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America’s Got Talent, Season 11: Who’ll Get Voted Through? (8/2/16)

August 3rd, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

America’s Got Talent Season 11 is into the voting rounds, and Tuesday night’s episode presented twelve acts of which seven will be voted through to the next round. The next (and last) group of twelve must be scheduled for after the Olympics are over in twenty days.

So which acts look like they’re going to be above the cut line on Wednesday’s results show?

  • FLIP dance troupe, who are back as one of two “Wild Card” choices after being cut. Once they’re cut, they’re cut–shouldn’t that be the rule? The judges’ comments are mixed, making us wonder why the judges bothered with the callback.
  • Moya Angela, Broadway singer who’s trying to break out of the chorus, is going to be around a while.
  • Viktor Kee, a very extreme juggling act, could be below the cut line, because I’m not sure he’s Vegas headliner material.
  • Twelve-year-old country singer Kadie Lynn, and all signs say she’ll be here next week.
  • Ryan and Amberlynn caused some concern when their extreme freak-show magic act appeared to go awry. How many votes they’ll attract is questionable.
  • Sixteen-year-old singer Calysta Bevier isn’t going anywhere for a while.
  • Sophie Dossi, teenage contortionist and archer (with her feet, like The Hunger Games to a greater extreme) can do incredible stunts but I noticed a few flaws (which the judges didn’t mention). I’m not sure she’s ready to be Vegas headliner material.
  • The Clairvoyants–that’s the name of the act and that’s what Thommy and Amelie do. They have a different type of mind-reader act that’s impressive enough to get them through to the next round.
  • I’m so happy to be able to vote for Sal Valentinetti!  In one of the more shameful moments in American Idol history, this throwback Italian crooner was cut in group round despite being one of the more promising discoveries of Season 14. AGT is going to let the public decide whether to keep him or not, and tonight he showed he can headline in Vegas. He may be retro but there’s an audience for retro.
  • ThoWings, a trapeze act but without a trapeze, suffered from distracting staging–they were better when they didn’t have a strobe light. Simon didn’t like them either, pointing out that they just throw and catch. They’ll likely be below the cut line.
  • The evening’s second “Wild Card” act, Steve Brundage, is a magician who builds his act around the twisting of Rubic’s cubes. Once he’s cut, shouldn’t he stay cut? There’s supposed to be tremendous support for him on social media, but will that translate into enough votes to keep him above the cut line?
  •  Sos and Victoria bill themselves as the world’s fastest quick-change artists. Alright, so they’re masters of the ancient skill of quick-change wizardry–but is that enough for a Vegas headline act? The judges’ comments are mixed.

In summary, it looks like all four singers will be seen in the next round–but which three variety acts will join them? I’m guessing it’s the Clairvoyants, the Rubic’s cube guy, and whoever gets the Twitter save.

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