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American Idol: Season 15, Hollywood Week Lines, 1/27/16

January 28th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

First test of singers during Hollywood Week of American Idol Season 15:  lines of ten, where the judges compare voices and cut about half the field.  Theoretically it gives the judges a chance to compare people side-by-side and separate out the best–although this judging panel has shown it has trouble reaching consensus. Most of the featured singers last night–with some notable exceptions–went through to the group round.

Who got through:

  • Green-haired rock singer Jackie Butler, even though she showed little range, and blond spikey-haired music teacher Dalton Rapatoni.
  • Big and big-voiced flamboyant Black girl La Portia Renae Jennings.
  • Jenn Blossil, who’s like a campy drag cocktail act–except she’s not drag.
  • Stringy WGWG with quirky voice, Tommy Stringfellow.
  • Black teenager Lee Jean, who’s inexperienced and has pitch problems–but J-Lo thinks he’s cute.
  • Asian-American girl Sonika Vaid, whose voice isn’t that spectacular.
  • Jeneva Mitchell, the teenage cowgirl who can’t sing or play cello but the judges keep right on adoring her.
  • Gianna Isabella, daughter of salsa singer Brenda K. Starr (nothing to do with the classic cartoon character).
  • Country singers Michelle Marie and Shelby Z and Emily Brooke.
  • Shi Scott’s sister Miranda “Poh” Scott.
  • Brazilian-American Jessica Cabral, with the frosted bob and soulful voice.
  • My notes are jumbled but I think Puerto Rican Manny Torres is in group round.
  • Although gushy Jenna Renae wasn’t featured, I think I spotted her black hat getting through. Or maybe it was Jessica Lambert.
  • Daniel Farmer with a classic R&B voice.
  • Olivia Rox, who may have been Olivia Hill during auditions.
  • The guy with the man-bun who auditioned with his wife, but she didn’t get selected for Hollywood Week.  He’s Alex Sasser, I think, unless that was his wife’s name!
  • A blond guy that I don’t think we saw in the auditions, Trent Harmon, who will continue fighting a bad case of mono. 
  • Tristian MacIntosh, a girl with dark curly hair and a warbly voice.

Who got cut:

  • Kristy Jewell, who only made this round because she and her doting parents are such big American Idol fans. About the kindest thing to say is that she’s way too Broadway and jazzy for pop.
  • Cancer survivor Melanie Heber.
  • Brooke Sample, the country waitress with the folksy voice.
  • Nigerian-American Uson Isong, the tall thin kid who delivered a shaky vocal on a Sam Smith song during his audition.
  • Ethan Coots, the teenage country boy who got this far mostly because J-Lo thought he was cute.
  • Latin-flavored (at least J-Lo thought so) WGWG Harrison Cohen.
  • Melanie Trice with the flower wreath and the pure tones who Harry liked so much.

Hollywood Week started with about 190 contestants, and about half got cut in the line round. Tonight the group round begins, perhaps the most brutal part of the Idol audition process.

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