, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    I agree that Jeff should get America’s votes. Having said that, what, pray tell, is wrong with the producers of this show? Julie, with all her nepotistic advantanges, seems even more out of touch and disinterested than usual and is botching up almost everything, let alone the quizzes about which she always seems helpless and clueless. And, yes, I get that she has other things on her mind, but I imagine she’s cashing her paychecks just the same. Another thing. For a show that is a huge cash cow like BB to put the wrong names and pictures up on the CBS site is disgraceful and amateurish. Goodness. This also seems to me to be a year in which the producers have relied too heavily on the inherent villainy, fey-ness, and narcissism of Jessie and far too little on doing some real work scouting out people to participate. Let’s face it. This is, by and large, a very dumb group of people, and while brains aren’t necessarily needed to succeed in the BB house, a couple bright people who also are articulate and even–gasp!–erudite might make the season more interesting and watchable. It’s very seldom that dumb people say funny things. Well, except for Jordan, of course.