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America’s Got Talent: Season 11, One Dozen Acts Live, 8/23/16

August 24th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Now that the Olympics are over, America’s Got Talent is back. I’ve heard this portion of the show being called the quarter-finals, but that implies four brackets and there’s only three. (Let’s just say the fourth bracket’s empty.) The thirty-six acts that made it past judges’ cuts have been divided into three groups of twelve, with each group being cut to seven by audience votes.  Tonight featured the last group of twelve–so which seven are the most likely to still be around after the results are announced on Wednesday?

1.  Vello Vaher, contortionist from Estonia, Simon buzzed him and I can’t see him bending and twisting for the length of a Vegas headline show.

2. Ronee Martin, 62-year-old R&B vocalist who, as Simon noted previously, the industry has somehow missed out on for all these years. She’s going to stay.

3. Kaden Bart Rockett, child magician, his sister Brooklyn’s his assistant, and these kids put new twists on magic, if America likes magic.

4.  Linkin Bridge, old-school R&B street singers, get a mixed reception from the judges.

5.  Alla and Daniel, mother-son dance team, also get a mixed reception from the judges.

6.  Blake Vogt, magician, who puts some unexpected twists of his own on magic. Will the the night’s two magic acts cancel each other out?

7.  Edgar, family music trio consisting of Ryan Edgar, Jaslyn Edgar, and Nikki Leonti-Edgar. Simon calls them his favorite act of the night.

8.  Julia Scottie, transgender comic, unfortunately delivers a spotty monologue. She gets some laughs but we can’t say she killed it.

9.  Brian Justin Crum, who’s a little like Adam Lambert, a little like Freddie Mercury, but has a tendency to over-sing. The judges and audiences love him, though.

10.  Malevo, Argentine dance troupe that Simon compares to Riverdance. He’s right, they could headline in Vegas, but I’d say right now, while Simon says, “… in two years.”

11.  The Passing Zone, juggling act, and this evening they have Howie, Mel, and Heidi swinging from bungee cords in the middle of the juggling. They’re good for some laughs but are they good enough for next week?

12.  Grace Vanderwaal, the 12-year-old singer with the ukelele, and Simon calls her singing “croaky.” (Last time he called her the next Taylor Swift.) I’d also call it loud, pitchy, and shrill. Plus she shows complete lack of experience. Very nice, Kid, now go back to your middle school talent show.

Who’s in:  bet big on Ronee Martin, Malevo, Edgar, Brian Justin Crum. Some combination of the two magic acts, Grace Vanderwaal, Linkin Bridge, and Julia Scottie are going to be in need of the Twitter save.

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