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Casting Call – Are You Looking to Experience Your Own Journey of a Lifetime?

December 29th, 2010 · No Comments

“The proven Production capacity of an industry leader, Screaming Flea Productions, teamed with a visionary reality TV travel adventure show concept positions this to be a breakout show for 2012.”

Del Mar, California, 2010 – It is with great excitement that Stamp-It Productions, Inc. (, a Premier Young Adult Reality TV Travel Adventure Show, has entered into an Agreement with Screaming Flea Productions from Seattle regarding the selection of user-submitted videos to be reviewed, judged and a finalist selected as the Pilot Episode for the show.

Are you looking to experience your own Journey of a Lifetime? If you are, and you’re prepared to share it with a broad audience through our new reality TV travel entertainment series, then we want to hear your story. Submit your contestant application and prepare to be whisked away by the Journey of a Lifetime team and be taken on your dream trip.

Screaming Flea and Stamp-It both know how hard it is to become a bona-fide international traveler. That’s why they’ve teamed up in making it a little bit easier for the i-Generation to travel the globe. This partnership has announced today that they are holding an on-line contest to find the most compelling stories from young adults around the globe. To enter, contestants just have to register at, create a short video clip that shows why their “Journey of a Lifetime” deserves to be the selected contestant winner, and upload it at

Like many reality TV shows, this contest will rely in part on the voting public to help choose the winner. Anyone who wants to participate can view the contestants’ video clips and vote for their favorites online at The top twelve highest ranked entrants may be named finalists, subject to review by the Casting Committee, and given a chance to win their own “Journey of a Lifetime.”

Unlike hit TV shows Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Amazing Race and American Idol, which focus on contestants that have one particular issue or kind of talent, Journey Of A Lifetime encourages a much broader range of applicants. Aspiring international travelers can submit a video of themselves explaining why their story deserves to become a winner for Journey of a Lifetime.

The CEO of Stamp-It Productions, Kendell Lang, believes the timing couldn’t be better. “This is an incredible story of young adults coming together to impact their peers and positively influence their culture. I am proud to help them implement their vision and let other young adults know that there is much more to travel than just MTV’s Spring Break or Girls Gone Wild. These are passionate and caring young adults who have a heart to share some of life’s blessings which they’ve experienced by giving back.”

Matt Chan, CEO of Screaming Flea, asks the questions, “How has travel impacted your life? What is unique about your story that would be compelling to our audience? What is that special emotional connection that this Journey of a Lifetime represents for you?”

For more information about becoming a BECOMING A CONTESTANT visit or to schedule a video casting call with Kendell Lang, please contact by email at or by phone at (866) 347-3321.

“Do you have a dream that has become the backdrop of your imagination? A place that is calling to you? When you close your eyes and envision yourself “anywhere else but here,” where is that anywhere else? Can you hear the people; what language are they speaking? Can you smell the air; what is that savory sensation? Can you feel the sun, the wind, the rain; how does it caress your skin? Can you see your dream of travel; can you see it come true? Can you see yourself in that dream; how has it changed you; how has it nourished you; how has it enlightened you; how has it become part of your soul? Journey of a Lifetime is about answering those questions and allowing the audience to really see how travel can impact lives. Journey of a Lifetime ( is your next reality TV travel adventure.”

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