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The Amazing Race: Season 27 Finale, 12/11/15

December 18th, 2015 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

So the final episode of The Amazing Race season 27 has aired, a showdown between three of the least appealing couples in the show’s history:  two teams of Bickersons plus one glamour couple (TV reporters yet) whose biggest move was U-turning an ally. While we wait and hope for an extraordinary season 28, let’s revisit the season 27 finale.

Three teams (Justin/Diana, Logan/Chris, Kelsey/Joey, all dating couples, inspiring memories of season 26) fly from Hong Kong to New York. First stop once off the plane:  the Fire Dept. of New York (FDNY) Fire Academy on Randall’s Island. All teams arrive and grab clues at almost the same time, even though Joey/Kelsey are a little behind.

Justin/Diana have a dispute with their cabbie over the fare, so their cabbie doesn’t wait. The other taxis do–at least for a while.

Teams open the clues and find that, for this leg’s roadblock, a team member must perform a difficult training exercise. The person must put on fire gear, enter the second story of a burning building, and “rescue” a dummy. The three guys all act eager to do it.

When the guys are done carrying their dummy to a medical gurney (Chris drops his on its head), there’s a second task to do. Fire helmets have been printed with the capitals of the countries visited during the season. The guys have to put them in order.

Justin’s first to finish. He gets the next clue: go to the place of the last race of the Triple Crown. That’s Belmont. He and Diana try to talk either of the other two cabs into taking them to the race track. The cabbies keep saying they don’t know where it is. Justin keeps saying, “Get GPS!” Finally one cabbie just drives off. (If Justin were badgering me about GPS, I might just drive off, too.) The other cabbie says he’s waiting for somebody else, which he is. Justin/Diana finally give up and go off to find another way of getting a cab.

Chris is second to finish. Joey’s third. Chris/Logan get in the only cab that’s waiting–but it’s for Joey/Kelsey. The couples argue over the cab, and Logan/Chris lose. They think Justin/Diana stole their cab, and they argue for the rest of the race about who stole their cab and whether they should or shouldn’t have backed down about the other cab.

The cab fiasco puts Joey/Kelsey in first place, and they’re first to arrive at Belmont. They find a horse wearing champion’s flowers, and his jockey gives them the next clue. I thought maybe it was American Pharoah and his jockey, but this horse’s race number is “2” and American Pharoah’s was a 5. The clue directs teams to take a helicopter ride from Belmont to the Hamptons.

The other two couples end up catching separate public buses back into Manhattan, and jumping off when they spot cabs. (I wonder why neither team found a phone or place to call a cab back near the fire academy. Is the academy that isolated?) Logan/Chris are 2nd to get to Belmont. Chris hasn’t taken off his fireman’s boots and pants, so he does before he gets in the helicopter, while Logan yells at him not to bother. When Justin/Diana get to the helicopters, they see someone else left his fire gear.

When front-runners Joey/Kelsey get out of their helicopter along the beach in the Hamptons, they find a clue box. The clue instructs them to ride a Sea-Doo out to waiting marked lobster boats. Teams must pull up seven lobster traps, empty them, replace them. For all three teams, it takes everyone’s combined strength to lift the traps. Kelsey says, “It was probably the most physically demanding thing we’ve ever done in our entire life.”

When Joey/Kelsey finish their lobster traps, there’s a second task. There’s a box of flags on each boat. Teams have to run them up the rigging in the order of countries visited, starting with the USA. The TV reporters know the flags right away.

Logan/Chris are in 2nd place but they’re fighting over the traps and the flags. Neither has any idea which flag is which, so they just try random combinations. Diana/Justin, in third place, finish their traps and start on their flags.

Joey/Kelsey are 1st to finish the flags. Their boatman hands them the next clue. It tells them to go back to shore and drive a dune buggy to a marked place along the beach.

Justin/Diana are 2nd to finish the flags, and they can see the third boat’s flags aren’t lined up yet.

Joey/Kelsey race their dune buggy to the site of the final task:  assemble six Adirondack chairs on the beach. Each chair is painted with something encountered along the race route (a lion, the Taj Mahal, etc.) so the chairs have to be lined up in the correct order. The front-running team starts the time-consuming task but are soon joined by Justin/Diana.

The entire race comes down to who gets their chairs assembled first. Joey/Kelsey do. They get the final clue, “follow the marked path” to the finish line at a nearby estate. The TV reporter couple win season 27.

Justin/Diana place second. Justin complains about how if only he’d paid his cabbie more money. Actually he and Diana had some opportunities to catch up, but they didn’t.

Chris/Logan finish the flags, and argue their way through putting the chairs together. Darkness is falling and lights are coming on as the couple follow the marked path and cross the finish line, a distant and not-so-gallant third.

Season 28 will premiere in February (looks like CBS hasn’t announced the date yet) and will be themed, similar to season 26, but this time the cast will be made up of social media stars.




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