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Casting Call – Terminally Ill Patients Wanted to Tell Their Story

June 28th, 2012 · No Comments

TERMINALLY ILL PATIENTS wanted to tell their story

LOOKING FOR PEOPLE NEARING THEIR END-OF-LIFE FOR TV DOCU-PROJECT A major Emmy-winning TV production company, with a reputation for highly regarded, intelligent programming, is seeking individuals who are terminally ill and in hospice care or in the end stages of life, who would be willing to share this most personal and intimate time in their lives as they (and their families) come to terms with their death. Our hope is that these stories allow other people and families going through this to come to terms with their own end of life situation as well as to create a conversation that allows people to think about death – and life – in new ways. The docuseries will air on a major cable network.

Please email: your name (and/or name of person you know approaching death, as appropriate), age, phone number and a paragraph that let’s us know appropriate details about your story.

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