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The Voice: Season 10, Top 11, 4/25/16

April 26th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Featured singers:  Shalyah Fearing, Paxton Ingram, Daniel Passino, Laith Al-Saadi, Alisan Porter, Hannah Huston, Mary Sarah, Adam Wakefield, Owen Danoff, Nick Hagelin, Bryan Bautista.

Eliminating Voice finalists is moving slowly this season. Emily Keener was voted off last week, and only one more person is being voted off this week. Peeking at the iTunes chart tells us it may be Daniel Passino, or else Nick Hagelin. Too bad, because they bring something to the season that the other contestants don’t. Some separation is showing in the field but who’ll be able to sustain a fan base may be unpredictable:

1.  Team Adam:  Shalyah Fearing sings something age-appropriate, Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” but her voice sounds tiny, not very inspirational. Pharrell talks about how he could “feel the gospel in you” but I can’t hear much of anything at all.

2.  Team Pharrell:  Daniel Passino, the opera-trained singer, brings a smooth strings-heavy arrangement to Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” The song doesn’t show his range but it does show his ability to work the room. Pharrell advises him about working the audience like Michael and Justin. I think he means Jackson and–Timberlake, not Bieber.

3.  Team Blake:  Paxton Ingram did stay above the cut line last week, so he does get to do an inspirational religious song, “Break Every Chain,” this week, just as Pharrell advised. Ingram may have a future in Christian music, but that’s not the same as future Voice champ.

4.  Team Adam:  Owen Danoff beautifully sings “Fire and Rain,” for a friend who was in the Marines and didn’t make it back. It may be enough to keep him out of the bottom two. Adam says, “You represent something different from what a lot of other people [on the show] represent.”

5.  Team Blake:  Mary Sarah doesn’t have a voice that blows doors off, and it tends to break. Blake’s concerned about her sales on iTunes so he assigns her “Johnny and June,” a tribute to Cash and Carter’s love affair. She doesn’t do anything with it that would make me want to go download it on iTunes, but I see she’s near the top of Voice iTunes contestants this morning.

6.  Team Christina:  Alisan Porter is showing how her voice lacks a bottom end–again.  She doesn’t demonstrate any new range on “Stay With Me, Baby,” a song that La Porsha Renae sang much better on American Idol a few weeks ago. Adam’s sure she’s “gonna win this thing” but I can’t help but think Blake’s ironic comment, “Not much growth,” indicates something. She truly isn’t showing much growth.

7.  Team Christina:  Bryan Bautista puts his falsetto to proper use, for once, on Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are.” Christina advises him to sing like Marvin Gaye, like Donnie Hathaway, and the result is his best performance in weeks. Pharrell and Adam praise his power and range.

8.  Team Blake:  Adam Wakefield doesn’t give one of his better performances on “Lights (Go Down in the City)” but he’s got enough of a fan base that he’ll be here next week. (He’s on Team Blake, he’s a country singer, and he’s in the top half of the Voice chart on iTunes.) Pharrell talks about how Wakefield’s got a classic Southern rock voice and he’s soulful, while Blake comments how he can give a little bit more. Your studly Adam needs something with more twang than soul, Blake.

9.  Team Pharrell:  Hannah Huston chooses a stripped-down style for a Bonnie Riatt song, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Her problem is going to be a lack of identity–she’s not much of a pop or country singer. Without one, she’s not likely to make the top half of the field.

10.  Team Adam: Laith Al-Saadi can blow the doors off the place, and that’s what he does when he lays siege to Ed Sheeran’s “Make it Rain.” He emerges as this season’s most powerful singer, and we may have a new front-runner. Pharrell advises everyone to get Laith’s other iTunes songs–not just his Voice performances–and Adam keeps his critique simple, with “you were amazing.” Laith is charting higher than Alisan Porter this morning.

I voted for Laith, Daniel, Owen, and Nick. I figured the other contestants didn’t need my vote.

What’s unclear is what’s going to happen when the top ten return next week. Either the season’s being extended (doubtful) or there’s going to be several people voted off all at once very soon.






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