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The Amazing Race: Third Leg, 10/13/13

October 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

This third leg of The Amazing Race Season 23 was decided almost entirely by who caught which flight, so a large portion of this episode deals with airline connections. Football players Chester/Ephraim are first to get the next clue, sending teams from Chile to Lisbon, Portugal.  They stop at a travel agency and reserve airline tickets for a flight that connects through Sao Paulo, Brazil, and arrives in Lisbon at 7 a.m.  She says they got the last tickets available for this flight.

Brandon/Adam and Travis/Nicole stop at the same travel agency while the football players are still there.  An agent sells Travis/Nicole the tickets the football players thought they’d reserved.  It turns out their travel agent punched in the wrong date.  However, the 7 a.m. flight with Travis/Nicole is now booked full.  The best booking the agent can get now is a later connection through Sao Paulo, that arrives in Lisbon at noon.

Afghan-imals Leo/Jamal go directly to the airport and find a route that connects through London, arriving in Lisbon at 11 a.m.  They share this info with the NHL women Ally/Ashley and Oklahomans Tim/Danny.  The Afghan-imals are inviting the Oklahomans out of strategy–they want a third team as some insurance should they and the women fall behind.  (Sounds like something Boston Rob would do, doesn’t it?) The Oklahomans catch on and back out.  They independently book a route that connects through Madrid, with an even earlier arrival time, instead. They also secretly agree they’ll U-Turn the Afghan-imals if they get the chance, as payback.

At the airport the football players get a message from the travel agent who made a mistake.  She’s found them a route that connects through Buenos Aires, scheduled to arrive in Sao Paulo in time to make the early connection to Lisbon.  The football players agree the plan is risky but decide it’s worth the gamble.

The travel agent’s also found an earlier flight for Brandon/Adam–she can put them on the same Madrid connection as the Oklahomans, arriving in Lisbon at 10 a.m.

The football players’ flight to Buenos Aires is the first plane to leave Chile.  However, when they get to Buenos Aires, they find the connection has been delayed.  They switch flights, hoping to at least make the later connection through Sao Paulo.  They take their seats on the alternate flight–only to hear that plane’s delayed, too.

On the way to the airport, Jason and Amy’s cab is in a minor accident.  It’s not serious, and they shrug it off as typical of the luck they’re having on this race.  They, baseball wives Nicky/Kim, and Tim/Marie are all booked on the late connection through Sao Paulo arriving in Libson at noon.  Once in Sao Paulo, Jason/Amy and Tim/Marie race to the next flight, hoping to get on standby for the 7 a.m. arrival that Nicole/Travis have.  The ticket counter at the gate is closed and nobody can get on standby.

Nicky/Kim, however, stop at an executive lounge.  (Maybe being the wives of rich and famous baseball players includes such perks.)  They get on standby.  When the gate’s ticket counter opens, an argument ensues between all three teams about who’s on standby first.  Nicky/Kim and Jason/Amy get on the early connection along with Nicole/Travis.  Marie/Tim are stuck waiting for the late connection.

As Marie/Tim board the last plane to leave for Lisbon, the football players disembark from their late plane, and race madly through the airport.  They’re not in time.  “Beekman Boys, Part Two,” one says, referring to the hard-luck winners of Season 21.  They find a red-eye British Airways flight that connects through London, and barring further delay, will get them to Lisbon by midday.

At 7 a.m. in Lisbon, the three front-running teams arrive, with instructions to take a taxi, then a tram, to a certain city square and an overlook. Nicole/Travis and Jason/Amy catch a tram before Nicky/Kim do.  At their destination a band is playing Portuguese music.  The singer hands each team a painting of a very ornate Renaissance-era coach, like a king’s coach.  This is the first of several Renaissance or Medieval features of this leg.

The teams have to ask people where to find the coach in the painting.  They’re told to go to a local museum.  When they get there, they find a clue box in front of the coach.  The next clue is for a detour, with choices being “Miles” or “Tiles.”  The two front-running teams agree to work together on the “Miles” challenge.

A Lisbon plaza’s floor features a huge mosaic of the route sailed by the Portuguese explores Ferdinand Magellan.  Teams must use a six-foot navigational instrument–similar to a drafting compass–and measure out the miles he sailed between Spain and the Philippines, where he was killed.  The mosaic splits the route in half, so teams have to measure from both sides of the map.  That makes things a little more complicated. The men handle the instrument while the women calculate the miles.  An actor dressed as Magellan waits for them to give him the answer.  They’re correct, and he gives them their next clue.

When third-place Nicky/Kim arrive at the museum and get their detour clue, they choose “Tiles.”  They must go to a ceramics factory, where they must put together one large tile puzzle, and glue it to a mounted backing. There’s no picture to guide them.  They have to go entirely by the pieces. They select one that portrays an etching of a lady in an elaborate Renaissance costume.  When complete, it’s about six feet tall.  They get their next clue.

After the detour, teams take taxis to an archery range where Medieval re-enactors are dressed as knights.  Clues for a roadblock are waiting. One team member must put on a knight’s helmet and chain mail, then shoot an arrow at one of several Medieval shields serving as targets.  Instead of using a regular bow, they have to shoot the arrow using a mechanical sling.  The next clue is written on the back of the shield, so once an arrow hits its target, the team has to take the shield with them.

While Travis and Jason are performing the detour, the 10 a.m. flight from Madrid arrives, carrying Brandon/Adam and Tim/Danny. They get their paintings and their detour clues.  The bearded hippie types choose “Tiles.” The Oklahomans choose “Miles.”

At the detour, Jason hits the shield with one shot but Travis needs several.  The next clue is for the pit stop, and Nicole/Travis estimate Jason/Amy are about seven minutes ahead.  However, the castle that serves as this leg’s pit stop has two routes leading to it.  (That was probably a factor in why it was chosen.)  Teams race across battlements and upstairs while carrying their paintings and shields.  Nicole/Travis luck out and get the shorter route.  They place first and win a trip to Costa Rica.  Jason/Amy place second.

It’s about 11 a.m. and the flight carrying Leo/Jamal and Ally/Ashley arrives in Lisbon.  They pick up the paintings and get directions to the museum.  Once they get there, they decide to do the “Miles” task together.

Around this time in London, the football players learn their final flight is delayed.  Now they won’t get into Lisbon in the middle of the day.  They’ll get there in the middle of the night.  They’re out of options.

Back in Lisbon, Tim/Marie arrive on the noon flight from Sao Paulo and get their picture of the coach. The baseball wives perform the RB, get their shield, and are third at the pit stop.  Tim/Danny correctly measure the miles Magellan traveled and Brandon/Adam complete their tile puzzle. Both get their clues for the archery range.

When Tim/Danny arrive at the archery RB, Danny says, “I’ll give it a go.  I’m Native American.”  He’s obviously not full-blooded but he does have the high cheekbones and almond eyes.  (My guess is, he’s Cherokee.)  Just as they get their shield and leave for the pit stop, Brandon/Adam arrive.

Leo/Jamal and Ally/Ashley are trying to measure the miles Magellan traveled but they keep getting it wrong.  The women decide to switch to  “Tiles.”  Soon the men give up and join the blondes at the tile company, too.  Soon both are joined by Tim/Marie.

The Oklahomans reach the pit stop fourth, the later-day hippies, fifth.

When the women and the Afghan-imals finish their tile patterns and get their next clue, Tim/Marie consider using their express pass.  They decide to give it another hour.  They bicker and struggle but finish their tile figure without using their express pass.

At the archery range, Ally says her grandfather was Portuguese and taught her archery, so she can perform the RB.  The final three teams in Lisbon complete the RB and reach the pit stop.  Jamal/Leo and Ally/Ashley arrive as a virtual foursome, but Phil declares the Afghan-imals sixth and the women seventh (by about a stride).  When Tim/Marie arrive, Phil has some fun at their expense.  “You’re the last team to arrive,”  he says, then pauses before adding, “Except for one.”

“Phil, I hate you!” says Marie’s Tim. They’re eighth of nine teams.

In the middle of the night, the ninth and last team sets foot in Lisbon.  Phil accosts the football players at the airport to tell them all other teams have checked in and they’re eliminated.  “We got our asses whipped by the airport!” says one.  Next week’s preview teases that teams will be in the Arctic and Travis’ Nicole will demand an express pass in exchange for some information.


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