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The Amazing Race Flashback: Third Leg, Season 10, Fall ’06

January 10th, 2014 · No Comments

As we wait for the 24th season of The Amazing Race to begin (an all-star season), let’s take a look back at Season 10, which featured one of the most amazing casts ever, with just about every team having some unforgettable moments, great and otherwise.  The field in the third leg consisted of:

  • Coal miner Dave and his wife Mary from Kentucky.
  • Beauty queens Dustin (“Dee”) and Kandace.
  • Lyn and Karlyn, African-American nurses and single parents, from Alabama, hence their nickname, “Alabama.”
  • Young dating couple Rob/Kimberly.
  • Male models Tyler/James, whose glamorous profession covered a dark shared past of drug abuse and rehabilitation.
  • Gay couple Terry/Tom.
  • The Cho brothers, Erwin/Godwin, very proud to rep Asian-Americans this season.
  • Sarah, a one-legged young woman and her boyfriend Peter, the technician who supplied her hi-tech prosthetic leg.
  • Father-daughter team Duke/Lauren.  She was a lesbian and her father didn’t approve.  They hoped by going on the race they could gain a better understanding of each other.

The nine teams began this leg by flying from Mongolia to Hanoi, Vietnam.  In an unusual move, they were given no money to start the leg, so they had to pay their cab fares from the Hanoi airport with whatever cash they had saved.

Teams’ first destination is the prison known to US troops as “The Hanoi Hilton” where Sen. John McCain and many other POWs were held during the Vietnam War.  It’s now a museum.  Teams arrive in the middle of the night to find they have to wait on the street until the place opens next morning.

Directions are to find the display case where McCain’s flight suit is on exhibit.  Next to it stands a man handing out clue envelopes.  Most teams pay no attention to the flight suit, simply grab the envelope and leave.  There are two exceptions.  The gay couple are first to find the suit, and they pause for a moment of silence before they take the next clue.  The Cho brothers deliberately wait until all other teams have left the room and then take time to pay their respects.

The clue at the museum directs teams to travel (on foot or by taxi) to a flower shop about 1 1/2 miles away.  It’s for a flower-selling roadblock.  One teammate must sell enough flowers to make 80,000 Vietnamese dong (about 5 US $).   Teams can keep the money they make.  The street’s full of teams selling and people buying.

Duke/Lauren are the last to arrive.  They didn’t have money for a taxi and had to walk.  Lauren suggests her father sell the flowers because he’s in sales anyway.

Sprint sponsored a poll this season.  For this episode the question was, which team did the best job of selling flowers?  Was it the good-looking beauty queens, the good-looking male models, or super salesman Duke?

As teams finish the RB the next clue is to take a bus to a nearby village, Vac.  The field starts to show separation at this point.  The Cho brothers were the fifth to finish selling flowers but the first to find a bus.  Tom/Terry catch a 2nd bus.  The bulk of the field (Ron/Kimberly, Dave/Mary, Duke/Lauren, Tyler/James, and Dustin/Kandace) catch a 3rd bus.  Peter/Sarah were first to finish the flower-selling but they have trouble finding the right bus.  They’re in last place on a 4th bus.

When the front-running Cho brothers arrive in Vac, they find a clue box at a temple, where a festival is going on.  The clue is for a detour:  fuel or fowl.

For “fuel,” teams must go to a coal yard and mold 30 brickettes.  For “fowl,” teams must go to an open-air market and build a wooden birdcage.  Everyone chooses “fuel.”

Tom/Terry arrive in Vac and hitch rides to the temple on the back of some guys’ motorbikes.  The Cho brothers are first to finish the detour, and get their clue for this leg’s pit stop.   They have to find Phil in the middle of a nearby rice paddy.  They do, winning the leg and a home entertainment system.

The third bus arrives with the main pack.  Some teams have trouble finding the coal house.  Duke/Lauren stumble upon the place to build birdcages and decide to do that detour instead.

At the coal yard, teams are practically on top of each other.  Tyler and James ask the coal miner, “This is right up your alley, Dave?”

Dave says, “This ain’t real coal.  Ours is hard.  Theirs is more like mud.”

Gay couple Tom/Terry finish their coal brickettes and get their clue to the pit stop.  Phil tells them they’re the second team to arrive, but they broke a rule when they hitched rides on motorbikes to the detour clue box.  He penalizes them 30 min.

While Tom/Terry wait out their penalty, Tyler/James arrive and claim 2nd place.  Rob/Kimberly are 3rd and Dustin/Kandace, 4th.  Peter dashes through the rice paddy, paying no heed to his teammate Sarah, who practically has to crawl on her one leg.  They’re 5th.   The gay couple have about five min. left to wait.

Duke/Lauren finish their birdcage and get their pit stop clue.  Lyn/Karlyn and Dave/Mary are finished with the coal but are still looking for the pit stop.  Mary’s slowed by a bad ankle from an accident on the previous leg.  The nurses place 6th, the coal-mining family, 7th.

At last Phil tells Tom/Terry he can check them in, making them the 8th team to arrive.  That puts Duke/Lauren, who are ninth and last, out of the race.  However, the father and daughter agree they have come to a better understanding of each other.


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