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American Idol: A Few More Auditions, 1/20/16

January 21st, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Last night and tonight are the last auditions for American Idol we’ll ever see–unless someone decides to revive the franchise. So far the final talent pool doesn’t look very promising. Did anyone who sang last night sound like the next American Idol, and the last one ever?

1.  A girl says she’s “She’s” sister? While America tries to remember whether “She(?)” was an Idol contestant that got cut early sometime ago, or the “Gangnam Style” guy, this girl says her name’s Po? Or Poe? Poh? We finally learn she’s Miranda Scott, and her sister is “Shi” Scott, a Season 14 finalist. She’s raspy and has no range, but Harry thinks she’s—refreshing. She gets three “Yes” votes and I’m guessing it’s because being Shi’s sister makes good TV.

2. Amelia Eisenhower is so desperate for TV time that she shows off a Japanese sword, a katana, even though it’s got nothing to do with anything. She’s a fiddle player from Nashville who likes Led Zeppelin, and that makes about as much sense as anything else about this segment. She sings “Many Rivers,” an Annie Lennox song, aptly demonstrating she’s no Annie Lennox. She hits maybe three good notes. Harry calls her voice “mysterious” but says he wants her to hit more notes. (We all do, Harry.) She gets three “Yes” votes, probably on the assumption that people will be tuning in to see “the Katana Girl,” or something.

3.  Joy Dove is an energetic black girl with corkscrew curls, and she, unlike the first two contestants, can sing. She’s got a big loud energetic voice and personality, and the judges put her through to Hollywood.

4.  A white Southern guy with a ukulele!  Mackenzie Bourg can properly hit notes, at least, which is better than can be said for the first two contestants. He’s like Dave Mathews or John Mayer at their scatti-est and weirdest. The judges find him charming and pleasant and put him through.

5 and 6?  No!  Two brothers do a duo that Keith Urban calls a “Gregorian acid trip.”

5.  Every once in a while a TV talent contestant looks headed for disaster–then s/he sings, and all is forgiven. That’s the case with black-hatted pianist Jenna Renae, who can’t even open a door right and blabs about how she likes J-Lo and Kelly Clarkson. She can sing soulfully, though. Harry finds her “hard to peg in a good way.” She gets three “yes” votes.

6?  Mario Bonds, a blind black guy, shows off his powerhouse voice on Natalie Cole’s “Inseparable.” Harry comments he filled the whole room, he has a powerful presence–but he had pitch issues. The judges all say, “No,” after they took all those other singers with pitch issues.

We finally get to “the real” 6. Adam Lasher is back!  He’s Carlos Santana’s nephew who auditioned in Season 14, when he had longer hair and a beard. He’s also the guy that Harry called a superstar–and then cut at the end of Hollywood Week. Last season Lasher invited comparisons to Jim Croce and Tom Petty. The judges send him through to Hollywood.

7.  Emily Brooke is also back from Season 14, and the loud and pitchy teenage country girl is as loud and pitchy as ever–but the judges all talk about how much she’s improved.  (This is improved?) She was cut just short of the semi-finals last year, so it’s obvious where this is going. She’s getting her second chance at Hollywood Week.

If American Idol honestly wanted to keep viewers watching, they’d insist that contestants sing on pitch. We’ll see how many remaining contestants actually do when we tune in for the last night of auditions–ever–tonight.

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