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The Amazing Race: Norway, 10/20/13

October 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

In Lisbon the eight remaining teams get instructions to travel to Svolvaer, Norway, a fishing community located on the Arctic.  All teams board the same flight for Oslo, then make the same connecting flight to Bodo, Norway, then board the same ferry for the three-hour trip to Svolvaer.  When they get there it’s almost midnight but there’s plenty of hazy grey sunlight.  They get off the ferry and find a clue box that contains instructions for a detour.

The detour’s choices are (1) string fish heads and hang them to dry, or (2) pound enough dried cod to make one kilogram of fish jerky.  Both require traveling to a fish factory about a mile away.  Some teams walk, others manage to find taxis in this town at this hour.

Most teams choose to string fish heads.  They must string ten heads each on six strings (total of sixty fish heads).  Then they must transport them in a wheelbarrow and hang them on a specific outdoor drying rack.  Once the factory foreman approves their work, he hands them the next clue.

Oklahomans Tim/Danny and baseball wives Nicole/Kim choose to make jerky, but this proves the more physical and time-consuming task.  The cod is hung in pairs (two to a string) on top of a thirty-foot-high drying rack.  Teams must climb up the rack and bring down 15 pairs (30 cod total) and then carry them a considerable distance into the factory.  Both teams complain about how hard it is to carry that much.  Maybe the task was designed for two trips, but nobody makes two trips on TAR.  Maybe the teams simply didn’t look hard enough to find wheelbarrows like the teams on the “fish head” detour were using.

Once teams get the thirty cod to the factory floor, they must pound the fish on a wooden block, using a wooden hammer, until they can separate the flesh from the skin and bones.  Then they have to pound the dried flesh more finely, until they get at least a kilogram of dried cod jerky.

At the other detour, Marie/Tim are first to finish hanging their strings on the drying rack, but the foreman doesn’t approve their work and won’t give them the clue.  They have no clue what they’re doing wrong.  Brandon/Adam, Jason/Amy, and Nicole/Travis all pass them up.  Marie asks Brandon/Adam for help.  She reminds them she has an extra express pass but they still refuse.  Leo/Jamal, meanwhile, are slowed down by a flat tire on their wheelbarrow.  Even their friends Ally/Ashley pass them up.

Marie finally notices she and Tim need to hang their strings on a rack marked with race colors.  They do and get their next clue as do the other teams.  Instructions are to travel on foot to a company that provides speedboat tours and take speedboats to a nearby bridge–a very high bridge over the cold Arctic Ocean.

At the bridge waits a clue for a roadblock.  One team member must wear a diving wetsuit and bungee-jump off the bridge, with the added complication that the jumper must unhook his/her harness and plunge into the Arctic.  Then the jumper must swim to a nearby buoy, where envelopes containing the next clue are attached.

Brandon’s first in and out of the water.  Next comes Jason but he has trouble reaching the ball that releases his harness.  He has to expend considerable effort to pull himself up and get unhooked.  Marie, watching, observes that it looks like this task needs a lot of upper-body strength.

None of the other teams have the same problem, however.  Marie’s Tim goes third, and when he gets back in the boat, she asks if the water was cold.  “It’s the Arctic!” he says.  He also notes, “When you hit that water, it takes so much energy out of you.”

Travis’ Nicole goes 4th and he yells something about catch it as it swings towards the buoy, so maybe he’s finding a trick that makes releasing the harness easier.

The clue at the buoy sends teams back to shore for an example of product placement.  At a rock quarry several Ford Ranger trucks are parked.  Scattered around the quarry are eight large boulders on eight sleds.  (They’re not snow sleds, they’re more like log pallets.)  Teams have to chain up the boulders and use their truck to move the boulders.  Somewhere underneath the exposed gravel is what’s described as a satchel (bag) of Viking coins (actual or imitation, Phil’s voice over doesn’t say).  There’s also a small slip with the bag.  It says “Viking Longhouse” and a picture.  That’s the only clue teams get to this episode’s pit stop, apparently.

Brandon/Adam are first to move their boulder and get their clue to the pit stop.  Jason/Amy are 2nd.  Teams then drive in waiting passenger cars but how they find the longhouse is not explained.  Jason and Amy talk about how they wish there was someone around in this town at 3 a. m. to get directions from.

Tim/Marie are 3rd to move their boulder but they miss picking up the slip when they pick up their coins.  They were probably expecting a regular clue envelope and when they didn’t see that, they assumed there was nothing else.  Nicole/Travis finish the Ford Ranger task in 4th place.

When Ally/Ashley arrive, they’re timid about using the truck’s stick shift.  (Something like this happens nearly every TAR season.)  Neither can figure out how to put the truck in reverse.  They’re parked between two ditches and have to avoid rolling into either one.  Their buddies Leo/Jamal are busy chaining up their truck to their boulder.  So when Oklahomans Tim/Danny arrive, the blondes appeal to them for help.  Like good Southern gentlemen, they assist the ladies in distress.

Leo/Jamal are 5th to leave the rock quarry, Tim/Danny 6th, the blondes 7th.  Meanwhile the last-place baseball wives have just got to the RB.  By this time it’s becoming apparent this is going to be a two-part leg, however.

Brandon/Adam are 1st to find the longhouse.  They go inside and find people in Medieval costume partying.  Phil tells them they’re the #1 team, and they’ve won $5,000 each.  Then he pulls out another clue envelope, hands it to them, and says, “Keep on racing!”

Travis/Nicole pass Tim/Marie, who are parked on the road with literally no clue as to where they’re going.  Marie asks Nicole about the pit stop.  Nicole demands the extra express pass or she won’t say.  Marie hesitates.

Fade to black.  The title, “To be continued,” comes on the screen.  Credits roll while the silly song, “Fishheads” plays.

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