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Survivor: Season 31, 4th Episode, 10/14/15

October 15th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

With this season’s Survivor players divided between three tribes, three strong male players are in danger. Terry Dietz and Spencer Bledsoe are at the bottom in their tribes, and Andrew Savage remains in a precarious position.

At Angkor Savage survived the last tribal council, but will his tribe allow him to remain in charge? While his tribe struggles with their position in the game, they also struggle with food and shelter.

At Bayon Spencer hopes to advance by plotting against Kelly Wiglesworth, but Monica is plotting against Spencer. Jeremy, who has an immunity idol, pretends to Stephen Fishbach that he doesn’t.

At Takao Kelley Wentworth thinks Kass is secretly making a phony immunity idol, but it turns out Kass was making Kelley a little trinket for her birthday instead.

Reward Challenge: Jeff calls the tribes together and tells them to pick one person from each team to do the entire challenge–a “hero” challenge, he calls it. Terry steps up for Takao, Andrew for Angkor, and Jeremy for Bayon. The men have to make three trips into the surf, retrieving three bean bags, and use a catapult to get the bags into a net. First man to finish wins a big BBQ feast for his tribe. The second man to finish, gets a smaller supply of food. The third man gets nothing.

Andrew Savage wins first place. Terry Dietz takes second. Back at camp Angkor agrees that now they’ve had a good meal, they have a good chance of winning immunity:

Immunity Challenge: In a revival of a challenge from Survivor Season 8, the first all-star season, teams pick a caller and the other members are blindfolded. The caller directs the others to pick up more than a dozen massive puzzle pieces scattered across the beach, then teammates can take off the blindfolds and put together a giant cube puzzle. First and second team to finish win immunity.

Angkor quickly loses all the energy they gained from eating. By the end of the challenge, they’re collectively exhausted and can only stare blankly at their puzzle pieces. Jeff dropped one of the giant puzzle pieces on his toe, and his little toe is well-bandaged afterwards. It looks like he got some medical attention that wasn’t shown on-screen. It’s no major injury, given the history of Survivor mishaps, but he knows he’s vulnerable. It’s not just because of the injury, it’s because Tash in particular still wants him out after she labeled him a “rat” a few days earlier.

Jeff and Woo determine that Abi is now in an alliance with Tash and Savage, so the vote has to be between the two of them. Funny how nobody suggests getting rid of Abi, so somebody must think she’s still useful.

Woo has a reputation as a challenge beast, so he could help win the next challenge, but the rest of the team’s already calculating his usefulness (or lack of usefulness) after the merge. He also has a reputation as a loyal player but he hasn’t been loyal to Abi.

Jeff was the team caller at the immunity challenge, and his calling wasn’t why they lost. However, he may be of limited use in challenges now that his toe is going to slow him down for a while.

At tribal council Jeff and Woo make their pleas to Abi. (If they’d just vote out Abi, they wouldn’t have this problem.) She votes for Jeff, along with everyone except Jeff, who votes for Woo. Abi survived three tribal councils in large part because of Jeff, but now she’s the one who votes him out. He is one of the more expendable players this season–but the simple decision here was to vote out Abi.

Even given Jeff’s bad toe, it’s Abi who’s useless in challenges and is the source of much strife around camp. How much longer the others will continue to find her a useful pawn is one of this season’s ongoing plot lines.





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