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The Voice: Season 7, Knockout Rounds Continue, 10/28/14

October 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Three match-ups were featured on the second night of The Voice knockout rounds for season 7:

1.  Team Gwen gives us an alt-flavored match that was waiting to happen:  Troy Ritchie vs. Taylor John Williams.  Ritchie makes an uncommon song choice, taking Outcast’s “Hey Ya,” and making the first part coffeehouse and the second part, dance.  Back in the auditions, Taylor deconstructed “Heartless” into something never heard before.  This time he does the same with “Mad World.”  He updates the song the way Adam Lambert did on American Idol five years ago, making Lambert’s take so 2009.  Either Williams or Ritchie could probably win this season, but Gwen picks Williams and nobody steals Ritchie.

2.  Adam pairs two of his female vocalists:  Mia Pfirrman vs. Alessandra Castronovo.  Pfirrman sings Katy Perry’s “Human.”  Castronovo makes an uncommon song choice–Emili Sande’s “Next to Me.”  During judges’ comments, Blake says he’d pick Alessandra because she has a voice that could be instantly recognized on the radio.  Pharrell also says he’d pick Alessandra.  Gwen, however, says she’d go with Mia.  Adam decides Mia’s more polished, a little “further along,” so he picks Pfirrman.  Nobody steals Alessandra.

3.  Pharrell matches two of his young male vocalists.  He puts Beyoncé-influenced Elijah Rene against aspiring teen idol Ricky Manning.  Rene is one of this season’s two R&B male vocalists who sound more like Beyoncé than any male vocalist.  He chooses an old-school R&B sound on “With You.”  Manning makes a much bolder move–he deconstructs Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and turns it into something entirely different, the way Williams handled “Mad World.”  When the performances are over, the judges collectively praise Manning.  Pharrell talks about how Rene needs more work to be done–and that’s why he’s picking Elijah Rene.  Gwen looks completely shocked, and pushes her button to steal Ricky Manning.  Pharrell’s still explaining backstage afterwards about how he felt Rene needs more work, how he needs to be coached to “sing your story.”

With two nights of knockouts left to go, already Blake Shelton is the only coach who can steal anybody.  Tune in next week to find out who he grabs.

Here’s a look at how the teams stand now:

Team Adam–young R&B vocalist Damian, alt-flavored Taylor Phelan (stolen from Team Pharrell) and big-voiced Mia Pfirrman are through to Adam’s final five.  Still to come:  alt-flavored Matt McAndrew, mature R&B vocalist Blessing Offor, soulful-voiced Chris Jamison, and Rebekah Samuran, who we still don’t know much about.

Team Gwen–aspiring teen idol Ricky Manning, alt-flavored Taylor John Williams, and contemporary female vocalist Brianna Salis are in Gwen’s final five.  Still to come:  reggae queen Anita Antoinette, redneck rocker Craig Wayne Boyd (stolen from Team Blake), soulful Southerner Beth Spangler (stolen from Team Adam), and aspiring teen idol Ryan Sill.

Team Pharrell–young R&B vocalist Elijah Rene, alt-flavored Luke Wade, Sugar Joans (stolen from Team Gwen) and contemporary female vocalist Danica Shirey have made Pharrell’s final five.  He has only one pairing left:  It has to be reggae-flavored Mark Zargabachev against Jean Kelley, who sounds a little like Gwen Stefani (whose former band was the reggae-flavored No Doubt).

Team Blake–country vocalist James David Carter and Jewel-flavored Jessie Pitts are in Blake’s final five.  Still to come:  country girls Alison Bray and Taylor Brashears, teen idol Grant Ganzer, and Regan James, whose voice resembles Kelly Clarkson.  Plus one someone else’s team member is going to move to Team Blake.  Who might it be?  


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