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The Voice: Season 9, Who’s Top Twelve, 11/11/15

November 12th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

After Wed. night’s results show, we now know the singers in the top twelve on The Voice, Season 9. Coaches/judges Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine will field three singers each to compete for viewers’ votes starting next Monday. Two contestants on each team are chosen by viewers’ votes. Then the coach/judge must cut all but one of his/her remaining team members. Here’s what happened:

Team Gwen

Voted through: Jeffrey Austin and Braiden Sunshine

Coach’s selection:  Korin Bukowski

Analysis:  Jeffrey emerges as Team Gwen’s frontrunner but the fact that he’s gay may not play in the Red States. Braiden’s been spotty and Gwen’s given him some poor song choices. Korin’s bombed twice in a row but Gwen kept her over Viktor Kiraly and Regina Love. Gwen must just personally prefer to coach Korin, because the team coach probably wouldn’t have made this choice if she’d been thinking of winning.

Team Blake

Voted through:  Barrett Baber and Zach Seabaugh

Coach’s selection:  Emily Ann Roberts

Analysis:  Baber and Seabaugh give Blake two chances to win–look for both of them to make the finale. Then our five-time Voice winner had to go and spoil his chance for a third person at the end when he picked frightfully amateurish Roberts. He certainly wasn’t thinking of winning when he passed over Ivonne Acero, who at least sang well–which can’t be said for Roberts. He also cut Morgan Fraizer, who at least has more experience than Roberts.

Team Pharrell

Voted through:  Evan McKeel and Madi Davis

Coach’s selection:  Mark Hood

Analysis:  Pharrell doesn’t look to have a good chance to win this season. His two strongest team members were Hood and Darius Scott but neither attracted sufficient votes. (It’s possible they canceled each other out.) Since Hood wasn’t voted through, the chances for him going deep look slim. As for Davis, she’s obviously gained some fans but probably not ones with demanding tastes. Her best hope for staying around for several rounds is that Roberts and Bukowski get voted out sooner. That leaves McKeel, who’s got his work cut out against Austin, Baber, and Seabaugh.

Team Adam

Voted through:  Jordan Smith and Shelby Brown

Coach’s selection:  Amy Vachal

Analysis:  Either Smith proves worthy of his hype or Team Adam disappears early this season. Vachal needing a save is evidence she doesn’t have the votes to win, and for both her and Brown, their lack of versatility will eventually catch up with them.

Predictions:  Smith, Austin, Seabaugh, Baber, McKeel—one of these guys is the Season 9 Voice champ, and I’m betting Blake scores his sixth Voice trophy.

Note for next season:  Let’s reverse the order that team results are announced. Adam’s team is always last, leaving Adam to procrastinate about his final selection while host Carson Daly’s pushing him for a name before sign-off. Let’s put Blake in that tight spot for a change.

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