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The Voice: Season 10, Battle Rounds, 3/15/16

March 16th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Twelve singers, six battles (duets) and no montages were what we saw on The Voice Tuesday:

1.  Team Christina:  Tamar Davis v. Shalyah Fearing. After matching up her male R&B vocalists on Monday, Christina followed with two of her female R&B vocalists last night. As it was with the guys, she’s got one mature singer (Davis, 35) against a kid (Fearing, 15). With Patti La Belle as guest mentor, the two ladies got coached on her funky glitter-glam seventies’ hit, “Lady Marmalade.” When the battle’s over, Christina keeps the more experienced Davis. She made a similar decision the night before when she kept Bryan Bautista. Pharrell uses his last steal to get Fearing, which seems ill-advised since Fearing’s still very green. However, it does give Pharrell a black R&B princess to work with.

2.  Team Blake:  Justin Whisnaut v. Mary Sarah. Blake pairs two of his hardcore country singers with a hardcore country song, “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.” It was a hit for Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty in the seventies. They both show off hardcore country voices, but Mary may have the edge considering presence and personality. Blake keeps Mary, and Adam (Xtina, too) lets Justin walk, after all that talk of wanting a country singer.

3.  Team Pharrell:  Nick Hagelin v. Jessica Crosbie. Both are pop singers but Pharrell finds them to be opposites–opposites that can attract, that is, that can bring “something” out. They show off some nice high notes on “Electric Feel” (play on “Electric Eel”). Pharrell keeps Nick and Adam steals Jessica. He wanted her to begin with because she was a Maroon 5 fan and she’s influenced by his singing. Now we’ll get to see how he coaches her.

4.  Team Xtina again:  Chelsea Gann v. Kata Hay. These are two of Christina’s country-flavored women, but she coaches them to take on the alternative Melissa Etheridge hit, “I’m the Only One.” The judge says what the performance will be about is, Chelsea loosening up and Kata getting more control. What the performance does show, however, is that Chelsea’s plainly the better singer. However, Christina keeps Kata instead, with talk about “energy” and “charisma.” It’s not one of her better decisions. Nobody steals Chelsea.

5.  Team Adam:  Nate Butler v. Natalie Yacovazzi. Christina gave Tamar and Shalyah a La Belle song so La Belle could coach them on it. Adam gives Nate and Natalie a Tori Kelly song so Kelly herself can coach them on it. He says he’s looking to see which singer shows the most improvement. Kelly tells them the song is meant to be about God, so they give an inspirational performance. Afterwards even Blake says something nice about how Butler’s singing resembles Adam’s, noting his perfect pitch control. Adam does keep Nate, meaning several singers influenced by Adam are still on Team Adam. Nobody steals Natalie.

6.  Team Pharrell:  Hannah Huston v. Maya Smith. These two female vocalists are close in style–white pop girl Huston’s soulful, black R&B girl Smith’s a little more bluesy. They sing “Elastic Heart.” Blake thinks Maya was a little shaky and Hannah was “intense.” Christina comments, “How solid both of your vibratos are.” She hears some pitch issues with Hannah, and she thinks Maya has more range. Pharrell keeps Hannah. Christina pushes her button to steal. So does Blake (despite his concern that Maya was a little shaky). Maya chooses Christina as her new coach. Once again I question Christina’s judgement, considering she already has two excellent female R&B vocalists and there’s some intriguing talent still to come.

Battle rounds continue next week, then it’s on to the knockout rounds, if the format of previous seasons is any indication.

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