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American Idol: Season 15, Top 8 to Top 6, 3/10/16

March 11th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

American Idol is getting down to its most promising talent, as Thursday night brought another double elimination and left us with a final six. The theme for the night was songs from past seasons. Five people were automatically put through to the next round, then judges J-Lo, Harry and Keith decided which of the remaining three to put in the sixth slot. The eight singers that started the evening left first paired up for duets, but their solo performances were probably largely what fans based their votes on:

1.  La Porsha Renae:  This season’s black diva rocks the house with a  psychedelic Beatle classic, “Come Together.” She says the last few weeks she did ballads, so she wanted to show she could rock. Harry praises her delivery, “If you can make sense out of those lyrics … I knew exactly what you meant!”

2.  MacKenzie Bourg:  Celebrity advisor Scott Borchetta, head of Big Machine (which will give a recording contract to the winner) calls Bourg and Dalton Rapattoni the season’s two heartthrobs. Bourg delivers the seventies’ power ballad “You Are So Beautiful to me” in a serious romantic style, without as many of his usual vocal quirks. “You couldn’t have picked a better or more appropriate song,” says Harry. “You make it sound brand-new,” says Keith. J-Lo notes his style is, “kind of crooner-ish, kind of indy-rock.”

3.  Trent Harmon:  The Mississippi farm boy is puts on a soulful, jazzy, urban style for “Stand by me.” Keith talks about stylistic impact. J-Lo says she got the goosies. (How many times is that this season?  How many times is that for all her seasons?)

4. Tristian McIntosh:  With Harmon showing more of an urban style, McIntosh is left as the closest singer this season has to country. She was shaky these past few weeks, but she must’ve got some good coaching, because she actually sounds like a country singer this evening, performing Martina McBride’s “Broken Wing.” Keith calls it the perfect song for her, but Harry’s questioning whether she understood the meaning. (The song does sound a little mature for her.)

5.  Dalton Rapattoni:  This season’s showman turns in a goth-flavored version of “Eleanor Rigby” that sounds a lot like Green Day. Harry gets technical with, “Great key for you!” Keith talks about how Rapattoni’s theatricality brought out the darker aspects of the song.

Those are the top five. Now it’s time for the bottom three–the people who are competing to stay in the competition for another week.

6.  Avalon Young:  She got the judges’ save last week. She sings an ill-advised choice, Michael Jackson’s “PYT.” It’s fake-sounding, not very soulful, and the key doesn’t sound right. Harry thinks she’s incredible but J-Lo thinks she’s out of her comfort zone and the performance needed more “urgency.”

7.  Lee Jean:  Beatle songs are popular choices tonight, and young Jean puts a soulful gospel twist on “Let it be.” J-Lo thinks he was shaky and Harry points out pitch issues.

8.  Sonika Vaid:  The best vocalist of the bottom three smoothly delivers a Whitney Houston ballad, navigating several key changes. Harry loves it and Keith finds it amazing.

Sonika gets the save. Next week the final six become the final four, unless there’s a twist coming that I’m not aware of.

BTW I voted for the three remaining male vocalists, Dalton, Trent, and MacKenzie.




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