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The Voice: Season 10, Knockouts, 3/29/16

March 30th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Why doesn’t The Voice give Billy Ray Cyrus a judging/coaching slot? Maybe when Blake takes a break? Instead viewers are going to be expected to sit through a whole season of his daughter Miley, and she may be what finally knocks the show’s ratings down.

Knockout rounds continued on Tuesday with only three decisions. After three steals came very early on Monday instead of being edited in over more viewing time, Blake is the only judge who can steal. If the show’s edited like it always has been, then he’s going to sit on that last steal until the last knockout, sometime next week.

1.  Team Blake:  From that team’s deep country bench, Blake matches two singers he calls storytellers, Adam Wakefield vs. Peyton Parker. She sings the Dixie Chicks’ “Travelling Soldier” on key but with a few cracks. He makes Sam Cooke’s “Bring it on Home” into a country song with gospel overtones. He’s a little like Travis Tritt, and Blake says, “You have a dirty voice” in a good way. Blake’s got several attractive young women but only one studly male vocalist. He keeps the guy he calls the show’s studly Adam. Pharrell comments about that, “When he started mixin’ that gospel in there, no way!” No one can steal Peyton.

2.  Team Pharrell:  It’s pop singers Nick Hagelin vs. Moushumi. He sings Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You.” He shows a considerable amount of falsetto scatting–perhaps even with a world music flavor–which is a risky move at this point. Pharrell says he sang better in rehearsal. Moushumi sings, “New Americana,” which rhymes “marijuana” and “Nirvana.” Blake comments he prefers Nick, and the judges talk about wanting to “hear more” of Moushumi, which appears to be a polite way of saying she lacked something. Pharrell says there’s more work to do with Moushumi so he keeps her. Blake sits on his steal. The problem with both judges’ decisions is, I think Hagelin showed more potential and more ability to go deep in this season.

3.  Team Christina:  Out of Miley’s mouth comes, “Post office chicks just wail.” That’s what we get when Christina matches Maya Smith vs. Tamar Davis. Davis is an experienced R&B vocalist, while Smith, a much younger R&B vocalist, has worked in a post office so I guess that makes her a “chick” who wails. Be prepared for a whole season of such brilliant “advice” and “coaching!” As for the talent, Smith sings Alicia Keys’ “No One” serviceably, but warm-voiced Tamar turns Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” into a contemporary and personal R&B statement. Pharrell says to Christina, “Your team is like fireball after fireball!” Then he tells Tamar, “I couldn’t hear him [Sam Smith], I could only hear you.” Christina keeps Tamar Davis, and Blake sits on his steal. (This wasn’t the best place for him to use it, anyway.)

We have a few more knockouts next week. How long is the whole “Who’ll Blake take?” suspense going to be dragged out?  And what bass-akward silliness will Miley say or do next?


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