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The Amazing Race: 10/27/13 Poland

November 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

First thing that happens in this episode is that Marie reluctantly hands her extra express pass over to Nicole, one of a team of married Black ER doctors, in exchange for information about the pit stop.  Marie didn’t really want to do it but her partner Tim was agreeable to the deal.  So now Nicole/Travis can pull out an express pass should they get in a tight spot.

As teams arrive at the pit stop–a replica of a Viking longhouse–Phil hands them clues that direct them to travel to Gdansk, Poland, the site of the world-famous anti-Communist Solidarity movement in the eighties.  All eight remaining teams take the same ferry ride, then the same plane ride, from Norway to Gdansk. 

While aboard the ferrry, Marie gives Nicole/Travis the promised extra express pass.  They promise to keep it a secret.  Once teams land at the Gdansk airport, they jump in taxis, looking for Solidarity Square at the Gdansk shipyard.

Oklahoma oil field workers Tim/Danny are first at the shipyard, Jason/Amy second, Nicole/Travis third, Nicole/Kim fourth.  However, the clue they find simply directs them to another clue box, this time at a historic city gate.

Three teams’ taxis have trouble finding Solidarity Square.  Jamal/Leo, Marie/Tim, and Ally/Ashley all end up at the same place–looks like a port gate–and it’s wrong.  “Nobody speaks English, nobody knows where we are, we can’t understand anybody, and nobody can understand us,” Marie complains.

Tim/Danny are first to find the old city gate and the second clue box.  It contains choices for a detour.  Just about every season, TAR contestants undergo an embarrassing activity–it’s part of the ritual of earning the $1 million prize.  The choices for this detour require teams to dress like either polka dancers or Old King Neptune for the remainder of the leg.

Tim/Danny choose to dance, reasoning, “This is more skill, the others more luck.”  They argue at length over who should dress like a woman for the dance.  

Danny finally agrees to wear the female costume but says he feels humiliated.  (He may come from a background that takes such things very seriously.)  At the dance hall he makes sure he changes in the mens changing area, at least.  (Later Leo arrives to do the detour, and he goes behind the ladies’ screen to put the female costume on.)

The other detour requires teams to dress and pose like a statue of Neptune in a city square, and collect a certain amount of money from passers-by.  Baseball wives Nicole/Kim choose this detour.  It requires putting on a black “onesie,” as one racer calls it, along with a bushy wig and beard, and wielding a trident.  Several people complain about their arms getting tired on this detour.

At the shipyard, Brandon/Adam have a cabbie that doesn’t know where the city gate is, so he calls another cabbie for directions.  That cabbie has Jason/Amy in his cab, and at their urging he refuses to share the information. 

When Jason/Amy and Nicole/Travis reach the detour, they choose the polka.  Brandon/Adam first choose the polka but as they walk to the dance hall, they pass the city square with the Neptune statue, where Nicole/Kim are posing.  They decide to stop and do this detour instead.

The female team quickly gets the necessary amount of money and a man identified as the statue’s sculptor gives them the next clue.  Brandon/Adam aren’t so fortunate.  They grow discouraged over how little money they’re getting, so decide to switch back to the dance detour.  This decision proves to have major consequences.

Team have been warned about a double u-turn on this leg.  The baseball wives walk past it while looking for the next location.  It’s at a tall old waterfront building called the Medieval Harbor Crane but the women walk across a bridge before they realize they’ve gone too far. 

As a result, Jason/Amy, who were the first team to finish the polka, get to the u-turn first.  They choose to not u-turn anybody, and get their next clue.  It’s to take a taxi to what Phil explains is the longest apartment building in Poland.  It’s about ten stories high but is long and narrow, stretching about half a mile–several city blocks.

The three teams whose taxis got lost finally reach the clue box with detour instructions.  Leo/Jamal and Ally/Ashley choose the polka.  Marie/Tim reason that, since they’re at the back of the field, and a u-turn is coming up, it’s a good time to use their express pass.

Nicole/Kim find the u-turn but choose not to use it.  When Marie/Tim approach the u-turn sign, they consider u-turning Nicole/Travis but decide not to. 

Tim/Danny arrive at the u-turn site and, keeping a vow they made two episodes ago, u-turn Leo/Jamal.  Nicole/Travis finish dancing and approach the u-turn site.  “I hope we weren’t u-turned.  I don’t want to go back and be a statue,” says Travis.  When he and his wife see they weren’t u-turned, they don’t u-turn anybody either.

Marie/Tim are first to reach the clue box that waits at the very long apartment building.   It contains instructions for a roadblock.

One person must take a list of twelve addresses scattered throughout this huge building, and knock on residents’ doors (while dressed like a polka dancer or Old King Neptune).  At each address the racer visits, they’ll be served a Polish doughnut.  Most of the doughnuts they’re served will have lemon fillings.  The person must keep visiting apartments and sampling doughnuts until someone serves a doughnut filled with rose-flavored jelly.  (This task sounds like it was designed with a Halloween air date in mind.)

As other teams arrive and start the RB, they see that Tim/Marie aren’t wearing costumes, so it’s easy to guess they must have used their express pass.  Travis, Amy, and Marie work together to find the right apartment and get their pit stop clue.  While waiting, Jason shows Marie’s partner Tim how to polka.

When the three front-running teams (Marie/Tim, Jason/Amy, Nicole/Travis) get the pit stop clue, Phil’s voice over explains that it’s at the end of the longest wooden pier in Europe–over 1600 ft. long.  (That’s several football fields.)  That means teams have to run a considerable distance to get to the mat, because cars or taxis can’t drive out on the pier.

When Nicole/Kim find the apartment building, Kim does the RB.  Before Travis leaves, he gives her a “present.”  He punches all the elevator buttons to slow her down.

When Tim/Danny arrive, Danny does the RB and complains about having to run up and down stairs in a dress.  When he finds the apartment serving rose-jelly doughnuts, he asks the hostess if he can take the doughnut with him.  She says he can.

Leo/Jamal finish their dance and find they’ve been u-turned.  They know there are likely only two teams behind them.  One’s Ally/Ashley and the others Brandon/Adam.  They’re not u-turning the girls.  That leaves the guys.

Shortly after Ally/Ashley and Brandon/Adam finish dancing.  Brandon/Adam find they’ve been u-turned.  They reach the Neptune statue about the time Jamal/Leo are completing the second detour. 

At the pit stop, Marie/Tim, Jason/Amy and Nicole/Travis finish one-two-three.  Marie/Tim win a trip to Hawaii. Shortly after, Nicole/Kim take 4th place, with Tim/Danny close behind, in 5th.

At the RB, Ashley and Leo are working together.  She asks how far behind Brandon/Adam are.  He guesses about ten minutes.  Ally/Ashley and Leo/Jamal finish the RB before Brandon/Adam arrive.  Leo/Jamal hit the pit stop mat in 6th place.  Ally/Ashley trail but take 7th place.

Brandon/Adam are the last team to finish the second detour and the RB.  They reach the pit stop 8th and last, to find they’ve been eliminated.  However, they leave the race a collective $10,000 richer, thanks to winning the first half of this double leg.  Several fun teams are now gone and who’s left are mostly super-competitive teams.

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