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Survivor: Season 31, Final Seven, 12/9/15

December 10th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Featured players:  Spencer, Jeremy, Keith, Tash, Abi, Kim, Kelley Wentworth.

Night 32:  Keith, on his own, voted for Tasha at the night’s tribal council. People discuss it and Tasha isn’t happy about it.

Day 33:  Now that the three guys are outnumbered by women, they’re worried about an all-girl alliance. Now Jeremy says he’s suffering “buyer’s remorse” for voting out Joe last night, instead of Abi.

Keith wins the reward challenge. He gets to make an overnight visit to the Angkor Watt temple and take two people along. He takes Kelley and Spencer. The three of them discuss being Final Three. (Spencer has already discussed being Final Three with Jeremy and Tash.) In private Spencer says he wants himself, Keith, and Abi in the final three, but keeping Abi for the final three?  He doesn’t trust her.

Back at camp Jeremy and Tash discuss whether to vote out Keith or Abi next.

Day 35: The immunity challenge involves people having to swim out to floats for keys, use the keys to get puzzle pieces, then put the puzzle together. Spencer wins the immunity challenge, but his win is upstaged. Tasha has a brush with death by drowning. She flounders while swimming, and Jeff Probst has to call lifeguards–something that’s never happened before on Survivor.  The doctor says she lost all her energy–in other words, basically the same thing happened to her that happened to Joe at the last immunity challenge, except she was swimming when it happened. She recovers quickly and continues in the game.

Two voting blocks form, one to vote out Tash, the other to vote out Abi. Keith, Abi, and Kelley approach Spencer to vote out Tash. Tash and Jeremy approach Spencer to vote out Abi. (The anti-Abi coalition is also depending on Kim’s vote.) Will Spencer vote out his old friend Tash, or his old adversary Abi, who he hasn’t been on good terms with for most of the game?

I’m going to have to start setting my DVR for Survivor because I can’t find any recap online that provides complete information on the vote tally, and it goes by too fast on the TV to fully comprehend. I know this much, Abi got three votes and was sent to the jury–the first vote I’ve agreed with in several episodes. I think Kim, Spencer and Jeremy voted for Abi. I think Keith and Kelley voted for Tasha. Somebody did cast a vote for Keith, and I did find an online recap that said it was Abi. (Maybe word filtered down to her there’d been discussion about her or Keith previously and she was confused, thinking the vote was between her or Keith?)

Next Time on Survivor

Finale!  Jeff says something about “never before” and I suspect it’s a final tribal council with a final four. That way they’ll vote off the sixth-place and fifth-place persons in the first hour, have the final tribal council in the second hour, and the reunion and final result in the third hour.

Prediction:  Jeremy and Kelley are protected by their immunity idols, so they’ll be in the Final Four. Spencer’s still a challenge beast–all he has to do is win immunity or stay off the bottom for two votes. He’ll be the third of the four. Tasha’s ability to win challenges has faded and she’s near the bottom, so she’s vulnerable. Keith’s proving to be more of a challenge beast than she is. If he wins two more challenges or stays off the bottom, he’ll be the fourth of the four. That leaves Season Two Kim squeezed out, unless somebody moves to protect her.


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