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The Amazing Race: Season 27, 3rd Leg, Still in Argentina, 10/9/15

October 10th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

As nine teams begin the third leg of The Amazing Race, Season 27, they get clues to travel by bus from Buenos Aires, Argentina, out to a small town in the rural Pampas, and gaucho country. Pick-up trucks for each team are waiting at the town’s bus terminal. Each team gets a ride in the back of a truck, to the site of the roadblock, where they’ll prepare meat for grilling the way the gauchos do. In order of departure the teams are:

  • Justin/Diana, who haven’t been wearing their green spangles since the first leg. They’re wearing green bandanas, though, and the other teams call them the Green Team.
  • Tanner/Josh, Team Texas–Tanner’s running on a bad hamstring. He pulled it racing to the pit stop on the 2nd leg.
  • James Earl and Denise, a young gay man and his mother.
  • Logan/Chris, couple who camera-hunt celebs for a living.
  • Rick, a doctor, and his wife, Cindy, a dentist.
  • NFL cheerleaders Tiffany/Krista.
  • Kelsey/Joey, couple who are TV reporters.
  • Jazmine/Danielle, track-and-field athletes.
  • Ernest/Jin, breakdancing brothers.

Tanner/Josh and Kelsey/Joey (they jumped several slots between the pit stop and the bus station) catch the first bus. The guys tell the reporters about a plan to U-turn Justin/Diana. Whoever U-turns them will be rewarded with the express pass Team Texas is carrying. Then Justin/Diana–who were on a connecting bus–get on the first bus, too.

Five other teams bunch up on a second bus. Ernest/Jin, who left at least a half-hour behind everyone else, have to catch a third bus.

The first three teams reach the RB site, where they have to prepare two racks of lamb and one rack of ribs for fire-roasting. Once they complete the task, a gaucho grill-master will give them a clue envelope along with a roasted rack of lamb. They’ll have to get back in their pick-up and ride to a gaucho party, where they’ll deliver the lamb.

Justin is 1st to start the RB but the Texans and TV reporters finish the RB in 1st and 2nd place.  The five teams from the second bus arrive. Rick/Cindy finish the RB 3rd. Justin/Diana slip to 4th place, and Justin is frustrated about that.

When teams reach the party and deliver the lamb, they get their next clue envelope. It contains detour choices:  “Horse” or “Carriage.” Teams have to start by choosing either a polo mallet (for “Horse”) or a buggy whip (for “Carriage”). There’s six of each–only six teams may do one detour.

Team Texas, Team Green Bandanas, and the TV reporters all pick “Horse.” For this detour teams must first change into polo uniforms. Then they have to dress an artificial horse for polo–put on the bridle and saddle, and wrap the legs. A polo player stands nearby with a real horse dressed in polo gear to serve as a model. Once the polo player approves teams’ work, the racers wheel their artificial horse dressed in polo gear back to the party.

Cindy the dentist and Rick the doctor pick “Carriage.” They have to go to a place that carriages are kept, and first change into gaucho costumes.  The carriages are kept outdoors, so they first have to clean one up–dust it off. Then they push and pull it a considerable distance to where a driver and two-horse team are waiting. The driver hitches up the horses and gives the TAR team a ride back to the party.

Cindy/Rick get to the carriages–and find out they forgot to pick up a buggy whip at the party. They have to go back and get it.

Back at the RB James Earl and his mother finish 5th, the track-and-field athletes, 6th, Logan/Chris, 7th, and the cheerleaders, 8th. Ernest/Jin haven’t caught up yet.

For the detour Denise and James Earl pick “Horse.” So do Jazmine/Danielle. When Logan/Chris become the 6th team to pick “Horse,” that means the remaining teams must choose “Carriage.”

Tanner/Josh have their horse dressed except they’re not sure about the chain on the bridle. Does it go in the horse’s mouth or under its chin?  Under the chin!  They’re the first team to finish either detour.

Ernest/Jin make it to the RB. One of them wonders if the meat’s turkey. (He must be a true city boy not to know the difference between lamb and turkey.)

Team Texas gets their artificial horse wheeled to the party. When they do, they get a clue envelope that turns out to be for this leg’s pit stop. It says to travel on foot to a nearby gaucho museum. They ask directions and some locals point them off down the road, and tell them to cross a bridge.

Justin/Diana are 2nd to finish the detour and get the clue to the pit stop. There’s a footrace but Team Texas wins, even with one bad hamstring. The prize for winning the leg is a trip to Cambodia.

These teams have been bitter rivals ever since that busted bike chain on the first day. Phil tells them there’s a double U-turn on the next leg. Justin says if the Texans U-turn him and Diana, they’ll just U-turn whoever is behind them, and if you U-turn a team, you’d better make sure they get eliminated.

Kelsey/Joey are the third team to finish the “Horse” detour. Jazmine/Danielle are the 4th. The two teams reach the pit stop in that order.

James Earl and Denise are the 5th team to get to the pit stop. “However,” Phil tells them, they’ve incurred a 30-min. penalty. James was doing the RB when Denise yelled directions at him. That’s against the rules.

Logan/Chris deliver their polo horse to the party. They get to the mat while Denise/James Earl are waiting out their penalty. That makes the photographers 5th and the mother-son team 6th.

The cheerleaders arrive at the party and get a buggy whip, since “Carriage” is the only detour available. About this time Ernest/Jin finish the RB.

Cindy/Rick get their carriage ride back to the party. They get to the pit stop in 7th place. Their blunder with the buggy whip cost them several slots.

Tiffany/Krista get their carriage ready but they left their buggy whip back where they changed into costumes. They have to go back for it. They’re finishing the “Carriage” detour as Jin/Ernest are starting it. The brothers complain about how dusty their carriage is.  “Take it to a carwash!” one says.

Krista/Tiffany are the 8th team to make it to the pit stop. Ernest/Jin are 9th, last, and eliminated.








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