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Survivor: Season 31, 3rd Episode, 10/7/15

October 8th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

During Season 31 of Survivor, the first two contestants to leave have gone out for complicated reasons. The first vote was between Vytas and Abi, and Vytas went out partly because some of the women in the Takao tribe didn’t like him. By the second tribal council, six people were suddenly on Abi’s side and aligned against Spencer and Shirin. Something about how those two picked on poor little Abi, when half the tribe would have nothing to do with her the day before. Spencer survived the vote. Shirin didn’t.

After Takao’s second tribal council:  Terry, who told Spencer he wanted to work with him on the first day, now he says he wants Spencer out, for obscure reasons.

Day 7: Jeff calls the tribes together and tells them, “drop your buffs.” He says six people will be on three new tribes, depending on the color of the buffs they draw. The new buffs are wrapped up in packages and everyone draws them from a tray Jeff passes around. Jeff says, “Reveal.”

Here are the new configurations (I think, although I’m not sure where a couple of background players ended up). All three tribes are split between four of one tribe and two of another:

Takao, with blue-green buffs, is now Kass, Keith, Kimmi, Joe, Terry Dietz, and Kelley Wentworth.  They’re sent back to the Takao camp.

Bayon, with fuchsia buffs, is now Jeremy, Kelly Wigglesworth, Spencer Bledsoe, Stephen “Wizard” Fishbach, Ciera, and Monica. They’re sent back to the Bayon camp.

Angkor is the new tribe, with yellow buffs. Its members are Jeff Varner, Woo, Peih-Gee, Abi, Andrew Savage, and Tash. They’re sent to a new location with no shelter and no supplies.

At the Takao camp, the first thing Kelley Wentworth does is tell the former Bayon members that Terry Dietz spent all his time trying to find an immunity idol, which isn’t true. She does it to turn suspicion away from her, since she’s the one secretly holding an immunity idol.

At every camp the majority foursome is plotting against the two newcomers.

Day 8:  The original Bayon foursome splits up and goes idol-hunting before the newcomers have a chance to go idol-hunting. Jeremy finds the clue, that tells him it’s on one of the trunks at the next immunity challenge.

Tribes are summoned to an immunity challenge. Jeff tells them it’s a revival of the first immunity challenge during the “Brawn, Brains, and Beauty” season. He reminds them how back then, Spencer, Tash, and Kass were on the “Brains” tribe together and lost–miserably. He points out that the three contestants are now on three tribes. Two will find redemption, one won’t.

Jeremy succeeds in grabbing an idol off a trunk without anyone noticing.

Kass’ team finishes first. Spencer’s team finishes second. Tash’s team not only loses, they have a falling out immediately afterward. Jeff Varner sends a signal of some kind to one of his former tribe mates–and Tash immediately sees an opening and calls him a rat. Suddenly the other five are all looking at Jeff.

Back at the Angkor camp strategies and counter-strategies fly. Peih-Gee and Abi revive their feud and will have nothing to do with each other. At the tribal council there are two votes for Abi and four for Peih-Gee.  Looks like Woo was the only tribe member who remained an ally of Peih-Gee.

Next episode:  Andrew Savage is finding his camp to be much like his original season–just like then, there’s no food supply to be found. He says he’d like to at least make the jury, since he was blocked from doing even that much on the Pearl Islands season.

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