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Amazing Race: Recap Oct. 7, 2013, Chile

October 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Beginning the second leg in Iquique, Chile, between 2:52 a.m. and 5:34 a.m. ten teams are instructed to find the Chilean tall ship Esmeralda.  The next clue will be posted aboard the ship by the officer of the day.

Teams arrive at the dock to find the ship won’t open until 7:15 a.m.  While waiting at the dock, Nicole the doctor tells Marie that the extra express pass will make a nice present for her birthday.  Marie doesn’t buy it.

Marie does somehow persuade all the racers to line their backpacks up on the dock in the order of arrival.  Neither the football players Chester/Ephraim nor the Afghanimals Leo/Jamal are happy about it.

When the boat opens, everybody runs on board and finds the posting.  It says the Chilean hero Arturo Prat spoke a famous phrase as his ship was sinking.  To get the next clue, teams will have to speak that phrase—in Spanish—to a ship’s officer.

People run around trying to find the phrase.  Teams finally learn it from some men on the dock.  (Whether these men just happened to be there or were “planted” there, we don’t know.)  Brandon/Adam are the first to get the next clue.  It says to go to a salt mine outside the city.  They jump in a taxi, as do other teams as they get their clues.

Hippies Brandon/Adam and NHL blondes Ally/Ashley are first and second to reach the clue box in the desert near the salt mine.  It’s for a detour.  The choices are “brining” or “mining.”  Both teams choose mining.  They have to ride bicycles into the pit mine that, according to Phil, features the world’s largest supply of mined salt.

Several other teams arrive and make their choices.  Football players Chester/Ephraim, Afghanimals Leo/Jamal, and dating couple Jason/Amy also choose mining.  That means teams will have to split salt boulders, using wedges and sledgehammers, until they find the next clue hidden inside.

When the football players arrive at the mining, Brandon and Adam kid them about “just bite the rocks in half.”

When doctors Travis/Nicole arrive, Travis thinks the “briining” salt bath will be a good birthday present for his wife.  This task is more complicated.  Teams have to go to one of several tanks full of water–like large hot tubs—except the water is cold.  They have to empty several 60-pound bags of salt into the water.  The salt makes the water so buoyant that people can read a newspaper while floating on their backs.  To test this, teams must read aloud several lines of a Spanish-language newspaper while soaking.  Only then do they get their next clue.

Ally/Ashley and Jason/Amy give up mining and switch to brining.  Oil field workers Tim/Danny and baseball wives Nicky/Kim arrive, choose brining. People strip down or change into their swimsuits for this task, so people are running barefoot in skimpy swimwear, lugging 60-pound bags, in the middle of a salt pit.

At the mining site, the football players are picking up boulders and smashing them.  Brandon/Adam, however, are first to break down a boulder that contains a clue.  It says to return to Iquique and catch a bus to Santiago, where teams must find a clue box in the city plaza.

The Afghanimals get their clue second, the football players, third.  As Leo/Jamal leave, actors Rowan/Shane arrive.  They’ve had bad luck with their taxi ride.  The actors choose mining.

At the brining site, Jason/Amy and Nicole/Travis finish their salt soaks, making them fourth and fifth to complete the detour.

At the bus station, the front five teams get tickets for a 1:30 bus that will arrive in Santiago about 24 hours later.  (It’s about a 1,000-mile drive.)

Tim/Marie and Ashley/Ally finish their salt baths in sixth and seventh place.  They arrive at the bus station to find the 1:30 bus is full.  They get tickets for a 2 p.m. bus instead.  Leo/Jamal try to talk the ticket seller into letting their “wives” (the blondes Ashley/Ally) on the 1:30 bus, but are unsuccessful.

Tim/Danny, Nicky/Kim, and Rowan/Shane arrive in time to catch the 2 p.m. bus, which is scheduled to arrive in Santiago about 6 p.m. the next day.  The actors, however, think they’ve found a bus that leaves later but arrives earlier.

After the 2 p.m. bus departs, the actors find they’ve made a mistake.  The best they can do is get a 3 p.m. bus that will get into Santiago about an hour behind the second bus.

The next day the front five teams arrive in Santiago after 1 p.m.  They open the clue box in the plaza and find a clue for a roadblock.  It’s about shoe shinning.  One team member must shine the shoes of a customer waiting at a shoeshine stand specially marked with race colors.  The racer must then pack up the portable shoeshine stand in a certain way, and take it to a supervisor at a nearby storage depot.

If the shine stand isn’t packed up exactly right, the supervisor will reject it and the racer must pack it correctly.  Once the stand is packed and delivered correctly, the racer will get the clue to this leg’s pit stop.

On the second bus, Kim De Jesus is talking to Marie’s teammate Tim, who once played baseball with her husband David De Jesus.  Tim/Marie half-promise the baseball wives the second express pass.

At the RB, racers are dropping and spilling the contents of their portable shoeshine stands all over the place.  Football player Chester is first to complete the RB and get his clue for the next pit stop.  He sprints off like he’s on the football field.

Leo/Jamal are second to complete the RB.  The Afghanimals and the football players jump in cabs and head for the pit stop at the nature preserve Cascada de Los Animas. Leo/Jamal are first to step on the mat.  However, Phil tells them they didn’t pay their cabbie properly and sends them back to do that.   That enables the football players to win first place.

Leo/Jamal return to the mat, arguing bitterly about whose fault it was the cabbie didn’t get paid the correct amount the first time.  Phil helps smooth things over, and officially grants them second place.

The final three front-running teams finish the RB and head for the pit stop.  Brandon/Adam are third and run a little victory lap around the mat.  Nicole/Travis place fourth and Jason/Amy, fifth.

After 6 p.m. the four teams on the second bus arrive and start the shoeshine RB. Ashley is first of this group to complete the RB, and oil worker Danny is second.  However, the oil workers get a taxi before the blondes do.  The men take sixth place, the women, seventh.

The third bus arrives and Rowan starts the RB.  However, he doesn’t properly understand the clue.  He just finds a random shoeshine man and persuades the guy to let him shine a customer’s shoes.  Then he persuades the guy to pack up his shoeshine stand and accompany him to the storage depot.

At the check-in depot Marie is struggling with her shoeshine stand.  She tells Rowan, “No,” he’s made a mistake.  In return he calls her “Diablo.”  The shoeshine man tries to say he’s wasting his time.  Rowan literally gets on his knees and pleads, “For my mother, for my father,” in Spanish.  He still doesn’t realize he’s got it wrong.

Nicky (Nicole Getz) wheels her shoeshine stand to the check-in, only to find she left the shoeshine mat behind.  Marie checks her stand in and gets her pit stop clue.  Nicky pleads with her for the extra express pass.  Marie refuses.  She says, “Get your rug and finish in front of Bingo.”

The check-in supervisor finally persuades “Bingo” (Rowan) he’s got the wrong stand.  He has to go find a specially marked shoeshine stand and complete the whole RB.  Nicky finds where she left her shoeshine mat and gets her pit stop clue.

At the pit stop, Tim/Marie arrive in eighth place.  Phil points out they’re still holding the express passes.  The baseball wives rush to the mat and plead with Phil to not be eliminated.  He tells them they’re in ninth place.  That leaves the “Bingo” actors, Rowan/Shane, to arrive last and be eliminated.

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