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The Amazing Race: Season 25, Morocco, 10/24/14

October 31st, 2014 · No Comments

At this point in The Amazing Race Season 25, eight teams are left, and they all get on the same flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Marrakesh, Morocco.  The previous leg was non-elimination, and Misti/Jim (the married couple who are both dentists) came in last.  That means they’ll have to perform a speed bump on this leg.  The other teams are:  Kym/Alli (bicycle racers), young gay couple Tim/TeJay (T/T), wrestlers Brooke/Robbie, soul surfer Bethany and her husband Adam, mother-daughter Shelly/Nici, candy scientists Amy/Maya, and Keith/Whitney (engaged couple who met on Survivor).

On arrival in Marrakesh, teams catch taxis from the airport to the Jemaa Al Fnaa marketplace.  First challenge is for the eight teams to help eight food vendors unload their huge carts and set up their stalls.  This is neither a roadblock nor a detour.  It’s just an extra challenge.

Except Misti/Jim have to do their speed bump first.  They have to take eight large carpets (they’ve got to be several square yards each) from a carpet vendor and hang them up on a wire, using long poles, so they can be displayed for sale.  When they’ve hung all eight carpets, they can set up a food stall.  Phil appears to tell us they’re at least 12 min. behind any other team.

Teams finish the food cart challenge in the following order:  Keith/Whitney, Kym/Alli, Brooke/Robbie, Shelley/Nici, Amy/Maya, Adam/Bethany, T/T, and finally Misti/Jim.

Their next clue directs them to a tannery.  Here teams must complete a roadblock.  One team member must take the hair off three goat hides.  (It looks like they just pull it off with their hands, rather than scraping it off with a scraper.)  Then the racer must load three bundles of hides on a bicycle and deliver them to a cobbler.

All teams have trouble finding the tannery, so the running order gets scrambled:  Keith/Whitney, Amy/Maya, Brooke/Robbie, Adam/Bethany, T/T, Kym/Alli, Shelley/Nici, Jim/Misti.  Bethany thinks she can do this RB.  She can pull the hair off using one hand while holding the hide with her feet.  She has trouble loading her bike, so she graciously accepts some help from some guys.  Then she doesn’t pedal her bike, she just straddles and walks it.

Everyone has trouble finding the cobbler’s shop and, amazingly, everyone ends up at the shop at the same time.  It’s chaos as people rush to turn in their hides, get their receipts, and get back on their bikes.

Once back at the tannery, Keith/Whitney and Shelley/Nici have an argument over who’s first in line for the next clue.  It does look like Keith cut in line.  (Maybe he thought those women weren’t “really” in line?  They were “just” standing there?  Who knows?)  Keith/Whitney don’t give in, and get the next clue first.  Now these teams don’t like each other, and the clue warns about a double U-turn coming up.

The clue at the tannery directs teams to a clue box where they find instructions for this leg’s detour.  One choice is “Tea Time.”  Teams who choose this have to go to a restaurant and serve tea in traditional Moroccan style.  They have to wear traditional Moroccan dress.  The tray has to be held a certain way.  The tea has to be poured a certain way.  Adam/Bethany, T/T, Brooke/Robbie, and Jim/Misti pick the tea service.

The other detour is for traditional Moroccan music and dance.  It’s called “Twirl Time” but it could also be called “Tassel Time” or “Tassel Twirl.”  Moroccan street musicians have a routine where one man plays a drum while the other plays some other kind of percussion and twirls his head in time to the music, so the tassel on his fez spins round and round.  Teams who choose this have to wear traditional Moroccan dress with fezes and tassels.  One team member plays a drum while the other spins his/her head, making the tassel twirl continuously for one minute.  If the fez falls off or the racer breaks rhythm, the timing starts again.  Everyone who tries it complains about getting dizzy.

Kim/Alli,  Whitney/Keith, Shelley/Nici, and Amy/Maya choose the music.  Keith and Whitney have the most trouble with it.  She can’t keep the tassel twirling.  She switches to the drum, but he can’t keep the tassel twirling, either.  He goes back to the drum, and she keeps trying to keep the tassel twirling.  She wants to switch detours but he tells her that if they get U-turned, they”ll have to complete this anyway.

Adam/Bethany are first to finish either detour.  Kym/Alli are the first to finish the dance, and the second to complete either detour.  Next clue says to make their way to a nearby restaurant.  Here’s where teams find a double U-turn board.  They also find clue envelopes for the pit stop, at a nearby carpet shop.  Neither front-running team U-turns anybody.

Kym/Alli place first, winning the leg and $5,000 each.  Bethany/Adam are second.

Shelley/Nici finish the music and dance.  When they get to the U-turn board, they U-turn Keith/Whitney.

T/T, Jim/Misti, and Brooke/Robbie finish the tea service.  Amy/Maya finish the dance.  None of them U-turn anybody.  Keith/Whitney are the only team left at either detour.

T/T are third at the pit stop.  Shelley/Nici are fourth, Brooke/Robbie fifth, Jim/Misti sixth, and Amy/Maya, seventh.

Keith/Whitney finally switch detours, go to the restaurant, and complete the tea service.  They get to the U-turn board and find out they’re the only team that’s been U-turned.  However, it means nothing, because they’re the last team on the course anyway.

It’s dark by the time Keith/Whitney get the tassel-twirl dance right.  (A screen graphic says elapsed time is 2 hrs. 9 min.  I assume that’s the total time they spent on both detours.)  They get to the mat and Phil tells them they’re eliminated.  Whitney comments that if they’d just chosen the tea service to begin with, they may have made first place.


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