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The Amazing Race: Season 27, Final Four in Hong Kong, 12/4/15

December 7th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Down to the final four–and then final three, of The Amazing Race Season 27!  As the eleventh episode begins, four teams remain:  Diana/Justin (the dominant and domineering Green Team), Kelsey/Joey (TV reporters who are dating), Krista/Tiffany (former pro cheerleaders), and Logan/Chris (dating “Paparazzi” with clashing, aggressive personalities). They leave the poverty of India behind, all flying on the same plane to the luxury of Hong Kong. The Peninsula, a luxury hotel, sends a fleet of dark green Rolls Royce Phantoms to meet teams at the airport and chauffeur them to the hotel.

Krista/Tiffany are the 1st team to arrive at the hotel, where teams pick up clues for a detour. The choices are “Sam’s” (a world-famous tailor who makes suits for presidents and royalty) or “cells” (sorting through used cell phones at a street vendor’s stall).

The cheerleaders pick the tailor shop. So do Joey/Kelsey and Logan/Chris. They go to Sam’s store and pick up an order for a suit, which they carry to his workshop. They then have to cut the fabric to make the suit jacket. Once a tailor has approved their work, they pick up a finished suit and carry it back to the shop.

Justin/Diana choose to look for a cell phone. They travel to a vendor’s stall, marked with red and gold race colors.  They then have to dig through baskets and baskets of hundreds of used cell phones, until they find one that still works. When they find it, they use it to call a number and get a recorded message about what address to deliver the phone to.

The Green Team are the first to finish their task, finding a phone quickly. However, they’re not yet finished with the detour. After calling to get the delivery address, they grab a cab and show the address to the driver. Instead of driving them to the address, he drives them to a hotel a considerable distance away (around half an hour, Justin estimates). At the hotel there are some people who know the address–and tell the team it was within walking distance of the vendor’s stall. By the time Justin/Diana finish delivering the phone to the proper address, they’re in last place.

At the tailor’s workshop, the girls are the first team to finish cutting the fabric and delivering a finished suit. Kelsey/Joey are 2nd. Logan/Chris cut their fabric wrong and have to do it a 2nd time. That puts them in last place for this task. They’d be in last place overall if not for Diana/Justin and their blunder with a taxi.

After the detour, teams’ next clue says to take a taxi to the turbojet ferry terminal from Hong Kong to Macau. The problem:  there’s another turbojet ferry that runs from Kowloon to Macau, and that terminal is closer to where the racers are doing their detours. When Diana/Justin ask a man for directions, he tells them the Kowloon ferry is closer. They think they’ve gained an advantage. (They neglected to read their clue carefully enough–it couldn’t happen to a “nicer” team, right?)

Krista/Tiffany, Kelsey/Joey, and Logan/Chris all catch the same Hong Kong ferry to Macau, and wonder where Diana/Justin are. They’re on the ferry from Kowloon to Macau and slightly behind, but the other teams don’t know that.

Once off the ferry in Macau, the three front-running teams travel to the House of Dancing Water, an extravagant water show that’s being used for this leg’s roadblock. One team member must participate in the show. Krista, Logan, and Kelsey all put on pirate-like swimsuits and (waterproof) make-up, which takes some time to get on and off. As part of the show, they must dive off a 30-ft. platform, then search underwater for artificial goldfish. If they find a fish, they give it to a fisherman in Chinese costume, who’s paddling a raft. In return he gives them the next clue envelope.

Visibility’s poor underwater, so the fish are hard to find. If the women can’t find a fish and get it to the fisherman before the show ends, they have to wait and participate in the next show, and keep doing so until they find a fish.

Logan and Kelsey retrieve a fish before the first show’s over. Krista doesn’t. She has to do it again.

The fisherman’s clue is for this leg’s pit stop–take a taxi to a nearby artificial lake, Nam Van, out on the end of an artificial peninsula. The mat and the show’s host, Phil, will be at the end of the wharf. Logan and Kelsey get in their street clothes, then they and their teammates jump in taxis and race to the lake.

Logan/Chris are first to the mat, and win a trip to Peru. Kelsey/Joey place 2nd–again. Those two teams will be in the finale. Some recent seasons have advanced four teams to the finale, but not this time. Everyone waits to see who the third team will be–Diana/Justin or Krista/Tiffany.

Back at the RB, Justin/Diana arrive. Diana changes into her diving costume but she’s too late for the 2nd show. Krista does the 2nd show and still doesn’t find a fish. Krista and Diana participate in the 3rd show. Diana finds a fish and gets the pit stop clue. Krista still doesn’t find a fish, so she’ll have to do a fourth show.

Justin/Diana take a taxi to the Nam Van wharf, and the other teams’ faces fall as they see the Green Team running to the mat. Phil tells them they’re the third team to arrive, however, they’ve incurred a penalty. He docks them 30 min. for taking the Kowloon ferry instead of the Hong Kong ferry. Not only that, they gained a 25-min. advantage by taking the wrong ferry, so he docks them that, too.

Team Green must sit and wait 55 min. to see if the female team will sneak into third place. Justin figures out the time, and says Krista will have to fail the RB at least twice more, considering the taxi from the show to the wharf will take about 10 min.

At the RB Krista’s in tears. For the 4th time, she fails to find a fish. Tiffany comforts her. Krista finds a fish on her fifth try. The girls catch a cab, and Justin/Diana have about 40 min. left to wait.

The same thing happens to the girls that happened to Justin/Diana.  Their taxi takes them far out of their way. They catch a 2nd cab, while the Green Team has about 12 min. left.

The girls’ cab drops them off near the wharf.  Too late–Phil is saying, “Justin and Diana, you can come to the mat now.” He checks them in, making them officially the third team in the finale. Minutes later, the cheerleaders arrive. Phil explains Justin and Diana were waiting out a penalty and “we were counting the minutes,” but the time did just run out. Krista/Tiffany are eliminated. Preview of the finale shows teams racing around New York.




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