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The Amazing Race: Season 25, Sicily, 11/7/14

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

Teams have so far got through Season 25 of The Amazing Race without forming alliances, but now they’re starting to work together, if only temporarily.  As this leg begins in Marrakesh, Morocco, six teams get their first clues in the middle of the night.  They’re instructed to fly to Palermo, on the west coast of Sicily, but everyone finds no flights are available until the next night.

Everyone has to spend a night and day in the airport, then take a flight to Rome.  Teams are then split between two connecting flights.  The dentists (Misti/Jim) and the extreme cyclists (Kym/Alli) are on a flight that arrives in Palermo about 8 p.m.  The four trailing teams (wrestlers Brooke/Robbie, surfers Bethany/Adam, gay couple T/T, and scientists Maya/Amy) are on a flight that arrives about 40 min. later.

When teams get to Palermo, their clues say to go to a theater.  They take taxis there–where they find clues that say they have to return next morning.  The clues are written on tambourines, and a traditional Italian dance troupe is having a party for the racers.  Everyone’s encouraged to join the dancing.  These kind of group activities usually happen earlier in the season, when teams are just starting to know each other.  Here it gives the dentists an opportunity to show the cyclists they’re not “Team No Fun” all the time.

The tambourines have different times written on them, so teams are split into three groups the next morning.  The dentists and cyclists leave the theater at 6:30, the wrestlers and scientists at 6:40, and the surfers and the gay couple at 6:50.  Everyone has to find a taxi in early morning city traffic.  Brooke/Robbie take 40 min. to catch a taxi, putting them in last place.

Teams taxi to Mt. Pellegrino, site of a famous auto race.  Jim/Misty and Kym/Alli arrive first and find the roadblock for this leg.  One team member has to put on racing gear and then run the race course in a go-cart, in less than 4 min. 7 seconds.  (The episode doesn’t explain the reason for specifying such an exact time.)  Jim and Kym race the go-carts, while their teammates take taxis to a rendezvous point along the beach.

Jim and Kym complete their go-cart runs on the first try.  A famous Italian race car driver gives them the next clue envelopes, but they’re supposed to open and read them when they meet their teammates.  Pro drivers with beautiful classic/vintage cars take the racers to the rendezvous point along the beach.

Maya/Amy get to the RB.  Maya drives the go-cart but she doesn’t make the time.  She has to follow the pace car back down the mtn. and take a second run.  The go-cart heats run about every 20 min. So by the time she’s back to the starting line, the three trailing teams have caught up.  Maya, Te Jay, Adam, and Brooke literally race back up the mtn. This time everybody makes their time, and everybody gets driven back down the mtn. to join their teammates along the beach.

When the reunited teams read their clues, they find instructions for this leg’s detour.  The choices are Italian painting or Italian opera.

Only four teams may choose the painting.  Four cherubs painted on the ceiling of a local church need restoration.  Teams who choose this detour have to re-paint the cherubs the way Michaelangelo is supposed to have painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel–while lying on his back on a scaffold.  Once teams think they’ve properly restored their cherub, they have to ask a judge.  If she approves, the church priest will hand over the next clue envelope.

For the opera, teams have to travel to a local opera house.  Ten costumed opera singers sing excerpts of ten arias.  Each is singing a bit of their character’s part but it would take a serious opera fan to recognize them all.  Once teams have seen the performance, they have to go upstairs to the costume shop, where costumes labeled with the character’s name and opera’s title are on display.  Teams have to write down the characters and operas in order.  If they’re correct, they get the next clue from the opera’s costume mistress.

Front-runners Misti/Jim and Kym/Alli pick the painting.  When the four trailing teams get their detour clues perhaps 40 min. later, three teams dash to the church.  Brooke/Robbie decide to try the opera in the first place.  The couple understand it’s a memory challenge, but they’re confused when they see the performance.  They’re not getting any names, just singing.  They consider switching detours but realize the four available painting slots must be filled by now.  They check upstairs at the costume shop and are relieved to see here’s where they can find the names.

Maya/Amy get squeezed out at the church, so they soon join the wrestler couple at the opera.  At first the teams don’t work together but eventually they agree to.  Amy/Maya, however, get the next clue and get out the door ahead of the wrestlers, who aren’t happy about that.

At the church, it must be a hot day with no A/C, because everyone’s complaining about the heat.  People are getting the paint in their hair and their hair in the paint.  One of the girl cyclists says, “I’m using a muscle in my arm I didn’t know existed.”  Jim/Misti (the dentists) and Kym/Alli (the cyclists) are 1st to finish their cherubs.  They get the next clue and find it’s for this leg’s pit stop, at an eighteenth-century villa.

The dentists win the leg and a trip to Jamaica.  The cyclists place 2nd.  Phil comments they’ve been battling for a few legs now.  He also tells them this is the 300th leg of TAR.

Maya/Amy, arriving from the opera, take 3rd place.  Right behind them are Brooke/Robbie, who place 4th.

Surfers Adam/Bethany finish re-painting the cherub on the church ceiling, and arrive at the pit stop in 5th place.  Maybe T/T shouldn’t have been so determined to grab the fourth spot at the church because obviously the painting took longer than the opera.  They finish their painting right after the surfers do, but they’re also right behind the surfers in getting to the check-in mat.

Phil tells the male couple they’re last and then, “However, this is a non-elimination leg.  Some time during the next leg of the race, you’ll encounter a speed bump.”

One of the guys replies, “If the dentists can do it, we can do it.”  Previews of next week show the teams travelling to Malta.




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