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Jo Finds Three Generations Of Unacceptable Behavior Under One Roof Tonight On Supernanny

January 7th, 2011 · No Comments

SUPERNANNY FRIDAY, JANUARY 7, 2011 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on ABC


“George Family”

This San Antonio family is bursting at the seams with kids, conflict and aggression. Stay-at-home mom Joey-Lynn and her husband, Glenn, have five spirited daughters and a granddaughter all living under the same roof, and the exhausted couple have abdicated discipline. Their oldest, Samantha, 20, had a child as a teenager – their granddaughter Krissy, now age 2. Joey-Lynn and Glenn had Samantha when they were teenagers themselves, and feel as if they have failed as parents since Samantha had a promising future that has been changed by her young motherhood. Samantha and her next-oldest sister, Brooke, 17, despise each other and curse at each other in front of the younger siblings — Savannah, 10, Hailey, 6, and Haidyn, 1+1/2 — who in turn act out with boundary-pushing and aggressive behavior. Mom defers all discipline to Dad, who simply yells and doesn’t follow through. Can Jo help this family defuse the anger?

Nick Powell is the creator and executive producer of both the American and British versions of the show. Nick Emmerson and Stephanie Schwam are executive producers of the American version. “Supernanny” is produced by Shed Media.

This program carries a TV-PG,D,L parental guideline.

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