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Paul Johnson Calderon is at the Center of a Page Six Scandal Tonight on “High Society”

March 31st, 2010 · No Comments

High Society Season 1 Episode 4: “Page Sixed”

IT WAS A CRAZY NIGHT OUT WITH FRIENDS — Tinsley drops by the factory to check on her new handbag line while Paul Johnson Calderon finds himself at the center of a new “Page Six” scandal. Dale does some investigating on the Prince and his royal relations. The New York City Opera opens with a socialite snubbing. The cast also includes Dabney Mercer, Jules Kirby, Alexandra Osipow and Devorah Rose (#104).

TINSLEY MORTIMER Quote To Talk About: “I’m about to take you into a world where not everything is as perfect as it seems.”

DABNEY MERCER Quote To Talk About: “I’m Tinsley’s sisterthe best parties are in New York City, it’s where everyone wants to be.”

DALE MERCER Quote To Talk About: “I’m an interior designer and I’m Tinsley’s motherTinsley is risking everything.”

ALEXANDRA OSIPOW Quote To Talk About: “I’m Tinsley’s best friendNew York society; it’s a cut-throat worldyou never know who your friends are.”

JULES KIRBY Quote To Talk About: “I think people are jealous of me because I’m smart and I’m prettyI don’t have censor button.”

PAUL JOHNSON CALDERON Quote to Talk About: “I’m just coming off of a huge Page Six’ scandal where I was accused of lifting some girl’s purseThe Village Voice compared me to Winona Ryder and Lindsay Lohanthat purse was like my Paris Hilton porno.”

DEVORAH ROSE Quote To Talk About: “A lot of people consider me the sexy socialI’ve got assets and like to show them off. I love my body.”

HIGH SOCIETY is a production of Glassman Media and IMG Media, from executive producer Andrew Glassman (“Average Joe,” “Three Wishes,” “Momma’s Boys”). The series was created by Andrew Glassman, Tinsley Mortimer and Mike Aho. Co-executive producers are Tinsley Mortimer, Grant Julian and Kathryn Takis.

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Source: The CW Press Release

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