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The Voice: Season 10, Battle Rounds End, 3/22/16

March 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Featured contestants:  Laith Al-Saadi, Caity Peters, Brittany Kennell, Trey O’Dell.

Only one judge–Christina–had a “save” left by the time The Voice got to the final six battles on Tuesday, which forced out some of the season’s more promising contestants. Last night’s episode was only an hour long, and featured only three of the battles, with the other three handled as a montage.

1.  Team Adam:  Laith Al-Saadi vs. Matt Teder. Two blues-rockers who promised to make the season more interesting are forced up against each other. Adam has a surplus of promising singers this season but this is where another team could’ve been made stronger. Adam’s choice is between one seasoned veteran (Laith) and one green kid (Matt), and they perform a subdued, very blues-heavy version of “Honky Tonk Women.” Blake suggests afterward that if the decision is purely about singing, he’d take Laith, while Pharrell regrets he has no steal left. Adam keeps Laith and Christina doesn’t steal Matt because, she explains, he’s more a guitarist than a singer.

2.  Team Pharrell:  Caity Peters vs. Joe Vivona. We know Christina won’t use her steal here, either, because it’s not the battle that ends the evening. Pharrell puts his two remaining pop singers together for Billy Joel’s “Honesty.” Considerable time is spent grooming Joe’s confidence, a tip-off that Caity’s the favorite here. The judges appear unenthusiastic about either singer’s performance. Pharrell keeps Caity and Christina lets Joe walk.

Montage:  Blake keeps Peyton Parker and cuts Gina Castanzo. Christina keeps Joe Maye and cuts Ayanna Jahnee with the big topknot. Adam keeps Owen Danoff and cuts his rockabilly John Gilman–another example of how a rival judge should’ve kept a slot open.

3.  Team Blake:  Brittany Kennell vs. Trey O’Dell. We know one of these singers is staying on Team Blake and the other is going to Team Christina, but neither bring anything particularly unique to the competition. Brittany has a twangy country-flavored vibrato, and the judges make comparisons to Gwen Stefani, Stevie Nicks, and Sheryl Crow. Trey O’Dell is of the teen-idol mold. Blake assigns them Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” which is more of a jam than a song. After the performance Adam finds Trey tight and Brittany fluid, so we know where this is going. Blake keeps cute girl Brittany and Christina gets cute guy Trey. She says, “There’s nobody like Trey on my team.” She does have some young guys, however, so we’ll see how different Trey really is when the knockout rounds begin.

Maybe the judges should have a “Wild Card” or “Swap” option, something like that, so they can still take someone from another team even after they’ve filled their quota of steals?

Miley Cyrus will be the celebrity guest adviser for the knockouts. Will she be advising how to twerk, swing nude, or what?

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