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America’s Got Talent, Season 11: Live Rounds Begin, 7/26/16

July 27th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Welcome back Simon Crowell!  He got me watching America’s Got Talent again. For season 11, the first night of the audience voting, let’s call the results for the first group of twelve to perform live (live on the east coast, that is). Five go home Wednesday night.  Which five?

  1. Jayna Brown, 14-year-old jazz/pop/soul singer, she’ll get to the next round.
  2. Outlawz, five teen hip-hop dancers, they’re unpolished but in a good way, except the judges gave them a mixed reception. They’re likely on the bubble.
  3. Lorie Mae Hernandez, she’s a cute “tween” comedienne but she doesn’t sound ready for Vegas. Bye, girl!
  4. Haru, amazing young Japanese magician, but he may get elbowed out by talent with home field advantage.
  5. Deadly Games, knife-thowing act w/ a Goth twist, they’ll get to the next round. I voted for them.
  6. Musicality, high school after-school choir from the rough side of Chicago, they’ll advance to the next round. I voted for them, too.
  7. Jon Dorembos, he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and performs amazing magic tricks. He may be a little low-key for Vegas, but he’s not going anywhere for a while.
  8. Daniel Joyner, 17-year-old singer whose parents are church musicians. The judges acted unimpressed about his performance, but I suspect the voters will feel otherwise. I stuffed the ballot box for him.
  9. Tape Face, punky comic mime, who people’ll love or hate, so his fate is a question mark. I allowed myself a sympathy vote for him.
  10. Dorothy Williams, senior citizen dancer. I’m sure she wows ’em at the retirement home, but this isn’t the retirement home. Bye, girl!
  11. Sila Speca, performance art, two American dancers who perform with holograms. (A Russian artist creates the backdrops and is considered the third member of the team.) Ironically much of this performance looked a lot like what the Japanese magician Haru did in the episode’s first hour–and he did it better. This dance team may last another round, but likely the competition will get very stiff very fast.
  12. Laura Bretan, 14-year-old opera singer, she’ll make the cut.

Tune in 7/27 for the results.

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