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The Amazing Race: Flashback, Season 13, New Zealand, Air Date 10/19/08

May 25th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

So the dating season of The Amazing Race is over and fans must make do with binge-watching previous seasons all summer, until season 27 begins next fall, exact date TBA.  Let’s pass the time with an occasional look back at a classic episode, starting with leg 4 of season 13.

Eight teams start the leg, all catching the same flight from La Paz, Bolivia, to Auckland, New Zealand.  Upon reaching Auckland, they have instructions to get in marked rental cars and drive about twelve miles to Gulf Harbor.  The contestants include:

  • Ken, a football player, who’s trying to patch up things up with his wife, Tina.
  • Mother-son team Toni/Dallas.
  • Brother-sister team Nick/Starr.
  • Frat cats Drew/Dan.
  • Kelly/Christie, “the Divorcees.”
  • Marisa/Brooke, “the Belles.”
  • Ty/Aja, young African-American “long distance” couple.
  • Young (white) couple Terrence/Sarah.

The next clue is hidden inside several large Gordian knots lying around the marina piers at Gulf Harbor. On the way, Ty/Aja are slowed down by a flat tire.  A Good Samaritan changes it for them.

Ken/Tina get the next clue first, Dan/Drew 2nd, Terrence/Sarah third.  The clue’s on a long piece of string, like a shoelace.  It reads, “Drive yourself to the summit of Mt. Eden.”  Host Phil Keoghan, in a voiceover, explains Mt. Eden, a volcano, is the highest point in New Zealand.

A Fast Forward is also hidden inside the knot. Ken/Tina and Dan/Drew both decide to try for it. It says to drive to the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere–the Auckland Sky Tower–climb the maintenance ladder to the radio antenna at the very top, and bring back down the Travelocity gnome  strapped up there. Ken/Tina reach the tower first.  When Dan/Drew arrive, they see the couple’s car, so they turn around and go to Mt. Eden.

Divorcees Kelly/Christie are 4th to get the knot clue, Toni and Dallas are 5th. On the way out, they pass Nick/Starr arriving–who look like they’re on the wrong side of the road. The brother-sister team are 6th to find a knot and get the next clue. Ty/Aja are 7th.

Terrence/Sarah are 1st to arrive at Mt. Eden. They find a clue for this leg’s roadblock. Hundreds of Maori tribesmen, all with elaborate face tattoos, are doing a tribal dance. One team member has to match a facial design to the dancer wearing it, so it’s a detail-oriented task. If the match is right, the dancer hands over the next clue envelope.  Terrence quickly finds a match.  He and Sarah are off to the next destination before any other team arrives.  Toni/Dallas are next to arrive, finish, and leave.

At the FF, Tina climbs the ladder, overcoming her fear of heights.  Ken unstraps the Travelocity gnome while the blinding antenna light blinks in his face. Having completed the FF, the couple get a ride in a helicopter to the pit stop,  Phil’s family farm, Summerhill.  Phil and his father greet the team and award them first place for this leg.  They win a trip to Brazil.

Belles Marisa/Brooke are taking a long time to find a Gordian knot.  They’re the eighth/last team to get the clue about Mt. Eden.

Dan/Drew are 3rd to the RB. Christie/Kelly, who couldn’t find the driving route up Mt. Eden, so decided they had to take the hiking trail up, are 4th. However, Christie is quicker to match a facial design with a dancer than Drew is.  Aja/Ty can’t find the route up the mtn. either, so they ask directions.

Terrence/Sarah are first to get to the destination after the RB.  It’s the rooftop observatory of a high-rise hotel.  Teams must use binoculars to scan the surrounding cityscape in search of any of several Travelocity gnomes.  When they spot one, they have to go and get the gnome, wherever it is. The young couple spot a gnome, and go to retrieve it. Toni/Dallas are 2nd to reach the rooftop observatory and the 2nd to spot a gnome. Teams find clues with these gnomes, that say drive to “Kiwi 360,” a giant sculpture of a slice of kiwi, near the town of Te Puki.

Back at the RB, Nick/Starr are 6th to arrive but Starr has trouble finding a match. She finishes around the time Aja/Ty arrive, and Aja starts trying to match a facial pattern with a dancer. About the time she gets the next clue, last-place stragglers Marisa/Brooke start.

Dan/Drew, Nick/Starr, Kelly/Christie, and Ty/Aja all spot a gnome from the observatory, find it wherever around the city it’s been placed, and start for the Kiwi 360 destination.  Marisa/Brooke, once again, are last.

Terrence/Sarah get to the Kiwi 360 sculpture, open a clue box, and find instructions for this leg’s detour.  One choice is:  go to a “blow-cart” track, assemble two blow-carts (sail-powered go-carts) and ride the carts for three laps around the track.

The other detour:  mash (stomp) enough kiwis to make 12 quarts of kiwi juice, and then have a drink of what you’ve mashed.  Everyone tries mashing the kiwis but only three teams complete the challenge.

Terrence/Sarah are 1st to arrive at the kiwi stomp. Toni/Dallas are 2nd. The kiwis are in giant canvas bags, instead of being in barrels the way grapes are.  People have to stomp barefoot.  The kiwis are hard and have sharp seeds, and people complain jagged stones are in the bags, too.  Making one or two gallons of juice would be hard, and people have to make three.

Terrence is complaining that his feet are being cut up.  He and Sarah keep unblocking the drain until they get a steady flow, which other teams may not be catching on to.  The couple get their three gallons of juice made, get to drink some of what they mashed, then they get their pit stop clue.  When they arrive at Summerhill, Phil tells them they’re 2nd.

Toni/Dallas get frustrated by how hard and slow the kiwi-stomping is (I don’t think they kept clearing the drain the way Terrence/Sarah did) so they switch detours.  Dan/Drew and Nick/Starr also try the kiwi-stomping but give up.  On the way out, Dan/Drew meet Christy/Kelly.  The frat cats think they’re playing a joke on the women, telling them it’s easy and fun.

Kelly/Christie start the kiwi-mashing and insist it really is easy and fun!  They’re getting exercise!  Their legs and feet are getting exfoliated!  They’re the second team that completes this challenge. They’re the 3rd team to reach the pit stop.

Toni/Dallas arrive at the blow-cart course and assemble their carts.  Nick/Starr and Dan/Drew arrive while Toni/Dallas are finishing. The mother-son team are the fourth team to reach the pit stop.

Some false drama erupts when Starr crashes her cart.  She thinks she broke her arm–but she didn’t.  Her arm hurts too much to drive, however, so Nick drives to the pit stop.  The brother-sister team place 5th.

Dan/Drew are still trying to put their carts together–gusty winds are making the masts and sails very hard to manage.  At the other detour, Ty/Aja are so discouraged with the kiwi-mashing, they switch.

Dan/Drew finish the blow-cart challenge and get to the pit stop.  Phil tells them they’re sixth.  “I didn’t think we were seventh!” exclaims one guy.

Darkness is falling and two teams could finish last.  Aja/Ty are putting together their carts and racing laps.  Marisa/Brooke are exhausted but are successfully stomping kiwis.  Aja/Ty place seventh.  The BFF Belles are eighth and are eliminated.



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