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The Voice: Season 11, 3rd Night of Auditions, 9/26/16

September 27th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Because of the Hillary and Donald show, aka the presidential candidates’ debate, The Voice flipped its schedule this week. The hour-long show was Monday, and the two-hour show is Tuesday. We saw six singers and five made teams:

1.  Bindy Liebowitz is a girl whose name says Jewish, but some people may wonder if her ethnic background includes an African or Hispanic heritage. She sings in school and gospel choirs and she has a choir singer’s voice. She attracts Adam early and Blake towards the end. She picks Adam because she says he combines different genres.

2.  Elia Esparza, from El Paso, talks about her Mexican heritage, her experience in school theater and choir, and how she’s now in New York and working as a children’s party entertainer. She sings a Selena song (“Como La Flor”) in Spanish, in a soft whispery voice. Adam bites quickly. Blake and Miley turn around very late. The guys may have some trouble with her Spanish name, but Miley gets it right. That may be a point in Miley’s favor but Elia picks Adam, the first judge who wanted her.

3. Lane Mack has a Cajun-Zydeco background, but he sings the blues for his audition. Miley’s the only judge he interests. She says it’s because she heard a resemblance to Jeff Buckley. It’s a one-chair turn so he’s on Team Miley.

4.  Carly Metzer is a business major but she posts her singing on You Tube. She starts out as just another little whisper of a voice, but she shows some range and texture as the song progresses. Miley and Blake both push their buttons and turn around for her. Blake offers some criticism, “A couple of the falsetto notes got away from you.” Miley notices some flaws, too, with, “I could work with you to get to those tricks” of vocal bending. One of the family members says Carly loves Blake. However, she picks Miley instead.

5.  Tonight’s promotion teases a shocking choice of judges. That most likely means a country singer doesn’t pick Blake. Josh Halverson has a hat and guitar and wavy black hair. He’s from a ranch in Texas. He sings the Bob Dylan song, “Forever Young.” He’s not the Nashville sound type of country but he’s twangy and rootsy. At first the judges act like they’re not interested–but at the last line, Miley, Alicia, and Blake bid. We see our favorite man-crush couple show up for the first time this season–because even Adam’s saying, “Blake will be an amazing coach for you.” Except Halverson picks Alicia. He says, “She’s been a major influence.” Funny, I couldn’t hear it. Put this guy on the “steal” list should Alicia cut him.

Running tally: since Blake got nobody this evening, we’ll wait ’til after Tuesday’s show, when some teams are likely to be completely full.


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