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The Voice, 3rd Night of Auditions, 9/29/14

September 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Tonight’s Voice narrative is partly about whether Blake will succeed in finding a Team Blake member who on paper doesn’t belong on his team–somebody who breaks out of the downhome country mode.  Nine singers found places on teams this evening, the third episode of Season 7:

1.  John Martin, 25. a warehouse worker and pastor’s son, sings at bars, parties, and in church.  Although he plays guitar and has a teen-idol look, his voice and style are more in jazz or blues than alt-rock.  He gets Blake’s attention on the first chorus. Gwen and Pharrell signal their interest on the second chorus.  It’s a three-chair turn.  Blake praises the guy’s looks, Pharrell, his technique and how his identity came through.  Gwen gushes, “Your voice, delicious, creamy, beautiful tone.”  The singer says he he’d like to do cheesy pop love songs–and picks Blake.

2.  Jesse Pitt, whose voice and style resembles Jewel, gets Gwen’s and Blake’s attention.  Gwen categorizes her as an “indy pop thing.”  Blake thinks she sounds like a box of Lucky Charms–all marshmallows!  In a gesture of girlpower, the singer picks Gwen.

 is a New York street singer (busker) with teen-idol looks and a voice that’s hard to categorize.  First Pharrell pushes his button, then Blake.  Although Adam sits this one out, he comments after, “You look like a young Joaquin Phoenix!”  Pharrell–perhaps the most technical-minded of the judges–says, “Your runs were consistent every time.”  Maybe Manning likes that, because he picks Pharrell.

4.  Kelly Douglas, a young black female vocalist from Texas, sings a soulful version of “Danny’s Song,” an Anne Murray hit back in the seventies that was very popular at weddings for a long time.  After about the first four lines, Adam turns around, after another four lines or so, Gwen turns around.  Blake turns on the last line.  Blake comments, “Your voice is mysterious, haunting, but you have some little Texas things in it.”  She picks Adam, his first catch in a while.

5.   Blessing Offer (that’s his name) invites comparisons to Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder–a blind soulman on keyboards.  He gives “Just the Two of Us” a jazzy, bluesy delivery.  Just when it looks like nobody’s interested, Gwen, Pharrell, Adam, and Blake all pull buzzer-beaters on the last note.  Gwen compares the singer to Pharrell, and Pharrell says, “I know a couple things about mixing genres.”  The singer picks Pharrell.

6.  Troy Ritchie looks like an office worker but says he used to be in a metal band.  For his audition he plays acoustic guitar but sings with a rock flavor.  He gets Gwen’s attention–he’s a one-chair turn.  He gets to be on Team Gwen.

7.  Mia Pfirrman (try putting that last name on a marquee) says before she auditions that she’d like to pick Pharrell.  Her version of “Unconditional” shows both some big notes and some inconsistency.  Once again, the judges wait until the last minute–then turn their chairs so fast it makes heads spin.  Gwen may be suggesting a cure for the girl’s inconsistency when she says, “I can’t wait to try a different song on you.”  However, despite Gwen’s urging and the lady’s stated preference for Pharrell, she picks Adam.

There follows a montage of three successful auditions, and this is how it went (I think):  Alessandra Cassanovo to Adam, Jordie Circey to Pharrell, and Kensington Moore to Blake.  We’ll have to wait for the next round to hear enough of these singers to know what they’re like.

8.  Bree Fondacaro digs up Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me, Babe” from the sixties, and it does fit her quirky voice.  (Adam calls it “different.”) The only judge who turns his chair is Blake, so she’s on Team Blake. Maybe he’s found his outside-the-country-mold singer?

9.  Last audition of the night is Anita Antoinette, a black reggae singer who’s back for another try after an unsuccessful Season 3 audition.  She plays guitar and sings Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low.” This time she gets a four-chair turn.  Gwen and Blake are in on the first line, Adam comes in around the end of the first verse.  Pharrell waits until almost the end, then he pushes his button, too.  Adam compares Anita to Season 5 winner Tessanne Chin.  However, the singer picks Gwen.

The judges are allotted twelve-member teams this season.  (Some seasons it’s 16 or even 20.)  Here’s a recap of who was picked up on the third night:

Team Gwen:  Anita Antoinette, Troy Ritchie, Jesse Pitt.

Team Blake:  Kensington Moore, Bree Fondacaro, John Martin.

Team Adam:  Mia Pfirrman (can we just call her P-man?), Alessandra Casanovo, Kelly Douglas.

Team Pharrell:  Jordie Circey, Blessing Offer, Ricky Manning.


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