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The Voice: Season 9 Recap and Finale, 12/15/15

December 16th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Five minutes is all a TV singing competition needs to announce its winner, and even that amount of time is generous. So the final results show of The Voice, like every other TV reality talent competition, doesn’t have a clue how to fill one hour of airtime, let alone two or three.

NBC devoted all of primetime to The Voice finale last night, starting with an hour that recapped the performances from the night before. (Note to NBC–those performances are posted on your Web site, and fans watched them Monday, and the recordings are on iTunes, too, so we don’t need to spend primetime seeing them again.) Then the rest of the evening was spent on random musical performances by whatever star needed a Tuesday TV booking. Then we finally got to the reason why The Voice got all this airtime–the results!

Fourth place:  Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen) who’s not country.

Third place:  Barrett Baber (Team Blake) who skews to an older demographic, and winners of TV singing competitions tend to appeal to youth.

Second place:  Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake) which means there’s a voting demographic for pretty and young country girls, no matter their talent.

That means first place is:  Jordan Smith (Team Adam) who’ll probably fade like “Gangnam Style.”

Next season I’d like to see a finale that’s actually a grand finale–a look back at the season, with guests and performances that were a part of the season, such as calling mentors and former winners back to perform, advise, and reminisce.

When does season 10 start?  Update:  I found the season 10 premiere date:  2/29/16. Christina Aguilera will be (apparently temporarily) replacing Gwen Stefani. Here’s who I’d like to see sign on when Adam and Blake finally take a break:  Adam Lambert and Keith Urban.

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