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Survivor: Season 31, Episode 5, 10/21/15

October 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Night 11 of Suvivor Season 31 finds Jeff Varner voted out of the Angkor tribe, meaning Tasha and Andrew have done what few Survivor contestants have been able to do–move from the bottom to the top of their tribe.

Later at Angkor (yellow buffs) Tasha tells the camera she’s tired of putting up with Abi, and Woo’s somebody who’ll take marching orders, which Abi won’t. So maybe Abi’s run is close to over–but it’s going to depend on who gets immunity.

Day 12 at Bayon (fuschia buffs) Monica and Kimmy the Vegetarian have an argument while clamming. (Kimmy’s a vegetarian, but remember in Season 2 in Australia, when she said she could eat a worm. That would comply with a rule about eating things without faces. She must be able to eat clams because they don’t have faces.)

At Takeo (blue-green buffs) five members agree to be the final five:  Keith, Kass, Kelley Wentworth, Ciera, and Joe. That leaves Terry Dietz out. If Takeo loses immunity, Terry’s going to be in trouble.

Reward challenge:

Teams of three roll a fourth person in a barrel between three stations where bags of balls hang.  At each station the barrel person gets out, then while presumably dizzy from the rolling, has to climb the post and retrieve the bag. When the team has all three bags, they then select a bowler to bowl the balls into a formation. First team to get all the balls into the formation, wins comfort and food. The second tribe wins a tarp. The third tribe wins nothing.

Woo rolls in the barrel for Angkor and also bowls. Kelley Wentworth’s in the barrel for Takeo, but Keith does the bowling. Monica’s in the barrel for Bayon but Jeremy bowls. Keith and Woo pull way ahead, and Keith finishes first. Spencer swaps out with Jeremy and almost wins. It’s down to the last ball but Woo still finishes 2nd.

Immunity challenge

Teams send one team member at a time up ladders to a catapult. Every team member has to take at least one turn shooting balls from the catapult at scattered targets. As each target gets hit, a flag pops up. First two teams to hit all their targets win immunity. Angkor wins their first immunity challenge, partly because of a key assist from Stephen Fishbach, who sent a ball so wide of his target that it hit the other team’s. Takao also hits all their targets.

That means Bayon is going to their first tribal council ever. Spencer Bledsoe and Kelly Wiglesworth, who joined during the three-way merge, are the only members who’ve gone to one of this season’s tribal councils before, and they appear to be the most likely targets. Can either survive?

Before tribal council consensus is to vote off KellyWiglesworth, as three players agree to vote for her. There’s not much discussion of voting off Spencer, and it probably has to do with him being good at challenges.

Just when it looks like Season One Kelly will make a shockingly early exit, however, Monica tells Season Two Kim that she’d rather have an all-girl alliance. Monica’s loose lips look like they sunk her own ship. The Kelly consensus turns into a Kelly-or-Monica debate.

Kim’s still smarting from that argument about the clams, and she tells Jeremy and Stephen that Monica’s a potential flipper, given that she argued about wanting an all-girl alliance, so it’s better to vote her off. Stephen’s reluctant, however, to vote off one of the original Bayon members.

At tribal council the discussion again appears to center on a vote for Spencer vs. a vote for Kelly. When the votes are counted, however, Spencer gets one vote, Season One Kelly gets two, and–Monica gets three. She’s leaves as this season’s first true blindside.



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