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Survivor: South Pacific 10/26/11 Episode 7: “Trojan Horse” Recap

October 30th, 2011 · No Comments

When Upolu returned to camp from Tribal Council, most of the tribe expressed concern that Brandon’s recurring blowups at Tribal Council could potentially jeopardize their future in the game. Edna, however, secretly hoped that Brandon’s behavior would continue, as it might take the target off her.

Redemption Island Duel was the castaways would dissemble a box and use the pieces as planks to build a bridge. Once they cross the bridge, they would use some of the planks to solve a pattern puzzle. The first castaway to solve their puzzle would win.Sophie, Albert, Ozzy, and Cochran witnessed the duel between Christine and Mikayla. Despite the support that Mikayla received from Albert and Sophie, Christine won her fifth Redemption Island Duel in a row in a closely fought match.

With Christine’s continued domination at the duels and the possibility that Savaii might lose the next challenge, Ozzy began to consider volunteering to be sent to Redemption Island so that he could defeat Christine ahead of a tribal merge. A win by him would mean that the tribes would go into the merge in equal numbers. He approached Cochran about his plan and also offered to give his Hidden Immunity Idol to someone to hold for him while he was at Redemption Island. At Upolu, Coach tried to inspire his tribe by having them all “find” the Hidden Immunity Idol. Coach, Albert, and Sophie staged a hunt for the idol for the others.

While passing the tree mail stand, Coach and Sophie found a package announcing the upcoming challenge, so they took the opportunity to announce they had “two pieces of great news”: the upcoming challenge and the “finding” of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Reward/Immunity Challenge was the tribes would split off in pairs of castaways. One pair would act as callers to the two other pairs as they navigate blindfolded and hooked to a rope through an obstacle course to collect four bags of masks. One pair of castaways would then use only their sense of touch with no help from the rest of the tribe to match the masks into pairs. The first pair to properly match all eight masks would win for their tribe.

At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, Upolu had Coach and Rick as callers, while Savaii used Jim and Cochran. During the third swapping of pairs to retrieve the final bag of masks, Cochran struggled to get Ozzy and Whitney properly hooked into the rope. Savaii fell behind and never recovered, letting Upolu take the win. Ozzy was extremely upset at Cochran’s mistake, which made Cochran concerned that Ozzy would renege on his plan to volunteer to go to Redemption Island. When Savaii got back to camp, they blamed the loss on Cochran and told him that he could redeem himself at Redemption Island. However, by the next morning, the anger at Cochran had subsided.

Ozzy retrieved the Hidden Immunity Idol, presented it to the tribe, and put forth his volunteer plan. Jim and Keith were concerned about Ozzy volunteering to be voted out since, if the merge did not happen the next day, the tribe would be weaker with Cochran competing in the next challenge rather than Ozzy. At Tribal Council, Ozzy offered his plan to volunteer with the twist that he would tell Christine that Cochran had found the Hidden Immunity Idol and used it to blindside Ozzy. Before the votes were read, Ozzy handed the idol to Cochran and made him promise to give it back to him if he returns. When the votes were read, Ozzy’s plan was set in motion by a 5-1 vote to send him to Redemption Island.

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