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The Amazing Race Season 13 Flashback: 6 Teams in India

January 16th, 2014 · No Comments

India has been one of the most popular locations for The Amazing Race, and during Season 13 the final six teams  ran a particularly memorable leg through the Indian city of New Delhi.

The field:  brother-sister team Nick/Starr, dating couple Terence/Sarah, football player Ken and his wife Tina (separated but hoping the race will help repair their marriage),  mother-son team Toni/Dallas, fraternity brothers Andrew/Dan (who at times resembled Kevin/Drew of Season 1), and Kelly/Christy, two women who were ID’ed as “the divorcees.”

Several aspects of India’s rich and varied religous heritage are featured in this epsiode, beginning with the teams departing Bahai HQ in New Delhi.  First task is a roadblock involving a Hindu “holi” festival, where revelers pelt each other with wet and dry coloring.  (The “why” of this isn’t explained.) Every team has an adventure with it.

One team member must race through the crowd and climb a ladder to where dozens of clue envelopes are hanging.  Most of the envelopes are fake.  When the racer retrieves an envelope that actually contains a clue, the team can continue the race.

Brother-sister team Nick/Starr arrive first.  She quickly runs around the crowd and brings back the clue envelope while getting only a few blasts of coloring.  At the last minute, however, somebody whacks her brother with pink powder.  He observes he got dirtier than she did.

Toni/Dallas arrive next.  He does the RB and gets the clue but comes back completely covered in colored dust.

Third are Kelly/Christy, who undergo a horrifying ordeal.  Kelly tries to do the RB but she’s so heavily pelted with coloring that she can’t see or breathe.  She tries again, covering her eyes and face with sunglasses and a scarf.  She’s also confused about the task.  Instead of staying up on the ladder until she finds an envelope with a clue, she runs back and forth, carrying each envelope back to her partner before they open it.  Christy doesn’t fare much better, because the revellers pelt her with coloring, too.  The women slip from third to last, and by the time they finally get their next clue, they have trouble finding a cab because they’re such a mess.

Terrence/Sarah arrive at the RB and he runs through the paint-throwing crowd.  When he comes back with the clue, he’s completely covered and complaining about how the coloring is in his nose and mouth.

When Andrew/Dan arrive, the glasses-wearing Dan runs the RB but both guys get hit with a few blasts of color.  Dan says later, “The roadblock was like a wild rave party except no hot blondes.  Just a sausage fest of guys with paint.  It’s like the girls never showed up.”

Ken/Tina are last to arrive at the RB but finish ahead of the female team.  He uses his football moves through the crowd but his wife gets thoroughly pelted from all sides while she waits.  She’s got green hair for the rest of the leg.

Next clue is for a Janist temple that houses a charity hospital–for birds.  Teams must search through the bird cages for the next clue, which is for this leg’s detour:  “Bleary Eyed” or “Teary Eyed.”

For the first choice, teams may get “bleary eyed” from trying to read small numbered tags that mark tangles of electrical wiring all along a certain market street, where other signs and numbers prove distracting and confusing.  Once teams think they have the numbers in the right sequence, they show them to a man sitting outside one of the shops.  (He’s at a sewing machine but Phil’s voiceover doesn’t say if it’s an electrical or manual one.)  If the team is correct, the man directs them to another shop where they plug in an electrical gadget.  That shopkeeper gives them their pit stop clue.

For the second choice, teams may get “Teary Eyed” from having to grind a large bowl (about 30 lb. from two 40-lb. bags) of very red hot chili peppers.   Terence/Sarah were the lone team to suffer through this task.  Between the holi festival and the pepper-grinding, they were obviously experiencing considerable discomfort and frustration, but they weathered the adversity with grace and never took it out on each other.

Nick/Starr are first to start the “bleary eyed” detour but Toni/Dallas soon join them.  They work together to finish the task and get taxis to the pit stop at about the same time.  They both get caught in an actual roadblock–a gridlock traffic jam–but Nick/Starr are first to find Phil at the mat, which is at a massive and elaborate historical tomb.  The brother-sister team wins a trip to Hawaii.  The mother-son team place second.

Andrew/Dan and Kelly/Christy make several attempts to get the sequence of numbers but they keep reading the wrong tags and signs.  The guys offer to work together, but the women refuse.

Ken/Tina must complete a speedbump before they can start the detour, as they were spared from being eliminated on the previous leg.  They must go to a Sikh temple and hand out holy water to hundreds of worshippers–serve as a refreshment committee, so to speak.  Once they’ve quenched the worshippers’ thirst, they can move on to the detour.

When the married couple arrive at the “bleary eyed” detour, they quickly figure out the correct sequence of tags and receive their pit stop clue.  As they’re leaving they encounter Andrew/Dan, who complain about what a hard time they’re having.  The football player and his wife perform a random act of kindness–they point out one of the small electrical tags to the frat boys.  About the same time, the divorcees figure out on their own which numbered tags they’re supposed to be counting.

Terence/Sarah finish grinding their chili peppers and arrive at the pit stop, claiming 3rd place.  Ken/Tina are 4th.  Andrew/Dan get the right sequence of numbered electrical tags and leave the street just ahead of the women.  Both get caught in the same actual traffic-jam roadblock that slowed the front-runners but the frat brothers are 5th to get to the pit stop.  That leaves the divorcees to arrive last and be eliminated, still almost completely covered in pink and black from their holi festival ordeal.

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