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The Voice: Season 10, Auditions, Battles, 3/14/16

March 15th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

On Monday The Voice showed the final five auditions, and the judges pushed their buttons and turned their chairs to select singers for the last time in season 10. The night then went directly to battle rounds.

Featured artists:  Jared Harder, Moushumi, Jonathan Hutcherson, Ayanna Janee, Bryan Bautista, Malik Heard, Ryan Quinn, Paxton Ingram, Katie Basden.

Five auditions fill the teams:

1.  Jared Harder, a pastor’s son from Joplin, MO, provides a male take on Casey Musgraves’ “Same Trailer, Different Park.” Blake bites on the end of the chorus. (He later says it was a cool song choice.) Christina says, “You surprised us all when you hit that upper register.” Team Blake is now full, and Blake and his latest acquisition celebrate with some bro-mantic hugs and kisses.

2.  Moushumi (no last name) is an Indian-American girl who’s studied medicine in India. She sings a female version of “Wicked Game.” She has a beautiful rich smoky alto, and Adam bites on the second line. Pharrell and Christina join in before the song’s over. All three praise her voice, using such words as beautiful and unique. She picks Pharrell.

3.  Katie Basden has attended Belmont School for Music in Nashville. She’s country-flavored but her song choice is “Night Rider” by the Allman Bros. Adam and Pharrell turn their chairs early, Christina on the very last note–the very last sound, she almost doesn’t make it. Adam points out she’s not a pure country singer, she’s more Southern rock. Christina says, “I’m a soul singer and that’s one thing country has a lot of.” Blake, whose team is full, chimes in, urging Katie to pick Pharrell or Christina because Adam has no connection to country. Katie doesn’t listen to Blake, though, because she picks Adam, making his team full. Adam crows, “Knowing Blake couldn’t push his button made my day!”

5.  Next person is going to get the last slot available this season, it’s on Team Xtina, and it’s Ayanna Janee, a young black woman from Nashville, with a huge topknot on her head. It looks a little like the hat Erykah Badu often wears, but it’s hair. For the second time tonight we hear a rich smoky alto, this time on “Skyfall.” Christina puts her on her team.

While we’re still trying to comprehend the make-up of the judges’ teams, it’s on to the Battle Rounds, where the judges pair up singers for duets, keep one, and cut the other. Each judge is allowed two opportunities to steal someone dropped from another team.  BTW Adam’s got bleached hair for this round.

  1. Team Adam:  Ryan Quinn v. Katie Basden. Adam’s advisor this season is young Tori Kelly. Adam tips his hand–he says Ryan is his front-runner. Viewers may guess that probably means he considers Katie one of his disposable team members–after all the crowing he just did about getting a country singer. He assigns them the soulful “Maybe I’m Amazed,” which is an odd choice for a duet–it’s more like a jam. He says he wants vocals similar to Fleetwood Mac–Lindsay Buckingham’s high voice, Stevie Nicks’ mid-range one. After the performance Adam keeps his front-runner Ryan, and Christina signals to steal. She says to Blake, “Don’t do it!” but he does, he signals to steal, too. Blake gets Basden on his team, where she may as well have been destined to go all along.
  2. Team Blake:  Brittany Lawrence v. Paxton Ingram. Celeb news was all a-twitter recently about how Gwen Stefani was to be Blake’s latest guest advisor. He says he wants her to help him get to the finale (as if he needs her help to get to the finale). He matches one of his pop singers with his R&B guy, and gives them “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” a current pop hit.  It’s a cheating song, and the singers perform it like a drama, a story. Christina says after the performance, “Different voices but it worked,” and adds she would probably keep Paxton. Pharrell thinks Brittany’s performance could’ve been more dynamic. Blake keeps his R&B guy Paxton and nobody steals Brittany.
  3. Team Xtina:  Bryan Bautista v. Malik Heard. Christina stages an R&B showdown. She assigns her two powerhouse male R&B vocalists the James Brown classic, “This is a Man’s World.” It’s a popular choice on TV talent shows because it can be interpreted different ways. Her guest advisor is R&B legend Patti La Belle. Bryan says about her advice, “When Patti La Belle tells you to enunciate, you’d better enunciate.” Christina says whichever guy she picks, she’s going to lose somebody great. The performance demonstates her choice between the more mature Bautista and the youthful Heard. “One of the biggest battles in Voice history,” is how host Carson Daly describes it. When the judges offer their comments afterward, they’re already making pitches to join their teams. Christina keeps Bautista, and the other three judges all immediately want Heard. He picks Pharrell.    

Battles continue tonight, with our first look at how Pharrell is assigning duets.

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