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Survivor: Season 31, Final Eight, 12/2/15

December 9th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Featured players:  Jeremy, Spencer, Tasha, Kimmi, Kelley Wentworth, Abi-Maria, Joe, Keith.

Last Time on Survivor

Back-to-back episodes covered Night 24 to Night 29, from the final ten to the final eight. First Ciera was voted out because Jeremy used one of his immunity idols to save Stephen “Wizard” Fishbach. At the next tribal council Jeremy helped vote Stephen out. The Wizard got four votes while Abi got three and Joe got two. One of those votes for Joe was cast by Stephen as a second vote. He’d previously been awarded an advantage–the ability to vote in another contestant’s place. He voted in Joe’s place and tried to use Joe’s own vote to cast out Joe, but it didn’t happen.

This Time on Survivor

Day 30:  Roughly half the episode is taken with family members and “loved ones” visiting, which adds nothing to the overall game. For the first few seasons, Survivor contestants were expected to give up contact with family and friends for 39 days, which isn’t that long. I’m waiting for a Survivor that invites families for a day–and everything turns dysfunctional, bickering, arguing, and what-have-you.

As for the game, Kelley Wentworth (K-Went?) and Kimmy agree to work towards an all-girl alliance.  If they can get some guys to help vote out Joe, the four women may then vote out Spencer, Jeremy, and Keith in succession, leaving the remaining women as the Final Four.

Jeremy, Tasha, and Spencer are alone at camp. Everyone else is off with family members, enjoying a BBQ that was the prize at the latest reward challenge. The three at camp agree to work toward being Final Three. Tasha has been approached about the all-girl alliance scheme, too, so she’s a swing vote for the time being.

At the immunity challenge, two immunity necklaces are rewarded, one for a man and one for a woman. That means the odds of being safe at the next tribal council are one in four. Everyone must balance small statues on top of tall poles. Kelley Wentworth wins immunity for the women. The last two men left are Joe and Keith. After more than an hour Joe collapses. The medics are called, and the doctor says, he’s just lost all energy, his blood sugar’s low.  (In other words, he just fainted–it’s not serious.) However, that means Keith wins immunity and Joe is vulnerable.

Joe lobbies Jeremy to vote out Abi. Jeremy and Spencer discuss who to vote out with Tasha, and she warns them about the all-girl alliance scheme. Jeremy and Spencer ponder at length whether to vote out Joe, who’s a physical threat in challenges, or Abi, to guard against an all-girl alliance. Spencer says, “I’m terrified to vote out Joe and I’m terrified to not vote out Joe.”

At tribal council Spencer observes Abi may have zero jury votes, but every slot she moves up, she’s taking a slot away from someone else. Keith votes for Tasha. Either he did so on his own or there was a scheme against Tasha that didn’t make the final edit. Abi gets two votes, and Joe gets four. It looks like the women’s alliance prevailed, at least until the next tribal council.

Next Time on Survivor

There have been four hidden immunity idols this season, and two people have each found two. (What were the odds of that happening?) Jeremy played one to (temporarily) save Stephen, but he’s still got one. K-Went played one to save herself but she’s still got the other. Jeremy’s idol could thwart (at least temporarily) an all-girl alliance.

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