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American Idol Season 13: Auditions, 1/16/14

January 19th, 2014 · No Comments

Second episode of American Idol Season 13 teases with a bit of an audition–a WGWG who sings well.  We won’t learn who he is or if the judges said “yes” until later in the show.

First featured auditions of the night recap Day 2 in Austin.  Some are part of montages where we don’t really learn much about the people that are being sent through.  We do get a good look at a goth girl named Jesse Roach who plays guitar–and her style turns out to be more country than goth (goth-country?).  The judges remark on her distinctive rasp and give her a ticket to Hollywood.

Second successful featured audition of the night goes to a teenager who looks like Tina Turner and sings with a bluesy voice–there are lots of bluesy voices this evening.

A girl named Morgan sings (poorly) the Carrie Underwood song, “Last Night.”  However, she compares her style to Steven Tyler (Tyler sings Underwood?).  Like her fellow contestant Ms. Roach (above), she has a distinctive rasp.  That’s good enough for the judges and they all say, “Yes.”

The judges also all say “yes” to teenage WGWG, Spencer Lloyd, because they agree the show needs a teen-idol pretty face/pretty voice combination.

Morgan Lindsay, 27, a Black old-school R&B singer, sings Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come.”  He gets sent through.  So does a Black comedian who does an Obama impersonation and then sings, “I Know What You Did in the Dark.”

One of this season’s new features is a Twitter poll that teases an audition and asks the audience to vote “yes” or “no.”  Tonight is a blonde country-flavored singer who gets 71% “yes” votes.  The judges agree.

Tristian Langley is 15 and his mother is the goth vocalist who placed third in Season 1.  However, he doesn’t sing very well.  Tough judge Harry doesn’t think he’s ready.  However, softies Keith and J-Lo outvote him.  I predict if this kid’s still around after Hollywood week, it’ll be because of who his mother is.

Following another montage of golden ticket winners in Austin, we see the audition that opened the episode.  John Fox, a glasses-wearing Christian WGWG, sings Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.”  His voice isn’t so much pretty as it is nice–he reminds me a little of Season 8’s Danny Gokey.  The judges all say, “Yes.”

Second half of the show switches to San Francisco.  We see a montage of several people who got golden tickets here–but based on the clips of their vocals, they probably shouldn’t have.

Emmanuel, a gospel/blues-flavored Black guy, gets three “yes” votes.  A country girl named Katelyn sings blues–a time when looks and style don’t match.  The judges are divided.  Once again softies Keith and J-Lo outvote tough judge Harry.

Besides a preponderance of blues vocalists, we’re seeing a lot of people singing their own original songs this season.  David Lemming, 26, is one such WGWG who sings an original song in a bluesy baritone style.  He’s through.

Twins audition together, and the judges pick the bluesy-voiced one of the two.  Yet another bluesy vocalist is Brianna Oakley, who made it to Hollywood Week last year.  She’s loud but J-Lo compares her to Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks.  She gets three “yes” votes–or as Keith notes, six “yes” votes.  (Maybe seven?)

Like the Austin portion, the San Francisco part of the show features several montages of people getting through to the next round, but they go so quickly we’ll have to wait for the Hollywood episodes to see if any are standouts.

Finale goes to an only-in-San-Francisco act (except the guy’s from Sacramento).  Adam Roth looks like a guru and calls himself a “sound healer” and he talks about chakra and the like.  He plays guitar and sings Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”  He’s shrill but does have range.  Tough judge Harry votes “no” but softies Keith and J-Lo vote “yes.”  This is getting to be a pattern.

At the conclusion Ryan Seacrest’s voiceover tells us that 19 contestants were chosen in San Francisco and 14 from the second day in Austin, making the total of Hollywood Week contestants 79, so far.  Next show features auditions in Detroit.

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