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American Idol: Season 15, Groups, 1/28/16

January 29th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Faces and names are starting to get familiar, and we’re learning some new ones, as the last season of American Idol progresses through Hollywood Week. The field started at 108 last night, as contestants prepared to sing and be judged in groups. They have 24 hours to get together with two or three other people, pick and learn a song, then work out backing vocals and choreography.

Drama starts early when Shi Scott’s sister Miranda “Poh” Scott just decides to walk out of the competition. You’d think she’d know what she was getting into, having seen what her sister went through, but she just says she can’t do it anymore. She’s in a trio with spike-haired music teacher Dalton Rapatoni and a girl named Kassey Level. They have to spend precious time trying to find a new third member, because this season’s rule is “groups of three or four” and they could be disqualified if they can’t replace Scott in time.

Some people who advanced to the next round:

1.  Jordan Sasser (that’s the guy with the man-bun, Alex was his wife who didn’t get to Hollywood), the returning Kory Wheeler, gushy Jenna Renae, and Kelsie the redhead, they were all in a group called Blue Eyes and sang a Bruno Mars song.

2.  Jenn Blossil (the blonde who sounds like a campy drag act), Sara Strum, and two other girls (Lynsee and Bree or something) in a foursome called Milk ‘n’ Cookies.

3.  In a collage of acts, skinny black kid Lee Jean, Amelia Eisenhower, and Tristian MacIntosh are kept. So’s Jenna Rose Mitchell, the teenage cowgirl who actually had to put down her cello and concentrate on hitting notes for once.

4.  Trent Harmon (the blond Southern farm boy with the soft voice) is allowed to perform solo because he’s got mono and doesn’t want to drop out of the competition entirely.

5.  Country singers Michelle Marie, Shelbie Z and Ashley Lusk, but a fourth girl, Lindsay Carter, is cut.

6.  Mackenzie Bourg, the white Southerner who played the ukulele in his audition.

7.  Russian Andrew Nazarbekian (he said he came to America just to try out for the show), Californian Stephaney Negrete, and Indian-American Sonika Vaid, who probably has the prettiest voice of the trio, even if she’s been uneven before.

8.  Gianna Isabella and Anatalia Villaranda, daughters of meddling mothers, will be around to get their mothers’ “advice” next round. Anatalia was the replacement for Miranda Scott in Chicken Noodle Soup, with Dalton Rapatoni and Kassey Level, and the entire trio got through.

9.  All the guys in a group called Trick or Treat, including Kayce Haynes, Marcio Donaldson, Kylle Thomason, and Jon Klausen.

10.  Lindita hit sour notes but then did this big showy climatic run that got her through to the next round.

11.  R&B divas Joy Dove, La Portia Renae, Toni Starr, Marlena Johnson.

12. The judges were harsh on Laurel Wright, John Arthur Green, but I think Marshall (last name?) was kept. I can’t be sure about the other two.

13. Bryson Dunn and two other guys are in a group that looks like the high school dweebs getting together, but they’re all good, and they’re all kept, I think.

14.  Manny Torres, Malie Delgado, and Christian Eason show the raggedness of all-night rehearsing and Eason’s more Broadway than pop, but they’re all kept.


1.  Biggest shocker of the season so far, Elvie Shane, who sounded like a must-have in his audition–yeah, he hit some bum notes in his group, but he’s better at his worst than several remaining contestants at their best (see no. 10 above).

2.  Cameron Richard, rock singer Jackie Butler, and the Cash-voiced Joshia Siska.

3.  R&B old-school guy Daniel Farmer, who was in the same group as Lindita (10 above) but I thought he sang better than she did.

If Adam Lasher is still in the competition, he’s not getting any face time. The round of cutting whole roomfuls of people happens next week.



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