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The Amazing Race: Season 27, India, 11/20/15

November 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Consensus among fans appears that season 27 of The Amazing Race may feature the weakest cast ever. Bickersons Justin/Diana (the Green Team) are winning all legs but two so far, and the other teams don’t show much ability to be competitive or even engaging. It’s similar to season 20, when Bickersons Rachel/Dave won nine legs including the final one, but at least that season also included fan favorites Brenchel (Team Big Brother), schemers Art/JJ (Team Border Patrol) and Kentuckians Mark/Bopper. This season lacks even that level of drama.

As this leg begins, the final six teams take the same flight from Krakow, Poland to New Delhi, India. Their clues instruct them that once in New Delhi, they’re to take a train to Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located. Once off the train, they’ll all catch taxis (the type of vehicle called a tuk tuk, similar to a golf cart) to the banks to the Yamina river.

Teams competing:  Justin/Diana, Logan/Chris (a second team of Bickersons), Denise/James (mother-son), Tiffany/Krista (NFL cheerleaders), dating co-workers Kelsey/Joey, and Josh/Tanner (Team Texas). The male team came in last on the previous leg after they proved themselves to be true Texas gentlemen and let the ladies get to the mat first. They’ll have to do a speed bump on this leg, and the other teams know it.

Teams also know there’s a U-turn on this leg. Logan/Chris tell Diana/Justin the cheerleaders tried to U-turn them on a previous leg, but when the Green Team ask the girls about it, they deny it. There appears to be the possibility of somebody using the U-turn as revenge here.

All teams get to the riverbank at essentially the same time and begin this leg’s roadblock. Host Phil Keoghan explains, via a soundbyte, that this location is a laundry where people wash clothes in tubs and then stretch them out to dry in an area that’s about the size of six football fields. For the RB, a racer has to wash about a dozen saris in the tubs and then stretch them out to dry. Each sari also has to be folded and knotted a certain way before going into the washtub.

Besides being the RB, the laundry also serves as Josh/Tanner’s speed bump. Once one guy finishes a load of laundry, his teammate has to do a load, too. Racers estimate doing this RB takes about an hour, so having it double as a speed bump makes it one of the most brutal, time-consuming speed bumps in TAR history.

While doing the RB, Tanner asks if any of the others aren’t going to U-turn him and Josh. Nobody else offers much assurance.

Joey gets the RB done first. Logan/Chris are 2nd. Diana is 3rd. The cheerleaders are 4th.

The next clue directs teams to a small temple in the city where they receive a blessing from a holy man, and then they get this leg’s detour clue. Teams have their choice between “Cans” and “Candy.” Both involve types of deliveries.

For “Cans,” teams load up a bicycle with 120 square-shaped cans for cooking oil. One team member rides the bike and the other balances the load through the streets to a cooking oil company, where together they unload the bike.

For “Candy,” there’s some kind of Indian candy made from pieces of a large greenish pumpkin–like a giant white squash. Teams go to a factory that makes the candy. They cut enough pieces to make about 90 lb. of candy, then deliver boxes of finished candy to a candy store.

Kelsey/Joey are first to get the detour clue. They chose the cans. Logan/Chris are second and they choose the candy. Diana/Justin are 3rd and they choose the cans.

Back at the detour, Denise has been dropping clean clothes and dragging them in the dirt, but she finishes the RB. Tanner finishes, too, but that means Josh has to start it.

The cheerleaders and the mother-son team pick the “candy” detour. So do the Texans, when they finally reach the detour.

Justin/Diana are first to finish either detour. The next clue directs them to the location of the U-turn board. The front-running Green Team catches a taxi (a tuk tuk) but their driver has trouble finding the location. They still get to the U-turn board before anyone else but decline to U-turn anybody. (Justin may be following the advice he gave earlier, “Don’t U-turn somebody unless you know they’re going home” and who’s going home is always hard to predict.)

Kelsey/Joey are 2nd to reach the U-turn board. They U-turn Team Texas, which is probably not the best strategy. (They may want to eliminate a strong team, but what about keeping a team that’s friendly with them and can help them compete against the Green Team?)

Logan/Chris bicker their way through the detour and the tuk tuk ride but are 3rd to reach the U-turn board.

At the U-turn board, teams pick up the next clue, for the pit stop. It says to find Phil in a hidden garden (the Moonlight Garden) near the Taj Mahal. For the sixth time this season, Diana/Justin win the leg. The prize for winning this leg:  a trip to Hawaii. Kelsey/Joey place 2nd and Logan/Chris, 3rd.

Denise and her son James are the 4th team to finish either detour. Krista/Tiffany are fifth, but Josh/Tanner work fast and are right behind. When the mother-son team get the clue for the pit stop, their driver takes them to the wrong garden. They run around looking for a while before they decide to try another place. Then they go to another garden. and run around it looking some more. It’s the wrong garden, too.

The girls get to the U-turn board and are very unhappy that Kelsey/Joey used the U-turn on the Texans. With the mother-son team being delayed, the cheerleaders get to the mat in 4th place.

The guys get to the U-turn board and get the bad news. They double back and quickly complete delivering the cans. The mother-son team finally find the right garden–after catching a second taxi ride–so they take fifth place. Denise checks her Fit Bit and says she ran eleven miles.

That leaves Josh/Tanner to straggle to the mat and get the news from Phil that they’re eliminated. Phil says, “Your only chance would have been if someone else had U-turned Justin and Diana.” That’s not exactly true. The men would have had a better chance if anybody else had been U-turned or no one was. Now if Diana/Justin had U-turned the cheerleaders for U-turning them, or Logan/Chris had U-turned the cheerleaders for lying, or if Kelsey/Joey had made a strategic decision targeting another team, the leg would have been much more interesting.




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