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The Amazing Race: Season 27, Final Five, India, 11/27/15

December 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Teams begin the tenth episode of The Amazing Race, Season 27, in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. (Quick, what other season of TAR featured the Taj Mahal?  Season One, right!). The first clue says to travel by tuk tuk (a small electric taxi that resembles a golf cart) to a particular address at a local bazaar. Justin/Diana (the bickering Green Team) are first to depart, a familiar position for them. They later talk about how, if they win the last two legs, they’ll break the record set by Dave/Rachel in Season 20.

Kelsey/Joey (Santa Barbara TV personalities who are dating) depart 2nd. Logan/Chris (like Justin/Diana, a bickering dating couple) are 3rd and Chris complains he’s fighting through being sick to his stomach. Krista/Tiffany (former pro cheerleaders) are 4th. Denise and her son James Earl (they bicker, too) are last.

Diana/Justin get to the bazaar 1st and find a roadblock, which Justin performs.  Using an air pump, he has to blow up several dozen balloons, and pack them in a large net bag so they can be decorations at a massive Hindu wedding party. Then he has to load the bagful of balloons on the back of a bicycle, and pedal through city streets to the wedding. He delivers the balloons to the wedding planner, who hands over the next clue. Then the racer has to pedal back to his teammate.

Joey/Kelsey are 2nd to the RB, and Joey starts blowing up balloons. Logan/Chris are 3rd. They bicker their way through the RB–Logan blows up balloons and blows up at Chris.

Teams have received information there’s a U-turn on this leg. There  were already two legs with U-turns this season, and no season of TAR has ever featured a third U-turn before. Justin and Joey talk openly about U-turning Logan/Chris, apparently not caring whether Logan/Chris overhear or not.

Justin is first to finish the RB. The next clue tells him and Diana to take a tuk tuk to the Goyal Book Store, where they find this leg’s much-discussed U-turn board. The Green Team U-turn Logan/Chris. Later there’s some explanation that the Green Team didn’t want Logan/Chris to U-turn the cheerleaders or the mother-son team.

At the U-turn board, teams pick up clues that provide this leg’s detour choices. After bringing balloons to the massive outdoor wedding, teams now have the choice to “Bring the Groom” (there are several grooms for several brides) or “Bring the Fun.”

Justin/Diana choose “Bring the Fun.” They have to provide a carnival ride for the children who are among the guests at the wedding. They go fetch a ride that’s like a gondola on a swing, and wheel it about half a mile to the wedding. Then they load the ride up with eight kids and push them for a certain length of time.

Night is settling in. Kelsey/Joey are second to complete the RB and pick up their detour clue. They select “Bring the Groom.” The bridegroom’s procession includes people carrying several very large electrical candelabras to light the way, and a portable generator that moves along to supply power. The candelabras are obviously very heavy, and one teammate has to carry one a considerable distance. The other person has to start up the generator, also very heavy, and wheel it along. Once the procession arrives at the wedding, the team escorts the groom to meet his bride. (The couples appear to be actual couples. Maybe there was a contest for couples to get married on the show.)

Back at the RB Tiffany is trying to deliver her balloons. While she’s riding the bike, some passing guy grabs at her net and tears it open. Her balloons go all over the street. She’s practically in tears.  Commercial break!

Back from the commercial break:  Tiffany’s thanking the wedding planner for her clue envelope. There’s no further explanation. Apparently he gave her the clue anyway, but it’s not clear.

James Earl is the only person still doing the RB. He and his mother arrived last, and he had a badly tangled net, which put him further behind.

Logan/Chris see the U-turn board with their picture on it. They decide to do the carnival ride first because it’s closer. They argue their way though it.

Tiffany/Krista reach the U-turn board and choose to bring a groom. “Hopefully he’s cute!” one of the girls says.

By now Justin/Diana have finished giving eight children a carnival ride. They get the next clue, which says, “Search the party for Phil.” They find him in a secluded area. They win $5000 each, along with their seventh first-place finish.

Kelsey/Joey present a groom to his bride, and find Phil. He tells them they’re in 2nd place, only minutes behind the Green Team.

Krista/Tiffany start marching in a wedding procession. Logan/Chris come close behind, marching with another wedding procession. The mother-son team straggle along in last place with their wedding procession. James Earl suggests Denise push the generator, which he thinks is lighter than the candelabra.

That’s the way this leg ends. The cheerleaders get flirty with their groom while presenting him to his bride. They’re the third team to find Phil. They’re still at the mat when Logan/Chris arrive, in 4th place despite being U-turned. James Earl and his mother are close behind, but they’re last and eliminated.

Previews of next week tease that the Green Team’s getting in big trouble.  They’re overdue for a bad leg and it looks like it’s coming.







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