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America’s Got Talent: Season 11, 2nd Half of Semi-finals, 9/6/16

September 7th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Last week on America’s Got Talent, five acts advanced to next week’s finals. On Tuesday this week, we saw the remaining eleven acts compete for the remaining five slots. Who’ll be above the cut line when the results are announced on Wednesday?

  • Jayna Brown is one of tonight’s five young girls (counting the female half of a magic act) so that voting demographic may get spread thin. Brown didn’t do anything to get voted off (“You set the bar,” judge Howie Mandel told her) but there are better vocalists in the field.
  • Kaden Bart Rocket is a magician in fifth grade but his little sister Brooklyn has evolved from his assistant to a co-headliner these past few rounds. Tonight wasn’t their best trick, so they may be in jeopardy.
  • Twelve-year-old Kadie Lynn didn’t do anything to get voted off and, as Mel B pointed out, she’s this season’s only country singer. That means she’ll have the Heartland demographic in her favor.
  • Victor Kee doesn’t just juggle, he’s a magic act. I’m not sure it’s the kind of act that’s going to attract a large voting base, though.
  • The judges erred last week when they kept Linkin Bridge around over a more Vegas-worthy act (old-school R&B singer Ronee Martin). The guys in this street-corner singing group have an inspirational back story, but they’re not polished enough for Vegas. They’re more a “sing-off” act, should that talent show ever be revived.
  • I suspect a set-up. The Passing Zone jugglers have been using the judges (very much using the judges) all season. They get the judges’ Wild Card pass. That means they were voted off, but the judges called them back anyway. It’s all so they can use Simon Cowell. Everybody gets a laugh (even Simon’s a good sport) but the fact remains this slot could’ve gone to Ronee Martin. Or Julia Scottie. Or Deadly Games. Or–
  • Tonight’s third young girl vocalist, Calista Bevier, sings beautifully and gracefully. She and Kadie Lynn are my top choices to advance. 
  • Steven Brundage does magical things with Rubic’s cubes, but he seems more suited to an intimate lounge act than a showroom headliner. We’re looking for the next name in lights to rival Elvis, Frankie, etc., and we’re getting a guy that twists cubes around.
  • Teen contortionist Sophie Dossi departs tonight from the extreme bow-and-arrow tricks she did before, and stages an extreme spectacle that’s half-ballet and half-trapeze act (flavored with extreme gymnastics). She’s marvelous at what she does but I don’t think she’s ready to headline a Vegas showroom.
  • Simon calls The Clairvoyants “a ghost movie” and Howie says, “You amazed us all season.” I think they’ll amaze a Vegas showroom crowd, too.
  • I can’t stop comparing singer Brian Justin Crum to Adam Lambert, and he’s not as versatile as Lambert. However, except for the three young girls, he’s the only vocalist in tonight’s field, and he’s worthy of a talent-show final. When the results are announced tomorrow, I’m guessing he’ll be one of the acts competing for a save.

Who’s likely to be in the finals next week:  Calista Bevier and Kadie Lynn sing like finalists on The Voice or American Idol, so there’s no doubt they’ve got enough votes to make the finals of America’s Got Talent, Season 11. Powerful vocalists Jayna Brown and Brian Justin Crum could make the finals, too, because it’s hard to imagine three variety acts crowding them both out. I judge the Clairvoyants as the most likely variety act to make top five.

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