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The Voice: Season 10, Auditions, 3/8/16

March 9th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

For Season 10 of The Voice, most of the remaining slots on judges’ teams got filled up Tuesday, but each one still is at least one contestant short. If tonight (Wed.) is going to be a recap, how will NBC reveal the final members of the teams? Maybe we’ll see the final auditions next week and then go directly to battle rounds?  Until we find out, let’s take a look at who got on which team last night:

1.  Tamar Davis, 35, was–many years ago–in a vocal group that eventually found fame as Destiny’s Child. Her parents made her quit the group and finish her schooling but she’s since sung back-up for Prince. She auditions with “Chain of Fools.” Christina turns her chair after a line or two. It looks like she’s got Davis all to herself–until Blake pulls a buzzer beater. Davis chooses Christina anyway. Blake may steal this contestant if he gets a chance.

2.  Jessica Crosbie, a Maroon 5 fan from England, says she’d like to work with Adam. She auditions with a Coldplay song. She has a delicate, pretty voice, and three judges–Adam, Christina, and Pharrell–turn their chairs when they hear a particular note. Adam thinks she’s tremendous. Christina says, “I get the feeling there’s stuff inside of you we haven’t heard.” Pharrell speaks softly about he’ll be able to hold up a mirror to bring out her strengths. That sells her, and she picks Pharrell when she was talking about Adam before. Adam says he might steal her.

3.  Justin Whisnant, dark hair and beard, from Oklahoma, sings in church and in the band Coldwater County. Adam turns on the second line.  However, since the guy’s got a voice that’s country as dirt (Blake’s description), and sings “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey,” once Blake turns his chair, it’s all but over. Whisnant’s on Team Blake unless Adam gets an opportunity to steal.

4.  Daniel Passino sings a jazzy and soulful “Marvin Gaye,” a contemporary spin-off of Gaye’s “Let’s Get it on.” He’s trained in opera, and he says his mother thinks he sounds like Christina Aguilera. He also says his influences include Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. Christina–maybe she heard a voice similar to hers–turns fairly quickly.  It looks like she’s got another opera-trained singer all to herself (she had one in Chris Mann, season 3). Except Blake pulls a buzzer-beater. The judges are quick to pull buzzer-beaters this season, and quick to get after the other judges for doing it. Passino, however, says he’s picking his inspiration, Christina. Blake may look for an opportunity to steal.

5.  Owen Danoff is the son of Bill Danoff, who was in the Starland Vocal Band in the seventies and also wrote some of John Denver’s biggest hits. The son does sound a little like John Denver, and he demonstrates his folksy style on Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, it’s All Right.” Adam, Pharrell, and Christina turn on the first chorus. Blake joins in on the last one. Adam likes his “strong” identity–let’s add Adam’s also a seventies’ fan–and Owen does pick Adam. BTW Owen, like Brittany Kennell of Team Blake, is a Berklee student.

6. Maya Smith is a pretty young black woman with a pretty and soulful, almost operatic, voice. She gets Pharrell’s attention halfway through, but Christina pulls a buzzer beater. Christina calls her voice gorgeous and compares her to Beyoncé. Pharrell raves about, “that kind of control, that kind of range.” She picks Pharrell.

7.  Brittney Lawrence has applied to be on The Voice seven times, but this is the first time she’s got a blind audition. She sings a Demi Lovato song and gets Christina’s attention after a few lines. Blake pulls a buzzer-beater again! Pharrell, from a neutral position, offers some constructive criticism, “pushing those decibels, not much sense of your vibrato.” Blake, though, raves about her perfect pitch. She must’ve liked his compliment, because she does pick Blake.

Montage:  Lily Green to Team Adam, Teresa Guidry to Team Blake, Chelsea Gann to Team Xtina.

8.  Matt Teder, 20, from Nashville, sings “I’m Your Hootchie Koochie Man” (Muddy Waters blues) and plays slide guitar but, despite his obvious talent, his voice is just too clean, too young and, well–too white. (Hang around in smoky bars and drink Scotch whiskey all night long for a few years, Kid.) That may explain why only one judge–Adam–bites. Pharrell observes, “you come from a completely different era” (more like a sixties’ throwback). This is one guy I look forward to seeing how Adam coaches him.

9.  Joe Maye, a bluesy young black guy returning from season 9 (when he didn’t attract a judge), sings “I Put a Spell on You” with more drama than technical vocal ability, but he does attract Christina–and Blake. Somehow Christina and Joe get egged into singing together. After that, of course he’s on Team Christina.

Wasn’t there some celeb-news dirt-dishing about Blake being unhappy that Christina was replacing Gwen Stefani this season?  Maybe that explains why he’s got such an intense rivalry with Christina going. Whatever will Adam think?

The teams so far–Pharrell has two people to find, the others are down to their last slot:

Team Adam:  pop singers Caroline Burns, Natalie Yacavazzi, Lily Green and Katherine Ho, folksy Owen Danoff, rockabilly John Gilman, Maroon 5 fan Mike Schiavo, high-voiced guys Ryan Quinn and Nate Butler, young blues-rocker Matt Teder and veteran blues-rocker Laith Al-Saadi.

Team Blake:  teen idol type Trey O’Dell, country male vocalist Justin Whisnant, Nashville girls Brittany Kennell, Payton Parker, and Teresa Guidry, country-leaning female vocalists Angie Keilhauer and Mary Sarah, pop vocalists Brittney Lawrence and Gina Castanzo, R&B vocalist Paxton Ingram, and Southern rocker Adam Wakefield.

Team Pharrell:  potential teen idols Jonathan Bach, Joe Vivona and Nick Hagelin, Maroon 5 fan Jessica Crosbie, R&B vocalists Brian Nhira and Maya Smith, and female pop vocalists Caity Peters, Emily Keener, Hannah Houston, and Abby Celso.

Team Christina:  Aguilera fan Joe Passino, former child star Alisan Porter, teen R&B queen Shalaya Fearing, flirty gay Kata Hay, R&B vocalists Tamar Davis, Bryan Batista, Malik Heard, Joe Maye, and female vocalists Kirsten Marie, Chelsea Gann and  Lacy Mandigo.


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