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The Amazing Race: Flashback, Season 16, Second Episode, Chile, Air Date 2/21/2010

September 4th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Now that the cast of The Amazing Race Season 27 has been announced and we’re looking forward to the premiere date of Fri. Sept. 25, let’s flash back to the second episode of season 16, when the cowboys rode a lucky break to first place.

Ten teams depart from the pit stop in Valparaiso, Chile, including:

  • Jet/Cord, brothers who are rodeo cowboys, and one of the most popular teams in TAR history
  • Jordan/Jeff, dating couple who previously appeared on Big Brother
  • Carol/Brandy, lesbian couple
  • Louie/Michael, policemen
  • Jordan/Dan, emotional brothers from New England, Jordan’s gay, Dan’s straight
  • Heidi/Joe, married couple
  • Caite/Brett, young dating couple who are both models
  • Pro baseball player/coach Steve Smith and his daughter Allie
  • Jody/Shannon, grandmother and granddaughter
  • Monique/Shawn, black women lawyers who are friends

First clue instructs all teams to catch a bus to Santiago, Chile, and then catch another bus to a third Chilean city, Puerto Varas.  Once teams are in Puerto Varas, they’re to pick up waiting rental cars and drive to a mountain resort hotel, Petrohue, by Todo Los Santos lake.

All teams catch the same bus to Santiago in the morning, but scramble to catch other buses to Puerto Varas. Carol/Brandy and Joe/Heidi get tickets for a bus that departs at 5:30 p.m. Joe/Heidi and Louie/Michael argue about places in line, setting up a feud between those teams. The next direct bus departs at 7:45 p.m. Steve/Allie, Dan/Jordan, Monique/Shawne, and Louie/Michael catch that bus.  Jodi/Shannon get a bus that departs at 8:45 p.m. and arrives at 9 a.m. and puts them in last place.

Some other teams start looking for other options. The cowboys find a bus route to the Chilean city of Temuco, and a man tells them they can catch a bus there at 7 p.m. that will take them to Puerto Varas. Couples Jordan/Jeff and Caite/Brett take the same connection to Temuco but they have tickets for a bus that departs at 6:30.

When teams get to the Temuco terminal about 6:20 in the evening, the cowboys ask at a ticket counter about switching to the 6:30 bus.  The ticket seller tells them that bus departs from another terminal.  They keep that under their cowboy hats, and can barely contain their glee as 6:30 comes and goes and there’s no 6:30 bus for the other two teams.

When the couples realize they’re supposed to be at another terminal, they jump in taxis and race over, but the 6:30 bus has left.  They race back–except now the cowboys and the 7 p.m. bus are taking off down the street.  The couples have to buy tickets for a 1 a.m. bus to Puerto Varas.

The cowboys are now in first place, a position they hold for the rest of the leg. They arrive in Puerto Varas in the middle of the night and drive to the Hotel Petrohue.  The trail they’re supposed to take doesn’t open until 7:30.  They sleep in their car and are still the only team waiting when the trail opens the next morning. Motorboats are waiting in the lake for each team, to drive them out to an island on the lake. Here a clue box is waiting, with the envelopes that contain the choices for this leg’s detour.

Carol/Brandy and Joe/Heidi are the next teams to arrive in Puerto Varas and drive to the hotel.  Their boats are taking them to the island as the cowboys’ boat is returning.  The second-place and third-place teams know there’s a team ahead of them, but they don’t know who.

Brent/Caite and Jeff/Jordan didn’t get delayed much when they missed the buses the night before. They arrive in Puerto Varas in 4th and 5th place.

The cowboys get to the island and see what this leg’s detour choices are.  Both involve Chilean animals:

  • Teams can put on a funny-looking waterproof condor costume for two people, run off a dock, and “fly” into the lake.
  • Teams can go to a llama corral, cut a llama from the herd, and dress it with a traditional scarf and blanket.

The cowboys, Carol/Brandy, and Joe/Heidi pick the llamas.  Caite/Brett and Big Brother team Jordan/Jeff pick the condor costume. When the next cluster of teams arrives, Steve/Allie jump in the lake but Monique/Shawn and policemen Louie/Michael pick the llamas.

Teams that pick the llamas take different approaches.  Two llamas run away from the cowboys.  Then one obligingly holds still for them.  Jet (black hat) says, “He was like, I wanna be your friend.” The cowboys get their clue for the next destination, and are driving to it, before any other team even starts the detour.

Joe/Heidi find a llama sleeping, so they put the scarf and blanket on it, putting them in 2nd place. Brandy/Carol corner a llama, dress it, and move into 3rd place.  Brent/Caite are in 4th place, Jordan/Jeff are in 5th place, and Steve/Allie are in 6th place after they jump in the lake.

Of the trailing teams, the policemen are first to the corral, but the black women are first to catch a llama and get it dressed, putting them in 7th place.  Louie and Michael finally use two branches to corner a llama and dress it. That puts them in 8th place. Brothers Jordan/Dan are lost, arguing, and trying to find the hotel. Jody/Shannon have just arrived in Puerto Varas.

The cowboys, running in 1st place, reach the next destination, a Chilean farm that makes a German cake called kuchen. For this leg’s roadblock, a person has to gather the ingredients for the cake:  milk a cup of milk from a cow, collect 13 eggs from the chicken coop, and then get flour, sugar and butter from the pantry. Once the racer performing the RB presents the ingredients to one of the farm’s bakers, the team gets the next clue.

Cord (white hat) completes the RB and the cowboys get the clue for the pit stop.  They’re instructed to drive back to Puerto Varas and find Gruta de la Virgin, a park by a church. They’re first to reach the mat.  They win a pair of sailboats.

Joe/Heidi and Carol/Brandy are the next teams to complete the RB. The hardest part of the RB is milking the cows.  People have to avoid getting kicked (several are) and also avoid cow manure.  Caite/Brett and the Big Brother couple are the 4th and 5th teams to complete the RB. Steve/Allie are 7th.  Monique/Shawn are 8th.

Brothers Jordan/Dan finally make it to the detour.  They choose the llamas.  So do Jody/Shannon, the grandmother-granddaughter team, who arrive at almost the same time. The brothers move quickly and throw a blanket and a scarf on a llama. Shannon, the granddaughter, captures a baby llama with one of the scarves.  She holds the scarf and ties it on the baby, while her grandmother puts the blanket on the baby’s back.

Joe/Heidi are the second team to hit the mat. Carol/Brandy are right behind them. Brent/Caite finish 4th.

Louie/Michael drive right by the farm and continue into Puerto Varas.  There they encounter Big Brother couple Jordan/Jeff, who are searching for the pit stop. The couple tell the policemen that the farm is 19 miles back the way they came.  The cops have to backtrack.

The black women, Monique/Shawne, are 5th to the pit stop.  Jordan/Jeff are 6th. Steve/Allie are 7th.

Brothers Dan/Jordan get to the RB, followed by Jody/Shannon. Dan/Jordan finish ahead of the women, who are still at the RB when Louie/Michael arrive. The police finish the RB ahead of the women. The men race to their car and race to the pit stop:  one yells, “Let’s drive it like we stole it!”

Dan/Jordan, the New England brothers, are the 8th team to the pit stop. Louie/Michael are 9th.  Jody/Shannon are 10th, last, and eliminated.  When the grandmother-granddaughter team were cast, they may have been expected to be a female counterpart to Nick/Don, the grandfather/grandson team that competed in season 12.  Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way.



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