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The Voice: Season 11, Auditions, Night 2, 9/20/16

September 21st, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

How long are will the auditions last this Voice season? How large is each team?  Whatever the answer, the teams are filling up, and the battle rounds will be here shortly. After that–if the format holds–will come the knockouts, judge cuts (maybe with wild cards), and finally the voting rounds. Wednesday night introduced some contestants that have a good chance of being around when the voting begins. From here to the battle rounds, we’ll see Blake, Adam, Miley, and Alicia all continue to bicker and wisecrack as they push their buttons for the talent they want:

1.  Sareyah, a young black mother with a big church-gospel voice, impresses Alicia and Miley. Adam and Blake sit this one out, but Adam tells the contestant, “I felt like I was in church” (and he’s Jewish). Sarayah picks Miley, even though she seemed like a match for Alicia.

2.  Ethan Tucker (black guy, plays guitar but not at this audition) sings “Roxanne” with more reggae than the Police’s arrangement. Adam pulls a buzzer-beater but so does Blake. (One of these days Blake’ll mis-time his buzzer-beater and miss out). Adam says, “You made a reggae-infused rock song more reggae.” You’d think Adam would make the most logical choice for a coach, but Blake starts talking about how he’s got connections to reggae. (People are guessing his primary connection has the initials G. S.) Maybe the reggae connection makes Tucker pick Blake, or maybe it’s because they both play guitar.

3.  We (pronounced “Way”) is young, black, and has an alto deeper than Michael Jackson’s tenor. Miley wants her, but so do the other three judges. It’s a four-chair turn. She picks Alicia. (Another notable alto this season, Dana Harper, is on Team Blake.)

4.  Andrew DeMuro is a Billy Joel fan, he sings a Billy Joel song (“Vienna”) and he sounds like Billy Joel, too. Adam likes Billy Joel, so he pushes his button. Then Blake pulls his usual buzzer-beater. (Blake, don’t let others know you’re interested so soon.) Adam and Blake bicker back and forth, but Billy Joel fan matches with Billy Joel fan, and Andrew matches up with Adam.

5.  Last season former child star Alisan “Curly Sue” Porter was the winner. Could this season see Billy Gilman, another former child star, win, too? Back before 9/11 became a day that would live in infamy, Gilman was the ranking boy soprano in country–actually, in the country. Eventually, his voice changed, his star faded, and he began to publicly identify as gay. Now he’s making a comeback. He sings an Adele song and attracts a four-chair turn. He says he wants to make a new career in pop instead of country–so maybe that explains why he picks Adam instead of the Nashville connections that come with Blake or Miley (despite her pointing out she had to go through the transition from child star, too).

6.  Sophia Urista is a singer with a New York burlesque show. At 31, she’s one of the more mature contestants. She rocks to the Beatles’ “Come Together.” The judges all have to think a little, but Miley and Alicia turn almost at the end. Alicia says, “You sound like Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, combined!” (well maybe not that legendary). Miley calls Urista a “rock ‘n’ roll Dolly Parton” complete with vibrato. This makes for a bit of a set-up, because Sophia is Dolly’s goddaughter. She picks Miley.

7. Brendan Fletcher is what American Idol fans used to label a WGWG (white guy with guitar). He’s been in about twelve bands, been a singer-songwriter, a solo artist, but needs that break. His smokey voice attracts Adam, Alicia and Miley. Adam says he wants somebody who can connect with an audience. Even though Alicia tries hard, he picks Adam. Alicia may have this singer on her steal list.

8.  Dan Shafer, 56, is in a cover band but has been taking many years away from music to support his family. He sings a Train song–but his style more closely resembles the Eagles. It looks like the judges aren’t interested–until Blake turns on the last line. It’s a one-chair turn, so he’s on Team Blake.

9.  So far this season we’ve seen Adam duet with a Sinatra fan, recruit a fellow Billy Joel fan, and lose a Maroon 5 fan to Alicia. Now we see Lauren Diaz, an Alicia Keys fan. She sings an Alicia Keys song and sounds gravelly like Alicia, too. Alicia likes what she hears–but so do Miley and Blake. It’s a three-chair turn but a foregone conclusion. Alicia hugs her, duets with her, and she picks Alicia. Miley and Blake may be looking for a chance to steal–but it’s not likely Alicia’s going to let this one go.

The teams so far:

Adam:  Riley Elmore, Billy Gilman, Brendan Fletcher, Andrew DeMuro

Blake:  Sundance Head, Dana Harper, Dan Shafer, Ethan Tucker, Gabe Broussard

Alicia:  Jason Warrior, Lauren Diaz, We McDonald, Christian Cuevos, Dave Moisan

Miley:  Sophia Urista, Sareyah, Courtnie Ramirez, Ali Caldwell



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